A visit by the Pope to speculate on the future of Francisco

ROME.– Francisco avivores the rumor about the future of his papacy to announce that he is visiting the city of L’Aquilain the center of Italy, for a festival created by Pope Celestino V, one of the few pontificates that resonates against that of Benedict XVI dejara the cargo, in 2013.

Italian and Catalan media carry out speculations without quoting points about their ability to Francisco, 85 years oldcan ten planes follow the passages of Benedicto for you critical mobility problemswhich obliges you to use a stream of fluids during the last one.

Esos rumores ganaron fuerza la semana pasada cuando Francisco announces a component to create 21 new cardinals, previsto para el 27 de agosto. These cardinals have more than 80 years and can vote in a conclave to support Francisco’s successor.

One of these new cardinals is summed up by members of the Iglesian hierarchy, Francisco has added 83 of the 132 cardinals in a single vote. With no guarantees about who to vote for, the percentage increases the ability to turn to a successor that shares Francisco’s pastoral priorities.

After announcing the 27th of August, Francisco announced an announcement that he would carry out a series of reunions to inform the cardinals about his recent apostolic constitution in order to reform the Vatican bureaucracy.

This is a document that you are looking for, Permit poner a mujeres al frente de vaticanas vaticanas, impone limiti de mandatos u sacerdotes que son impleados vaticanos y sitia a la Santa Sede as an institution al servicio de las iglesias local, y no al reves.

Francisco was elected pope in 2013 with a mandate reformar curia romana. Now that the new project has been presented and implemented in part, in this way the main part of Francisco as pope is complete.

All of this is due to the fact that the announcement of the routine of a pastoral visit to L’Aquila impulses more speculations that in other constants.

The last year: the Vatican and the rest of Italy have only vacations in August and there are still media in September, and some essential non-essential negotiations. Create a consistency of media outlets to create new cardinals, reunite and religiously persevere as long as you want to apply the reform and make a pastoral visit with the Indian symbolic cargo that Francisco used to think of as active .

“With the news that (the Pope) went to L’Aquila in the middle of August, all of it was very intriguing.”quotes Vatican expert Robert Mickens, who has published an album published on La Croix International on the papyrus lathes.

The basilica in L’Aquila’s hotel the tomb of Celestino V, an ermite pope who resurrected five months ago in 1294, sobrepasado por la tarea. Benedict visited L’Aquila in 2009, hoping to be fired by a quake, and cut into Celestino’s tomb while lying on the bench.

Nadie approves the importation of the gesto at the moment. Pero four years old, Benedicto, 85 years old, following the lines of Celestino and renunciationnoting that you do not only have to tighten the skin and mentally to load the papules.

ARCHIVE - Pope Francis, right now, recipient of Pope Benedict XVI at the beginning of a reunion with filaments in the Plaza de San Pedro, Vaticano, September 28, 2014. Benedicto is 95 years old at the end of the week, and ha sido papa jubilado por m tis tiempo que papa reinante.  (AP Photo / Gregorio Borgia, File)
ARCHIVE – Pope Francis, right now, recipient of Pope Benedict XVI at the beginning of a reunion with filaments in the Plaza de San Pedro, Vaticano, September 28, 2014. Benedicto is 95 years old at the end of the week, and ha sido papa jubilado por m tis tiempo que papa reinante. (AP Photo / Gregorio Borgia, File)

The Vatican announced on Saturday that Francisco had visited L’Aquila to celebrate the 28th of August and that “Puerta Santa” in the basilica was inside Celestino. The faeces coincide with the celebration of the Fiesta of Perdón in the temple, created by Celestino in a papal bull.

Pope Ningún made his way to L’Aquila to close the annal fiestawhich celebrates the sacrament of the curtain that has Francisco value, se actualaló the current arzobispo of L’Aquila, the cardinal Giuseppe Petrocchi.

“We are convinced that all, especially the last ones due to conflicts and internal divisions, can (come) and find the seat of peace and solidarity”, he said in a communication that announced the visit.

Francisco eloquently at the moment the decision of his predecessor Benedict to retaliate and say that “beyond the gate” and that the papal futures hagan the mismo. On the one hand, the predecessor that the parrot is a serve breve, of which the zinc aos.

New to this year, Francisco has not given any visions of what he wants to do, and he has important projects in the works.

Además has been traveling to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, Sur, Canada and Kazakhstan since August 20, 2012 to discuss the important decentralization of the Catholic Church in the United Kingdom. their reforms.

Pero Francisco se ha visto impedido por una distance in the ligaments of the right rodilla which tends to skew the result and different. Diverse friends who do not operate because of the reaction that takes place under anesthesia in July, when the fire extrudes 33 centimeters from the main intestine.

This week, one of your most cherished friends and assistants, the Honduran cardinal carscar Rodríguez Maradiaga, knows that their conversations about a papal reunion or the final of Francisco’s grandson are infinite, and are described as ‘expressive illusions’ Digital, a catholic web site in spanish.

Christopher Bellitto, an eclectic historian from the University of Kean in the Union, New Jersey, acknowledged that the majority of experts in the Vatican hoped that Francisco would be reluctant at the moment, even before Benedict’s death. The emperor, 95 years old, is in a delicate physical form, but he is also aware of the occasional visit to his living in the Vatican gardens.

“I do not want to see the papal emissaries rondando ”, said Bellitto in an email. In reference to Francisco’s recent visit to L’Aquila, he suggests that no conclusive conclusions have been reached and that the whole world’s been following Benedict’s gesture in 2009.

“I do not recall any notices that the people who knew Benedict’s visit in 2009 were surprised that he was reluctant,” he said, adding that Francisco’s past visit to L’Aquila was based solely on a pastoral visit.

By Nicole Winfield

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