14 phrases by Pablo Aimar: the point in common between Messi and Kobe Bryant and the gesture of Pekerman that marked him throughout his life

The comparative analysis of Pablo Aimar by Lionel Messi and Kobe Bryant. What they had in common on the pitch and their relationship with people.

Every time that Pablo Cesare Aimar the speech leaves interesting reflections. On this occasion he again praised Lionel Messi and made a comparison with the remembered figure of the NBA, Kobe Bryant, regarding its reciprocity with the public. The focus of the analysis served to explain why the Argentine national team captain is in charge and will play his fifth World Cup at the age of 35.

Aimar, who today heads Sub 17 and is also a field assistant for Lionel Scaloni in the first team he talked about what Messi means: “It’s wonderful that the boys want to be like him. He is a carrot who makes kids train, play, have fun, don’t miss training. He is a healthy reference for the little ones, ”he assured him in a podcast interview The Select.

“Run out of praise. I have one last thing to say; I don’t know if it was -yesterday I told my son Agustín- ‘Did you see what he said? Jordan (Michele) once?’ and he said to me, ‘no, it was Kobe Bryant‘. That they played, especially at the end of their career, thinking that someone would only see them this time. ‘There are 50,000 people, but there is one who only sees me today’. I think this Leo plays thinking about what he will never see again”, He compared.

Lionel Scaloni, Guillermo Pereyra, Pablo Aimar and José Pékerman in a pre-Olympic training session for Sydney 2000 (EM)
Lionel Scaloni, Guillermo Pereyra, Pablo Aimar and José Pékerman in a pre-Olympic training session for Sydney 2000 (EM)

“We have to live. In sport, apart from the three tennis monsters and a few others, most of the time we lose more than win. In a World Cup one wins and the other 31 lose. You have to have fun,” added the former creation midfielder. who was champion of the Under 20 World Cup in Malaysia 1997. That year he also celebrated the South American championship in Chile.

That youth who integrated the Aimar, Scaloni, Walter Samuel (current assistant on the pitch of the senior team), Juan Roman Riquelme, Esteban Cambiasso, Bernardo Romeo and Diego Markic among others, he was responsible for José Nestor Pekermanwho changed history by leading the AFA minor teams with two other stars at the U20 World Cup, Qatar 1995 and Argentina 2001.

In the match against Venezuela for the penultimate qualifying date, which was a 3-0 win for Argentina, there was an exciting reunion between Pekerman and some of his former coaches. Regarding the hug with José, Aimar revealed: “José congratulated us for the current situation and for what has been achieved. The gesture was very nice, he didn’t surprise me at all. “What a cute boy,” he told me. I know where you say it from. I thank him, not for many footballing things, but for something I say to the youths: he once saw me so sad with my 15 years that he took me to dinner and sleep with his family. So I thanked him for that gesture. It was a big hug. I enjoyed seeing it“.

Pablo Aimar is now the U-17 DT and assistant pitch for the senior team
Pablo Aimar is now the U-17 DT and assistant pitch for the senior team

«In the ranking of former players, in general, no one throws away the titles. Of course everyone remembers it, but it’s not what’s left. Everyone is proud and I love it when they remember anniversaries in Valencia. Everyone likes to pamper themselves rather than kicking, but in general what remains are the moments ”, underlined Aimar, who played in the Korea-Japan 2002 World Cup and in Germany in 2006.

On the good understanding that there is today in the first team, he underlined: “Team play has a lot trench companion. The match in the national team, maybe a little more. These guys, and the previous ones, have generated memories of that style: of a battle partner, of a sporting battle of course, that is, the union one feels with a partner.

Furthermore, he confessed: “The Argentine national team joins. I know firsthand that there are people who haven’t spoken to each other for a long time and have come together to watch the Copa América final.. Which ends in a hug. The national team in our country joins. Football is a meeting point between parents and adolescent children ”.

In his first Senior World Cup, against Nigeria in Korea-Japan 2002. (Daylight)
In his first Senior World Cup, against Nigeria in Korea-Japan 2002. (Daylight)


Messi and Maradona. “Both he and Maradona leaves a wonderful legacy. Many kids train, play, have fun and it’s very nice, it’s a healthy reference “.

Pressure like DT. “Football is a very passionate sport, in Argentina it is a lot. We all have a place to download, not only in this profession, it is not easy to find calm. When things go well and accompany results and luck … but when you hear so much criticism for ignorance or bad intentions, you lose them “.

Balance between victory and defeat. “There have been other times when as adults we couldn’t win in the national team and I include myself, but we gave everything to be in the national team and we felt that this was our place, the place where we want to be. You don’t have to go crazy when you are on top of Everest or at the bottom of the sea when you miss a penalty. “

Care before a World Cup. “Taking care of yourself before the World Cup and paying attention makes you worse. Fabián (Ayala) got injured in the warm-up, we were coming out of a good year in Valencia and got injured before Nigeria ”.

DT and soccer player. “There is no comparison. Playing football is like being 15 again. It’s a game. There are no things that take you to so many places like playing. It’s nostalgic.”

America’s Cup Champion. “The first title unlock something mental. maybe it’s mystical. It happened in Boca de Bianchi, River de Gallardo … He made him understand that they could. We always say to the boys that the titles or goals are seen as a relief, that day was a happiness, saying ‘happy to have been able to live that moment, to be there’, the national team joins, I felt happiness for the people who were there, we were saved 50 days “.

Football statistics. “Football is over-analyzed and the good part is left out. I love talking about the game. Today we talk about kilometers traveled, football today is very positional “.


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