17 phrases of Tevez on your outboard as technically from Rosario Central: to which DT search bus, a sheet of Di Maria and in respect of Caruso

Central football player Raúl Gordillo, Carlos Tevez and club vice president Ricardo Carloni (@RosarioCentral)
Central football player Raúl Gordillo, Carlos Tevez and club vice president Ricardo Carloni (@RosarioCentral)

Carlos Tevez asumió as technical director of Rosario Central and he directs his practice in that he violates my method and has a friend in the oil of his southern flames in a training session with his pelvis. Fue a day’s away in that term with a press conference. Apache signed a contract for a year and debut is already against Gymnasia in the Giant of Arroyito. Canalla does not want to triumph over an irregular comeback in the Professional League that kills him in one of the last of the table.

The term Tevez’s matches were completed by the Central football manager, Raúl Gordilloand the vice president of the club, Ricardo Carloni. Flanked by boats and a Canal’s case with the number 10 and its number, Carlitos hacked against the media and explicitly stated by Central to initiate as DT: “But your gent. Tuve muchas bids from many clubs, pero Central tiene ese por por su gente, if it works well we can do a lot of hard work. It is convenient for us to climb hay and hay to reach a giant dormido”.

“In my project I think in which club I will train and anoint three or four clubs. Central one of these four. Cuando me llamaron de Central me decidí de entrada and when other clubs me llamaron directly dije que no ”, apuntó.

About the possible refuges of the same number, but only following the current south-south of the plant: Aún no pedí ningún jugador. Para el mundo Central el apellido Tevez es undconocido. No peding ningún refuerzo. Cuando era jugador no me gustaba que el DT pidiera refuerzos ni bien llegaba. Tengo nombres, pero no lo voy a decir por respect respect los jugadores. I do not care about the jugadores. We do not have shelves because we only have a lot of greenery. First check that the guys are demonstrate what to do in Central and even if we do not have a screenshot of the ones that are tense, we will not forget ”.

Tevez affirm that you do not have child reprimands (@RosarioCentral)
Tevez affirm that you do not have child reprimands (@RosarioCentral)

Refer to the front point, guiding the premise over the presence of the company Christian Bragarnik incorporating incorporations, a sentence that “is a representation that has many jugadores and does not have any influence on the one who decides to go beyond jugadores. Nadie me va a poner ni sacar un jugador. You want to determine what a greenhouse is”.

A rosary theme in Rosario is the classic (found in the fecha novel) and affirms that “it is the classic and the most important in this city. Tomo dimensional but classic south and narrow concoction of which we jugamos. Some of us have a much more integral nature, such as the southerners than the other epochs, or that for education is primary. But now the priority is the vines and the idea is that the vines tend to swim my way ”.

A candle theme is like this can be found in the bench of supplements and highlights at the Gymnasium. Le preguntaron si tenía el título habilitante por la feroz caricature of Caruso Lombardi y fue breve con su respuesta: “Veremos el viernes. Otra pregunta …”.

The style of play that tends to your team indicates that “we tend to search for an identity as a team. Hoy hablé with los machchos sobre poder to find the DNA of the team. The idea is that you can play the games. We believe in the south and in the tense that empezar a hacer las cosas bien que todo después se eleva. Among the techniques that guide me tengo a reference grain that fire Antonio Conte in Juventus. I want to know that I play a little like the teams of the el, in the midst of the sea ”.

Y no gambeteó cuando le preguntaron si Dingel Di María Read more about June 2023: “No pude hablar con Fideo. Casi no pude hablar con mi señora por el trabajo que tengo. A quién no le gustaría tenerlo. When it comes to sheet metal and prefabricated leather bags. We believe in the hierarchy that we have and the experience that can be given to the plant ”.

Save your question about your DT title, Carlitos profound when responding (@RosarioCentral)
Save your question about your DT title, Carlitos profound when responding (@RosarioCentral)


Who’s wrong with the team

“We need an exchange rate of activity and this in this club is not negotiable. The one that has the most ganas to play in Central is the one that demonstrates in the best possible way. And it’s not easy for the president or Mono Gordillo to have the doors open for irse”.

Tevez Revolution

“I was hit by a car and as a footballer I had to live in this world. Always do not expect too much. But it is tranquil because it always works with the world ”.

Definitive return

“When one of the other lads from the southern part of the river dies and one tries to think differently. “I am very technical and I like this profession and I enjoy it”.

Qué vio ante Vélez

“We come up with an idea that is clear and we can say that we are weak as a team. Central is a local and other home. It’s lune the level of cayó cayó and hay que darles herramientas ”.

Argentina Copa 2015 Final

“At the moment we are defending the colors of Boca. High solo play in Central and in other ways. Tengo the Central shirt as technical. Gent confede me tengo que ganar yo segón c funmo funkia e equip u respondan los muchachos. “La gente me va a creer o no según cómo funkunen el equipo os los muchachos”.

Carlos Retegui

“My friend El Chapa is part of this project, because they tend to have to release their original version. It does not extend beyond a year because it is a year for the project to be sold. Vengo acá a sumar desde lo deportivo. Pienso that is just that we sign for a year. After all, we depend on all the results. Pero confío in which podemos sacarlo adelante ”.

Electoral climate in the club

“Desde hoy me empecé a abstraer de lo que pasa in the club. Most of us can put it on the bench because we have teeth in the can. We focus on the game or follow it at this location of the selections. “Chicks should focus on football.”

José Leudo

“When we heard about the establishment of the cerrado. “Hoy lo vi por primera vez y la verdad es que me sorprendió y tiene la chance odo toos los muchachos porque todos arrancamos de cero”.

Mini pretemporada in Ezeiza

“Tenemos pensado i al predo de la AFA la semana que viene hacer a mini pretemporada por pensamos que e ekipiste necesita one or dos pons ás fisicamenta. Tenemos que trabajar en doble or triple turn para lo que necesitamos. We tend to be concise and implement an idea of ​​the game and seek all the two juntas in double or triple turn to win ”.

Tevez arranges for work like DT in the Channel (@RosarioCentral)
Tevez arranges for work like DT in the Channel (@RosarioCentral)

Day agitated.

Tevez, which in principle is serially integrated in its technical body Carlos Retegui, fue presentado esta mañana and the participation of an almuerzo with its conductors and the plant. At 15.30 he left with his work in front of the club in Arroyo Seco and wore a scarf with the whole plant. Move the activity to the game field of the canal stadium while performing a football practice and the Boca Juniors ex-player take care of the conducting flames.

Dress with the documentation of the rosary unit and accompanied by the conductors, the 38-year-old strategy and work together with the physical preparation, Martín Traverssiy sus hermanos, Diego, Miguel y Ariel.

Do not waste your shoes and try to practice in the Giant of Arroyito (@RosarioCentral)
Do not waste your shoes and try to practice in the Giant of Arroyito (@RosarioCentral)

One of the physical exercises, ordering the primary parts of the body and securing it with determination. These trabajos participate in the jugadores that do not form part of the derrota (0-2) del lunes ante Vélez en Liniersmientras que resto llevó a cao eerercicios regenerativos.

Cabe record that is the lunar presence in the Liniers. If the team were planted in the Fortín field, they would be scared to pay, as if in the first place they were shooting Gaspar Servio perdió la pelota y luego Luca Orellano abrió el marcador. From one of the palms of José Amalfitani, Tevez and the “Chapa” Retegui is constantly talking. Apache wants its conclusions and will be informed by its users who will try and correct the approach to the adjacent parties.

With a sigh of relief, the Apache manages to get to the south (@RosarioCentral)
With a sigh of relief, the Apache manages to get to the south (@RosarioCentral)

Retegui, ex entrenador of the selected national female and male hockey team on cesped, ain no pudo sumarase that should terminate his removal with the Gobierno of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, which is in full swing . El Chapa is always a leader in football and football in Tevez is a great opportunity. The vice president Ricardo Carloni, who encabezed the cell for the Apache’s affirmation, affirming that Retegui was summed up in the near hours.

Central Deberá recuperates in the Professional League, where the march is 22 ° between 28 teams. It is set in the background on the annular table (24 °), which defines the majority of participants for international pieces. The Canalla continent competes in the Copa Argentina and also competes against Quilmes for the 16-year-old near the final Tuesday. If, however, it is not compromised on the promenade table (then the last few) in the present degree (16 °), the sum of the points is equal to one in which the time is close to the approximate time (19 °). ).


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