12 free games from the Epic Games Store to enjoy this Easter

With the arrival of Holy Weekyou probably have a lot of free time and what better way to fill it than with the free games offered by Epic game store? As there are quite a few, today we will look at which ones are the best in their catalog and what they can offer you so that you can decide what to dedicate your time to.

As a small note, some of them are free for a certain period of time, so I have divided the article into two sections: titles that are always free and games that will only be free for a period of time. a certain period of time (both free trials and titles that you can add to your library permanently, but only for the duration of the promotion). Without further ado, let’s see what you can play these days.

Free games from the Epic Games Store to enjoy this Easter



Of course, we can’t talk about free Epic games without talking about it Fortnite, the foundation of your current success. The Battle royal Epic recently launched its buildless mode, which gives it more variety and makes it a great free-to-play game to play with friends or alone on Easter.

Genshin Impact

Free Easter Games Epic Games

One of our editors’ favorite free games is also on the Epic Games Store. Genshin Impact takes you to an open world with anime aesthetics, a storyline that continues to expand and a lot of characters that you can get through its gacha system. If you are planning to start playing, I advise you not to lose our guidescourtesy of my wonderful partner Raquel.

Missile League

Free Easter Games Epic Games

Truly one of the best games to come out in recent years. Have you ever thought that football was boring and lacked racing cars? So Missile League brings you just that! Grab your car and score goals in 3v3 matches. It is completely free and you can play on both local and online multiplayer. One of the coolest bets Epic has without having to go through the box.


Free Easter Games Epic Games

If you feel like hunting great creatures with your friends, but you want it to be free, Intrepid is the free alternative to Monster hunter. Boasting an ever-expanding world filled with events and new content, Dauntless has a lot to offer when you start, but it won’t be up to it anytime soon.

The world of warships


If what you like is to participate great naval battles, The world of warships it is definitely the video game you have been waiting for. With an absolutely huge variety of ships, you’ll be spoiled for choice to tackle whatever obstacles stand in your way. You will have many hours of content in front of you to enjoy combat and customization, whether alone or with your friends.

League of Legends


League of Legends It practically needs no introduction. It is one of the most played and popular competitive games in the world and you can also play it for free on the Epic Games Store. Whether playing alone or with friends, this could be your ticket to the MOBA world. Of course, keep in mind that, in addition to the Epic Games Store launcher, you will need to install Riot when the program itself asks you. It’s not complicated at all, but it’s worth noting that this isn’t a way around Riot’s launcher.


Free Easter Games Epic Games

We continue to talk about Riot Games with Enhance, your multiplayer shooter game. As with LoL, it is available through the Epic Games Store and without any restrictions. Of course, again, you’ll need both launchers, Epic’s and Riot’s, too.

Free games for a limited time

Year 1800

Free Easter Games Epic Games

From 12-19, at Epic Games you can immerse yourself in Ubisoft’s city building game completely free. You will be able to access the campaign with the story of the game, in its sandbox mode (which focuses on customization) and also its multiplayer without any limit.

Rogue legacy

Free Easter Games Epic Games

Available until tomorrow, day 14, at 17:00, Rogue legacy puts you in command of a dynasty of knights who want to reclaim a castle occupied by an evil force. Whenever you die a new knight will come and will have different characteristics from the previous one. With the loot you get, you can get improvements to finally finish the adventure.

The disappearance of Ethan Carter

Ethan Carter

This narrative adventure takes you on a search for Ethan as you try to unravel the mystery of his disappearance in a story with supernatural undertones. The disappearance of Ethan Carter also available for free until tomorrow at 17:00.


Free Easter Games Epic Games

This climbing video game takes you to the frozen mountains for a different experience. Choose your character, who will have unique qualities; a path to follow; and deal with the events that occur on the way to the top of the mountain. The title will be available to be added to your library starting tomorrow, April 14, at 17:00 (Peninsula time) and the promotion will last until 21 at the same time.



One of the highest rated turn-based strategy video games in history will also be free on the Epic Games Store. Order your soldiers to end the alien threat by making sure none of your allies fall into combat. Again, this title will be available tomorrow, April 14, at 5pm, during the offer, once again, a week.

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