A mysterious pint of “traitor” in the dressing room and tension with the idols of Barcelona: the other lace of Piccé’s scandal

Piqué and Messi Hebrew terminally enema en route to the Argentinean capital of Barcelona (REUTERS / Albert Gea)
Piqué and Messi Hebrew terminally enema en route to the Argentinean capital of Barcelona (REUTERS / Albert Gea)

All cars can be purchased a Gerard Piqué, who filters his own audios to Luis Rubiales, president of the Real Football Federation (RFEF), in order to get rid of the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia on the exchange of an enormous amount of dinosaurs for some of the parties involved in the negotiation. Without embargo, and through the viralization of other polemical contacts between the defender and the maximum direct, then the leg is free from the other flange of the footballer.

The Spanish medium ABC Reveal questions asked about Barça’s dressing room in the anterior tempo: your relationship with Lionel Messi, who left the club for Paris Saint-Germain, and the word that habria wrote a computer in the pizzeria of the dressing room.

Negotiations for the renovation of your contract with Josep Maria Bartomeu have revealed the loss of Messi and the main references blaugranas with the historical number 3 of the Catalan club. Follow the media quote, the acced defensor to adjust the salad when confirming the argentine balancebecause the Hebrew presently entorped the rosary treatment with the directive, which ultimately did not go well.

There are a variety of footballers on the flat plant that disintegrate with Piqué because it has amplified up to 2024 so that it has a high rate of salivary gland, but in reality it does not want to fractionate the specific segments ABC. In October 2020, its full moon 41 million euro annuals more variables are retouched, which is fastened to the rest of the references. Inclusive, the diary reveals that a diary is found with the word “traidor” written in the pizzeria of the dressing room just when different Hebrew words are spoken intermittently with the suffix.

Messi and Piqué, a relation that does not end in a well (EFE / Juan Carlos Cárdenas)
Messi and Piqué, a relation that does not end in a well (EFE / Juan Carlos Cárdenas)

In a nutshell, it explicitly states that one of the most important things that can be done as one of the four captains in the 2018/2019 campaign is to make it to the next level and not at the expense of your computers.

This is because the mirade is completely complete about the latest in the latest audio recordings filtering out the private dialogues that mingled with Rubiales as far away as 2020. One of them Confidential share an audio that Sergio Ramos’s stay in Piqué in the middle of a conflict between football and the central marker of Barcelona the material review of Rubialesinterested in the topic.

También what about Gerard’s interest in Messi which is a political move against David Aganzo, president of the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) – the trade union of the south – who is affiliated with Rubiales. Without embargo, Leo is not interested in the topic and opt in but does not get involved in a situation that is windy.

The book “De la gloria al infierno”, relating the decadence of Barcelona in the last years, detailed details on these questions. The authors of the text, in dialogue with Infobaeaffirms the relationship between Catalan and rosary: ​​“You can now see Messi more than Piqué like Bartomeu. Jugaron juntos en el útbol base, pero hay details as how Piqué se baja el salario cuando Messi ya se fue, y no se lo baja antes. This for Messi can mean a tragedy. De hecho, Laporta pensó que serís má fácil que varios jugadores se bajaran el sueldo para poder pagerle a Messi y no fue así, aunque es normal, ¿por qué yo me voy a bajar el sueldo para que se lo des a el? When he went to Bartomeu, Piqué was the first to drop the salad from the rest of the computers and provoke constant tensions, for example, with Messi “.

Y ahondaron: “It is possible that Messi and Piqué will be left alone because of the mangling piss, because Messi wants to be measured in the representation of time. Hermano Rodrigo plays Barcelona B footballer, negotiating the renovation of Ansu Fati’s contract in ante’s last, and Piqué is associated with Arturo Canales, which is one that is currently the most common method on the subject. Certainly all have conflicting interests. It is said that Messi’s other daughter came to Barcelona, ​​but with Sergio Busquets and Alba and did not establish Piqué “.


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