33 years after the Tiananmen Massacre: the mystery about the protagonist of the invisible photo that flew the world

Protests in Tiananmen Plaza resonate with students and dissidents being advertised by a pro-democracy China (AP)
Protests in Tiananmen Plaza resonate with students and advertisers being advertised by a pro-democracy China (AP)

From April 15, 1989, Beijing –Antes Pek–n–, the capital and corazón of Celeste Imperiois a volcano.

And the creation in eruption is la Plaza de Tiananmén (o Puerta de la Paz Celestial: en ese punto, nombre de sangriento contraste), one of the largest in the world: 440 square meters of rodeados point, rosos aguas doradas, lotos, silencio monacal.

Un mundo feliz… a punto de explotar.

Marchan’s harassment of intellectual centers that accuse the Communist Party of corruption, even citing supporters who seek economic reforms – capitalist China as far as it goes – has risen to the occasion. inflation and the sample.

Pero Deng Xiaopinglíder de la Popular Republic of China From 1978 onwards, in 1997, the “steering wheel” was fired, but due to its political capacity and statutory package (1,52), it protest rally: a democratic China…

The days and nights of succession, until June 4, as a globe that overcomes its capacity of air content, and explodes.

In this case, the detonator is the death (established by me) of Hu Yaobang, ex-secretary general of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, exposing the goblin Deng Xiaoping in February 1987 as responding to the student protests of this year. For your followers, a different duel of sobrellevar…

Llamado a la huelga en las universidades ne se hace esperar. Your leaders send a message: “We are Chinese patriots, heirs of the May Day Movement for Science and DemocracyDemasias for a dictatorship h

The protest that commented on the April media was created for more than a month.
The protest that commented on the April media was created for more than a month.

In reality, la Plaza de Tiananmén había a straightforward and illustrated episode: in 1976, the protests erupt the expulsion of corruption “Banda de los Cuatro”, Con Madame Mao a la cabeza.

Pero Deng Xiaoping it is not available to advance more than all the means of free liberty and static deregulation. Demos, the reform of the State, the battle against political corruption, the just juices of the pioneers but the delinquents, the freedom of the prince and the plundering of democracy son, with a young utopia between sedation and opium…

Student hubs try a huelga of a hamburger. It operates in Urumqi, Sahghi, Chongquing, Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Chinese communities in the United States and Europe.

Ola enorme. On May 4, more than a dozen students and obedient marchers hajia Beijing and a dialogue with the podium. Predictable answer: ¡no!

More than a dozen, large groups of students have flocked to Tiananmen Square, or away from a semaphore once in a while.

Polvorín: many can La La Internacional (apoyo al Chinese communism), others embraced by Mao’s retractors, and there are cases of death by man: inmolacion…

It is urgently needed. Pero, ¿cómo?

Measures of vacillating political leaders between dissolving the media machine…, or all steamer, a group of Communist Party members, wanting to get a replica of the chaos of the Cultural Revolution, order total repression with long hand. I have a mattress that I like…

Substitutes, trophies and tanks of the 27th and 28th divisions of Ejército Popular advance to register control of plaza and city.

For megophones, the government has ordered all the civilians to be in one of these cases ¡irand mirando television! Like… Pero’s not all acatan is denigrating option.

I think the repression of the protest lasted more than 10 miles and 40 miles of herds (AP)
I think the repression of the protest lasted more than 10 miles and 40 miles of herds (AP)

Miles of people, in exchange, levantan barricades in the carriers to absorb the advance of the tanks.

On the night of June 4, by the decision of the leaders of the protest, the plaza where vací per, pero the combinations are made in the same colors as the rodean.

No show, and a lot of people on foot. The ground disperses its automatic weapons and mansalva.

Swimming pool. Retirement.

Después, vergonzoso barajar de vítimas, as in a game of dados. Seek the points, a caleidoscope of deaths and herds with more numbers than a casino…, and always at the beach.

However, one of the telegrams from the British ambassador to China and test taker, Alan Donald, said:murieron al menos 10 mil personas! “

Number that coincides with the declassified documents of Casa Blanca: “Deaths: 10,454. Heridos: more than 40,000“.

The British ambassador’s message was that “those directly responsible for the massacre fired at the soldiers of the 27th division, who were sent to a 60 by the current, and the primitive.” Durante diez d noas no se les informó nada, y después les communicaron que iban a actuar en… ¡un telecedio ejercicio! Recibierz luz verde en la noche del jun june 3, y el operatic constitu quatro phase. In total, 27 armored vehicles fly away against the multitude of the arrows, and without notice. Students only order to leave the plaza, but the apacaros apenas zinco minutos despola de recibirla… The aplastaron una y otra vez hasta hacer con ellos un pastel de carne. The rest of the Fugitives recovered by excavators, incinerators and tires. Most of the opposites escaped as they escaped, and then intentionally, acrylicated with amethysts. During the massacre, more than a dozen French separatists dispersed explosive weapons, prohibited by Derecho International. Pero no silo hubo muertos y heridos. “Overly vigilant winds have reached the fields of work for political reduction.”

But in the center of the massacre there is an inadmissible episode. Eterno. The rebellion paradigm: one against all.

On June 5, a column of tanks advances to the target list for matar, a man – a solitaire lobe – without the slightest hint of a small piece of paper in the middle of the fireplace, decaying.

The picture of the man who with a lot of paradox frowns on the tanks of the Chinese air which as a world icon of light due to democracy
The picture of the man who with a lot of paradox frowns on the tanks of the Chinese air which as a world icon of light due to democracy

The tanks brake on the brand. The gritos of the soldados do not lo amedrentan. Keep up the good content, with dignity, with grandeur, as soon as it explodes. I Quién es? Nunca se supo.

The magazine Time lo elige como “one of the most influential people of the twentieth century”.

The British diary Sunday Express arriesga que se trata de Wang Weilina 19-year-old student: dudosa identification.

Bruce Herschensohn, assistant to former President Richard Nixon and member of Ronald Reagan’s team, says the character was shot four times after the episode.

Jan Wong, Canadian periodical, writes: “Live and sleep in a rural area of ​​the country“.

William Bell, Canadian writer, when Wang Aimin was fired, and fired on June 9…

It is a ghost, a ghost.

An enigma. A photo.

A mystery that hare more ethereal to the hero.

Recorded much despair, when the crude echoes of the criminals landed in the dough.

(* This article was originally published on April 21, 2019) .-


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