“A mistreatment that goes from painful to incomprehensible”: the harsh release of a world champion with the Argentine national team

One of the 43 men who raised the World Cup with the Albiceleste spoke on social media and accused “mistreatment ranging from painful to incomprehensible”.

1978 Argentina World Cup

José Daniel Valencia he raised his voice in everyone’s name world champions with the Argentine national team. One of the winners of 1978 made a very difficult unloading in the social networks where he made himself visible and accused “a disaster ranging from painful to incomprehensible” with the 43 men who lifted the World Cup.

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El Rana, a former player from Gimnasia (Jujuy) and Talleres de Córdoba, a club he was a member of when he became champion, expressed himself with an extensive message on his Instagram. “I have witnessed with great regret, over the years, a mistreatment that ranges from painful to incomprehensible in Italy”begins his open letter.

Then, the 66-year-old from Jujuy stressed how difficult it is to be a footballer and even more so to win a World Cup. Furthermore, he assured that, apparently, being champion now would do so “more value than having done it in 1978 or 1986”. And he noted: “We see they invite any character to Legends games, but they don’t even call us. Or maybe they think we’re so big we don’t have a cellphone. Yeah, that must be it.”. With these lines and many others (which are below), he invited reflection.

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The complete publication of José Daniel Valencia, world champion with the Argentina national team in 1978

Good morning everyone.

I have witnessed with great regret, over the years, a mistreatment ranging from painful to incomprehensible with us, but somehow we faced it with our pride and that of the group that we were the first to give Argentina a world title. which, over the years, has proved to be not easy at all.

Throughout history, between the different categories that make up our beloved sport, millions of players will have passed, all fighting for the same dream. Let’s reflect together: millions of millions of kids who only dream of being footballers. It doesn’t matter if they play in the category furthest from the elite or if they play in the first category, they just want to be able to make a living from that. Of these millions of millions, there is a small group that manages to stand out and become part of the lower leagues of any club. Because not everyone enters, you have to have some conditions.

In this harmony there is something even more meritorious, because of all the boys who try to get there, the number of players who arrive in the First Division is almost “small” (in relation to the number of people who start the path).

However, we cannot fail to mention the word “lowercase” in quotes, because when you go to records, you are amazed at the number of professional players that exist. So perhaps you begin to take a dimension of how difficult it is to reach the First Division.

But suppose that with all this, and with some conditions, you managed to make it to the First Division of your club. You have left millions of millions of people who wholeheartedly want to be in the same place you are, but have not succeeded. Here you are.

Now, a lot of people tend to settle for that, that’s all. The use of the word is so important that it denotes something else, most usually say “arrived” but … Where are we? Are we satisfied with only integrating the First of a club? The answer is very clear: NO.

You double your efforts and manage to stand out and be the best on your team. But the truth is that there are many teams, so you realize that this is not enough. You have to try to be one of the best in your country.

Then, with the sweat on your forehead and back, with a job that none of you can imagine, one day the long-awaited call comes to you: you are called up for the national team. Is the road over? No, because there is a competition that pits the best players from each country against each other. And there, when years of work go through your mind, when you have a country behind you that shouts your goals as its own, you realize that you are closer but that it would be nice to put the strawberry on the cake.

Now, with this whole story: Can you imagine winning that world competition? Sounds difficult, right? And in fact it is, to the point that of the millions of players in our history, only 43 have managed to get that medal that says you did it, that you were world champion.

Today the situation is different, the player who reaches a world cup has a completely different reality from ours. Multimillion dollar amounts, marketing and networking have apparently made being world champion in the modern era more valuable than having done so in 1978 or 1986. We see that any character is invited to “Legends” games, but we don’t even call us. Or maybe they think we are so big that we don’t have a cellphone. Yes, it has to be.

Today we listen with great joy to people, players and managers to differentiate ourselves from other teams because we: “WE ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS”. Welcome, we have worked hard to achieve this. Today we have 2 stars above our shield that look so good on our jersey, and that’s thanks to 43 guys. Unfortunately, 6 of them are no longer with us and left without the recognition they deserved and in situations they did not deserve.

For our part, we will continue to proudly display the title we have worked so hard for. Wishing with all our hearts that the number 43 can be extended to 66 by the end of this year.

To those who have read it, I greet you with great affection.

Daniele Valenza.

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