A child who does not have the freedom to have an abortion

It seems obvious to me that we are in a “rare” time. Rarely subject to what corresponds to or inadvertently appears spaces, words, imagined impedances, not much time. And not by Nahuelitos or by OVNIs, there are places that are above pariahs, places that are Nunca Más. A decade has passed since then, and the world has seen a resurgence of swastikas, and a resurgence! nazi … alguien debería avisarle). A decade ago I imagined a hubie imaginable algae type of revenge dictatorship of the genocidal dictatorship, ¡y ahí está!

The Greek language, as precise as it is, has various variations to determine what our translators do by libertad. Hay libertad para hablar (parrēsía), freedom of speech (exousía), social or political freedom (especially in terms of slavery, eleuthería) … Each one has a different term because it has several different terms, even if it has the same equations.

No more statures, entones, to emperors, saber of what type of liberty we have when pronouncing the word. Pero, además de precisarla, ponerla in the brand of a society. However, for the sake of brevity, we define society. This kind of individualism is consistent, for example, with “my term liberty when it comes to los demis”, with that libertad serial hacer lo that yo quiera sin limite alguno m ques that que convincence me impon. Claro that, and is not very pensarlo, commanding in this society is high and weak (it is said, in all) it is natural that those who can use the word “la alambrada” (in the Bible criticize those who correct the monkeys de los pobres, por ejemplo). Yes, all of them are books, but one or more are more books than others.

It is precisely to be avoided that more than one book deviates from the work done by indispensable valves to stabilize condensation rates. Norms that, in an organized community, are called “leyes”. Aunque, a vez m ,s, los más-libres-que-los-otros incuentran nuevos u más sophisticados modos para correr los limites, y así, com se dice, robar una gallina es gravísimo, pero robar un Correo, y muchas otras cosas , es meritocracia. All in the name of libertad.

It deals with freedom as “ability”, or as “right” (exousía), pero derecho para mí, que no lo es para los demás (the word “derecho” is like a small word, salvo cuando es mía). When one goes to the demos, or “the other” (y otra, y otre), parece que ya ya se se trata de derecho sino de “fe populista”. Y, entonces, cuando no hay quien (el Estado) ponga esos limits siempre alguien los pone, y en esto caso, el que “puede”, es decir, el que tiene poder. Entonces, el pobre, por ejemplo, tiene “libertad para morirse de hambre” porque no elige ser eslavo; o elige vender un órgano para poder comer. The mandate, and its invisible manor to a majority; los que tienen the merit of haber nacido donde nacieron, sea in the country or in the family that the “tocó”. It is a special purpose of the destination. For this there is room (which in Greek is said oligarchy) it is obligatory that there is no such thing as where there is a need for a right. This is populism, which –parece– is a small word. Yes, water or water that defenses the pubs (on the plow, it is given to those that are “gent”), small and perverse series. Whenever you have to defend yourself, even if you’s Mike Tyson’s right to fight, there are no opportunities (I do not think that a state should guarantee that, even if it is a series of populism, or that it is against freedom, that it is se llama “mercado”). And, además, one who inaugurated a monument to Perón did not know, despair, that essay, essay mismo of the monument, because he exported the perverted populism to the world within 70 years. The world mal’s hasts as soon as it results in the sensation of having news with liberty (parrēsía). It is permissible for people to know that they are members, but because of the populist alluvium, they are not allowed.

Buen real in reality “essay” and también “esa mujer” who knows the barbarity of “where there is no need to be a degree”, because, fortunately, one who has no need, tries to expose his forgery. In the part where the pertenece (“my part”, dijo) hay barbarous that lo sostienen. Porque, ya se sabe, enter by a vent and robe comida is gravisimo, y, casi, casi (por ahora, todavía no … mañana ¿quién lo sabe?) Motive of death pen, in exchange, enter by a vent Corte Suprema is motivated to attend conferences in Chile, and is currently the vice president of the Corte. A pure merio, by cierto.

Claro que habemos otros … barbaric quizzes, populists, tal vez, que seguimos creyende que “el medo a la libertad” (eleuthería) by Erich Fromm debería ser de obligatory reading. However, with this “obligation” you should be free in the name of freedom. And we want to empezar.


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