Agenda: These are the cultural activities that you will be able to enjoy this weekend

Mendoza offers a varied cultural and tourist agenda with proposals for all tastes this weekend.

Humor will be the great protagonist of independence theater (Chile and Mirror, City). Saturday 9 April, with the shows at 9:30 pm, there will be Then Lo Vip. It’s a comedy with touches of ironic humor, which portrays a bond between the only older adult left in a nursing home and a singer hired to cheer him up. The work was born from the filling of the Independencia in March and, at the request of the public, this new function is presented. Tickets can be purchased at

Thumb up

The space, located in the heart of one of the most important green lungs of the province, will be filled with color, music and joy, with theatrical performances that will take place with free entry and exit at the cork.

This cycle proposes to inhabit the mythical Tom Thumb Theater and to bring it back to life once again. His intention is to give stories and smiles to Mendoza families and visitors to the country and the world.

On Saturday 9, at 5:30 pm, you can enjoy the comedy Periquita and her friends, by the La Pericana cast, and Sunday 10, at 5:30 pm, Clownopia. The kingdom of laughter, from the cast 5Zurd and at 6:30 pm, By profession, accountant, by Daniel Encinas

Classical Music along the Wine Roads

From 10 to 17 April Mendoza and tourists will be able to experience the classic Holy Week, which has become one of the most important cultural events in the province. Classical Music along the Wine Roads reaches its 21st edition this year and will take place in theaters, churches, museums, wineries, cellars, parks, nature reserves, gardens and vineyards throughout the province.

Most of the concerts will be free and others, in some wineries, will have a cost, as they will offer gastronomic proposals that will allow you to live a true wine tourism experience.

Sunday 10:

At 3:30 pm in the Villavicencio Nature Reserve (Provincial Road 52, km 50. Las Heras). Artists: Musical Picnic. Gastronomic proposal: Concert + A glass of Malbec wine + Duet of empanadas (meat and humita) + 500 ml bottle of water and access to a tour of the park of the Hotel Villavicencio. Price: $ 2,100. Concert + 500ml bottle of water + access to a tour of the Hotel Villavicencio park. Price: $ 1,100.

At 6:30 pm at Finca El Alado (Vie Unione and Vera), Rivadavia. Artists: Duo Semiz – Rodríguez.

At 7.00 pm in the Chapel of San Pio X (Skip 53), San Martino. Artists: El Dorado Ensemble.

At 9:00 pm at the Independencia Theater (Chile and Mirror, City of Mendoza). Artists: Mendoza Philharmonic Orchestra

The Possible River is staged in Le Parc

The winning play of the Harvest 2020 Literary Competition, El Río Possible, by the famous Mendoza playwright Osjar Navarro Correa, will be presented on Sunday 10, at 20:30, in the Sala Vilma Rúpolo, of the Julio Le Parc Cultural Space.

After having obtained the literary prize, the preparation process was started, the production of which is borne by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Province.

The Possible River, directed by Fabián Castellanni and the participation of a great cast, is a drama that shows us with poetic beauty one of the crudest realities of our country: the slavery of whites and the different forms of structural violence against women. . are subjected.

General admission is $ 500 and can be purchased at or at the ticket office.

Four champions in the ECA Eliana Molinelli

The Contemporary Art Space offers exhibitions by Leo Furió, Contemporary Visual Mendoza, Valeries Factory and Photography in Liberty.

Various ways to show (and create) reality. Colors, looks, approaches, messages, complaints, sensations, provocations. All this and much more is what the viewer will be able to “complete” in each of the works.

The exhibitions will remain open until Saturday 28 May and can be visited from Monday to Saturday and holidays, from 9:00 to 19:00, on 9 July and Gutiérrez de Ciudad, with free admission.

The inner journey, by Fidel Roig Matóns at the Stoppel Mansion and the Moyano Museum

You can enjoy one of the most important exhibitions of the year. It is a proposal that covers part of the work of Roig Matóns, the one that has to do with the Laguna de Guanacache. This exhibition is accompanied by an exhibition of photographs of the famous Luis Vázquez, called Laguna. The works are visible at the Carlos Alonso Museum – Stoppel Mansion and at the Cornelio Moyano Museum.

The interior journey is a selection of 63 works by Guanacache, it is an aesthetic journey, full of stories of the lagoons, in which he appears portrayed, from an anthropological approach and from a humanistic perspective, part of this culture that, for many decades, remained in the sands of Cuyum.

This exhibition can be visited at the Stoppel Palace, in via Emilio Civit 348 in Ciudad, on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 to 20:00, while the Moyano Museum, located in Playas Serranas del Parque Gral. San Martín, can be visited on Saturdays from 9:00 to 19:00 and on Sundays from 14:00 to 19:00

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