6 dramas and movies to watch “Pachinko”

Based on Min Jin Lee’s most iconic book, “Pachinko” is an arrogant saga that tells the story of the immigrants and their descendants of a family of Korean immigrants away from four generations.

The series of episodes is an epic and emotionally passionate story that covers stories at all times. The first story presented in our main character, Sunja (Kim Min Ha), in 1910 during the Japanese occupation of Korea, centers that secondarily centered on Sunja’s son, Solomon, who worked in a bank in New York in 1989.

Bu The good news is that “Pachinko” will return for a second! I hope the regression of the series, with here and other ambient programs in historical epochs similar to the definitive ones!

“Capital Scandal”

Capital Scandal“In the decade of 1930, when Korea established its dominance over Japan. Seon Woo Wan (Kang Ji Hwan), the playboy shadow of an adjoining family, cruises with a decisive independent activist, Na Yeo Kyung (Han Ji Min), which is all the opposite of él. Woo Wan be involved in the movement for independence after apostates like Yeo Kyung were enamored by él. In the process, Woo Wan loves Yeo Kyung and reprimands her ojos for the social injustice that rodea.

Basically, the drama is more allegorical that “Pachinko” and plays a good balance between humor and tragedy. It is an aggravable drama to qualify as an epic drama with humor, action and romance.

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This movie is about the Japanese occupation of Korea during the 1930s, when a plot of acacia was left unattended with a pro-Japanese group. Yeom Seok Jin (Lee Jung Jae) is a source of core resistance that contracts Ahn Ok Yoon (Jun Ji Hyun), a hibil francotiradora, to learn how to make an asset plot. Ella trabaja con los camaradas Big Gun (Jo Jin Woong) and Duk Sam (Choi Duk Moon) to fight for the independence of Korea. Mantras tanto, también son perseguidos por los asesinos a soleld Hawaii Pistol (Ha Jung Woo) and Buddy (Oh Dal Soo). With a set of stars and an intriguing spy tram, “Assassination”Is an action film that should not be worn.

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Bridal Mask

Set in the 1930s, Lee Kang To’s drama (Joo Won), an ambitious and official branch of the core police that seeks out Japanese colonies. Going through the disproportion of your mother, the history behind your brother with the Japanese pub and the odio that is reciprocating the Joseon pub. Kang To take over the Gaksital capture platform, a hub that also uses a traditional Korean novice mascara and protects the genius of oppressing and abusing the power of the Japanese colonies. An inaccessible incubator with Gaksital exchange the trajectory of the Kang To screw.

Composed of characters and falling apart, a rapidly evolving history and a fantastic sonorous band, “Bridal Mask”Is one of the most epic and hallucinatory Korean dramas set in the Japanese occupation. Te mantendrá al borde de tu asiento y te hará pedazos el corazón. ¡Es realmente así de bueno!

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Chicago Typewriter

The drama followed by Han Se Joo (Yoo Ah In), an author who supervises experimenting with a case of grave blocker. After a traumatic event, I discovered a machine to describe the magic that transported its passage through the Japanese occupation of Korea in the 1930s.Im Soo Jung), a fanatic suya sucker, and a mysterious ghostly glowing Yoo Jin Oh (Go Kyung Pyo), which lo ayuda con su eskritor block. The drama and scene from the 1930s to reveal the mysterious detracts of all three characters and their twisted passages.

Chicago Typewriter”Es una historia bien elaborada e intrincadamente tejida sobre el amor y la amistad. También is a conveved drama that excites you. And if you enjoy a dose of fantasy in your series, this is the perfect drama for you!

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“Gunman in Joseon”

The premise of “Gunman in Joseon”Is interesting: the last master of the sword of the Joseon dynasty changed his sword into a weapon. The drama took place during the era of Japanese occupation in 1876. Después’s death’s father’s slavery’s slavery, Park Yoon Kang (Lee Joon Gi) be embarrassed in his mission of vengeance and, without patience, convicted of the hero of the world.

Elnco is splendid; Lee Joon Gi, in particular, is phenomenal in his paper. The genius and rudder Lee Joon Gi imparting a weapon in a historical drama is more than enough to see the drama. When it comes to exciting configuration and impressive cinematography, you can expect a surprise!

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Do not amplify the actuation of Youn Yuh Jung in “Pachinko”, definitely deberías verMinari“, Because he won an Academy Award. Dato curioso, los personajes que interpreta en ambos dramas se llaman Sunja (o Soonja), pero tienen personalidades muy difrente. “Minari”Sigue a unarere surcoreana, Jacob (Steven Yeun) and Monica (Yeri Han), deciding to create all sorts of nationalities in the United States to live in a city in Arkansas. Jacob plans to cultivate North Korean vertebrae for natives and other immigrant families, but Mónica has two children on the exit of his plan, which generates tension in his matrimonio.

Set in the 1980s, “Minari” is a history of Korean immigrants such as “Pachinko” and, moreover, a universally identifiable history of family, excellence, and perseverance. It does not even exist on an escalator called “Pachinko”, it is a delicate film with a silent force.

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