33 years since the Tiananmen Massacre: minute by minute, how the hell that the Chinese regime claims to cultivate

A flat man in a tank column a day after the Tiananmen Plaza massacre
A flat man in a tank column a day after the Tiananmen Plaza massacre

It’s exactly 33 years since the last great gray of the freedom of the Chinese people increased by the most brutal manner. And now, the regime led by Xi Jinping claims to be the victims of his victims. The spontaneous protest movement spontaneously took place on April 15, 1989, following the death of Hu Yaobangan ex secretary general of Communist Party of China (PCC) that intended a series of reforms aimed at liberalizing the regime. June 5 culminates with the heroic gesture of “tank man” as final finalehours after the ejaculated massacre against the multitude of reunions in the plaza Tiananmen.

There are exchange rates in China and all the communist world, which is establishing dismantling. Pero the transient expression hacia alguna form of democracy is astonished visto subconsciously in the nation of its memberswhen the duration of the regime is controlled by porosity Deng Xiaoping displacement a Hu and well in case of many more initiatives.

Notice of the bankruptcy of the conductor of 73 years, of a pair of cards, It takes miles of people, especially university students, to explore the iconic Beijing plaza for the record. Rapidly, I wonder how a man can be convicted of an advertisement of liberty and democracy.


(Infographic: Marcelo Regalado)

Hundreds of miles of people embedding and moving all over the center of china capital, for example in Tiananmen, where young people mount a camp. The move then took place on the 13th of May, with the help of a hub of hamburgers, with what Esperaba forced Al Gobierno to accept their demands.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party establishes each of these very nervously, and the two animates in a civil society more desperate than now. The impossibility of organizing in the plaza an official ceremony to recapture Mikhail Gorbachov, the Soviet leader, sparked a point of inflection. Fifteen days later, on May 20, the regime declared its state of the art and sent more than 200,000 soldiers to Beijing.

Lejos de amedrentar a la poblacion, la decisón causó indignation. Do not overdo it, and install barricades in different directions of the city, to avoid the advance of the tropics. At the moment, the only military in Jordan is not available. With the corrosion of the dias, the expectation of the demonstrators, as the 30th of May rises in the center of the plaza of the Statue of Democracy, realized by art students. Ve alan al impim regime.

Without embargo, the Central Committee approves on June 2 an offensive to terminate, as it should, with the “counterrevolution”. Fue the order that lvvaría and the infame massacre. Así suggests los hechos.

A group of young people about a tank near Tiananmen Square
A group of young people about a tank near Tiananmen Square

June 3: the company

20:00: Television and static radio commercialize the population of those who take their seats in the free to pass through the tropics of the Liberation of Pueblo. Obviously, the message provokes the opposite effect. Driving miles away from the block and blocking buses with the main accesses to the city center.

22:00: The 38th Battalion of Ejercito comenzó a dispersal aire sobre en avenida Chang’an, in an intent to disperse quienes the cortaban el paso. As the strategy does not work, execute and shoot directly at the manifest. Era la primera vez que disparaban with real ammunition from the company of the protesters. All se produjeron las primeras muertes.

The brutality of irrational repression. In the subsequent barricades that prevent it from happening, the military is not preoccupied with carrying out advertisements. Ordenaban direct fire escape with automatic rifles against disarmed civilians.

Young elves resist the advance of armor with pedestals, boats and Molotov cocktails (AP Photo / Jeff Widener, File)
Young elves resist the advance of armor with pedestals, boats and Molotov cocktails (AP Photo / Jeff Widener, File)

22:30: When reading the set of Muxidi apartments, where many students live, the uniforms are fully established for control. Tops with trolleys pre-loaded with fire, dispersed by the demonstrators so as not to plow the plaza, slashing a few kilometers across Chang’an Avenue, empezaron a disparar a mansalva.

Massacre is something that goes away and is produced more than once, but se estima que 36 personas fueron asesinadas. Muchas established in the following editionswhich are captured in the whiteness of the uniforms, because many of them did not participate in the protests.

Tanks carry many of the manifestations that they resist (AP)
Tanks carry many of the manifestations that they resist (AP)

June 4: the corporation

00:30: The Tiananmen Plaza is fully secured, as long as a Bengal illuminates the sky and permits the first tropics. In a matter of minutes, all the flanges of the epicenter of the protests quedaron roaring tanks and armored vehicles. Algunos jvenas the losers who aguardaban the army of the militaries with the determination of resisting empezras and grenades and Molotov cocktails to slow down the advance of the soldiers, who do not dudaron in disparr a matar. Various military vehicles quadaron destruidos, for the most part advanced.

01:30: Tras vencer la civil resistance, the tanks enter the plaza by rincones, flattening all that are interpolated. Soldiers empezaron a salir también del Gran Salon del Pueblo y del Museo Nacional, arriving in the camp. The tropics stabilize the game of a block, to prevent other groups of pudding demonstrators from entering and assisting the miles that have taken place before.

“The armor flew against the multitude (…) ante of the catwalks per encima”, described in a secret telegram sent by the current Alan Donald, ambassador of the United Kingdom in China. “Pasaron on the skin of various varieties, having a specimen of ‘papilla’, antes of which the rest of the legs recogidos by an excavator. Incinerated and arched rests with an agave chorus by the alcantarillas ”, read in the text, which will be made public in 2017.

“Four student herds that are replicated by their screws recoil bayonet shells”, aggregate the ambassador. The statement from the military said the bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base.

A group of people translating the words of all the herdsmen to a hospital (Photo: AP / Jeff Widener, archive)
A group of people translating the words of all the herdsmen to a hospital (Photo: AP / Jeff Widener, archive)

04:00: A tank derivative of the Statue of Democracy, a symbol of the protest that Saudi Arabia was still in the middle of nowhere, even in the middle of nowhere.. Some student leaders negotiate with the military to steal money from their relatives. The prophecy is accepted by the word, by being informed of the most radical manifestations, which follow resistance.

04:30: The negotiations are interrupting. Algunos groups of jóvenes marcharon by a corridor hacia the surface of the plaza and lograron salir per allí, pero varios cayeron trabib disparos disparos por la espalda. El Ejército Popular de Liberation habia consequently to the plaza at an incalculable human cost.

06:00: The continuous massacre tracks the balance of the sun. The horror entries that había acontecido running the madrugada, miles of people directing the plaza. Someone shouted “¡Huelga general!” Las tropas responderon disparándoles a todos, to ensure that no one touches the perimeter. The continual ball bearing lasted all day, even though it did not seem to attract much attention. The Tiananmen Plaza is permanently occupied by soldiers and soldiers in public.

How the Chinese regime does not have an autocritic of ocurrido, 31 years old, since it has the exact number of victims. The “official” information that diffuses the static periodicals that 200 civilians die, pero Cruz Roja China calculates 2,700 as part of its relevance to hospitals. “The minimum estimate of civilians killed is 10,000”consists of Ambassador Donald on his telegram.

A young heron of agonizing ball in the alleys of Tiananmen Square (AFP)
A young heron of agonizing ball in the alleys of Tiananmen Square (AFP)

June 5: the tank man

In the plaza des Beijing, Beijing is now controlling and controlling a landslide, which now recovers from the entire abusive area, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China celebraba. Its dominance over the Chinese people volvía a ser total.

No obstruction, tending to generate an ultimate act of rebellion, which converts to an increasingly potent icon. Public places leveled at the excavations and corroding the rest of the barricades, a man of unidentified identity, dressed in a white shirt and black trousers, and loading the bolts of the market in their sleeves, being locked in front of a column of tanks which avanzaba por avenida Chang’an, a few meters from the plaza.

Initially, the armor is attached to the palm of your hand, with the “stop” sign. Luego, trepó al frente del vehículo que encabezaba el convoy y trató de hablar con la tripulacón, que debía mirarlo atónita. Después volvió al pavimento. The rodearlo trataron tanks, pero el hombre se fue moviendo para bloquearlos una y otra vez.

Some people contemplate the destruction of the posterior machine in the massacre (AFP)
Some people contemplate the destruction of the posterior machine in the massacre (AFP)

The sequence lasts only a few minutes, taking pictures and films by international periodicals that follow from the hotel window. As soon as the men get up and down, allowing the passage of the armor. Nunca m ses se volvió a saber de él, pero se transformed into one of the most reconciled images in the world of civil resistance against the brutality of the authoritarian regimes.

The magazine Time is included in the list of the 100 most important personalities of the XX symbol, identified as “the unrelenting rebel”. The British princess says her name is because she knows it right now, “the man of the tank”. But its true identity is a mystery.

The Sunday Express This post was published by Wang Weilin, a 19-year-old student, and he was shocked to learn that he was a corrupt person. Other media outlets claim that they have always been involved in a busy and exhausting camp. Pero el regime nunca admitió siquiera saber quién era. In any case, the anonymous service to add more to the figure, convincing it into a symbol in a pure state.


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