Agustina Albertario said she was harassed again and reflected on her ordeal: “Do they have to kill you for justice to act?”

Agustina Albertario reported being harassed again (Photo: Gettyimages)
Agustina Albertario reported being harassed again (Photo: Gettyimages)

One of the great athletes of the Argentina he is in the midst of an ordeal. Agustina Albertarioa member of Argentina’s field hockey team said on his social media profiles that he was still harassed by a 50 year old man named Juan Mariano Garcia Sarmientowho started harassing her two years ago and in February 2021 he was already arrested for violate the perimeter constraint that had been imposed on him.

“Not only is he free, but he wrote to me again. Please! Do they have to kill you for justice to act?wrote the figure of The lioness in a publication on his Twitter account, where he showed several pictures of the different complaints he filed through social networks.

Albertariumfrom 29 years oldhaving a relationship with the footballer Luca Alario Since about January of last year, he has been dealing with this hell for a long time. In January 2020, when The lioness traveled to Mar del Plata to run a preseason, the accused man approached the hotel to leave a note saying: “Hello, puppy. Big kiss. Watch out! I love you”.

At that moment, the character in question wanted to access it. “Not only did he try to enter the hotel where I was staying, but he left me notes and called me threatening me. It is now free again. And the one who has to take care of myself is me! What has to happen for a mentally ill person to be locked up? “Exclaimed the player.

Albertarium points out that this man hasmore than eight complaints from different women ” and shared her profile on Instagram to make visible the images of those who have been following it for some time. “I don’t understand this country. I am very angry and very scared. “confessed the former member of the Royal Léopold Club of Brussels (Belgium) and that she recently showed herself again in the colors of Lomas Athletic.

This Friday, Damiana AlbertarioAgustina’s sister attended the program “We in the morning” from Channel 13, and gave details on what the athlete is going through: “What my sister experienced, she lived for a long time and behind closed doors because we had people from the national team who were doing very well. Agus lived in fear for a long time until, thank God, they found this person and managed to lock him up. The straw that broke the camel’s back is that this man showed up at the hotel where they were concentrated and called her on the phone pretending to be my father.. It is those 5 seconds that you get distracted, Agustina thought it was very strange that my father communicated directly with the hotel but he answered the call and it was this person somewhere else. He got scared and dropped the phone..

On the other hand, he also explained that his family and Luca Alario They are very attentive to her. “As a result, they acted from the government, with Aníbal Fernández, and thank God they were able to capture him. But we find again that this man is free and reconnects with her. She leaves you messages. My sister is very scared, she lives with a panic button. Now it’s Argentina. Agustina is in a panic, she does not want to be public on this issue. That is why I am speaking on this side because as a family we are concerned. We are with a safety net with her. Your partner who is overseas is also worried. We believe that social ethics today are much more valid, ”Damiana explained.

At the time, the figure of The lionesswinner of the silver medal in the Tokyo 2020 Olympicsfiled a complaint with the Judicial Authority of Mar del Plata and also from Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. As a result of this, Garcia Sarmiento he was captured in a hotel in the seaside resort and a perimeter measure was imposed. He did not comply and, after a new complaint, was arrested again. “A whole year to report him. He had a perimeter and, despite this, he showed up at the hotel where I was concentrating, he kept calling me and threatening me “lament Albertarium.

Agustina Albertario He thanked his followers for their support and for denouncing the account his stalker has on social networks, but he also insisted that Justice take action. “As far as they report his account, he is free. Thanks to those who want to help us, but we hope this has been the solution “he has declared.


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