Ahyre, the revelation of the moment that planted a new idea of ​​folklore

Ahyre is a folk band conformed by Juan José “El Colo” Vasconcellos, Sebastián Giménez, Hernando “Pony” Mónico, Federico Mandonado and Guido Bertini on the battery. The national team in the 2019 game that will die by the end of the stage of Los Huayra. From this moment on, a rickshaw rickshaw explodes. Recibieron the “Revelation” reconnaissance in the National Festival of Doma and Folklore of Jesus Mary in 2020 and the Gardel award at the terna Best Folklore Group Album “.

The songs of Ahyre stuvieron en an exclusive interviewer with El Destape Web where it reveals how the nation was born, how the process of creating each of its songs, the work of the Latin American genre’s work on the folklore and that inspired the time to compose music.

-Colo, ¿C nmo nació en tu mente y en tu corazón crear Ahyre después de la disolucón de Huayra?

Colo: -No fue solo una personal idea, fue una idea partartida. It is an idea that is the product of the vivencias masses, of the circunstance masses that represent the screw. To those who do not saben, three of our venous bodies Los HuayraFede venía de Los 4 de Salta and then one of the guys Los Huayra try to diagram your solo carrera, the band try to drive the tampered cycle. Essential circus provocations provoke that we impeccably associate with a new posterior project and that we can follow loopholes in our musical inquiries. A part of ahí nace Ahyreseis meses o algo m qus quizás posteriores a la disolución de Los Huayra. Empezamos a viajar con Ahyre, a viajar en todo sentido. Really hoy by hoy is a maravilian reality. We do not have to move the camcorder because of the humidity of the moving hinges and the hinges will not find a new case in this project

-C¿mo se armó la nueva formationi?

Pony: -From the notification of the dissolution Los Huayra, saber that we do not have a continent and despair of a time to be an inestable little one, try to think to arm a new project, to follow the right path. In addition to dudas, Fede is present at the first moment in which pensamos in the sum of sums, también Guido, which fue the first persons in that pensamos. After the quisieron, they sum up and trace with all their experience, talent, ganas and motivation to arrange a project that in principle is not new, for terms that are much more interesting and novel than what you think pensaba.

Come with the Premio Gardel.

-Fede, ¿Cómo fue esa llamada, la propuesta, qué sentiste?

Fede: -Bien, muy lindo porque is a group that all días me sentaba a escuchar and en las guitarreadas cantaba sus songs. I agree that it was established in my house, but before that I was very excited that I knew it well, that it was ‘safe, it’s safe’, that it was dissolving, or that it was found otherwise. Y un día, recibo un llamado, era mi amigo El Colo. They create something that saves more time in reality. Fue muy lindo porque me llamó y me hizo la propuesta de sumarme, siempre con mucho respect. Mel me decía ‘Vos estás en un grupo, charlalo, pensalo’, yo no fui tan cuidadoso en ese sentido y le decía ‘No quiero pensar nada, yo quiero sumarme’. Pero porke yo ya había trabajado con los chicos en la antigua formaci yn sabía que se venía algo muy lindo asique fue una sorpresa maravillosa. No money for me, no money for my family, no matter what I say when I comment on my travels and all my family of singers, they actually kiss me even though they sent me the message that: I was surprised by something I was giving birth to.

-Which transits the process of creating each of the songs?

Colo: -Which song is a universe, a particular movie. In the case of Las Ideas, hemos transited mainly by a concept: that which crucifies all that posteriorly succeeds with the production of the audio, of the video, with the manner of the chanting, with that which we seek to translate the traces of the music. Ese concepto era el movimiento. Moving from part of the ideas, of the sensations, of the perspectives that each one has, and that only then moves a little.

Our customers do not go through all the process that is going through Ahyre, not only the creative, but the experience with the weight, with the robbery, between us four and with all the team también. And the part of moving is that we do not try to suggest the idea of ​​the letter, the music, the rhythm of the song. It is like a message that removes the contexts: the internal context, the personal, the pensar, the sentimental and otherwise the rhythmic, musical context that is a universe that offers the song to sing. It is a Cuban, mediocre carnival that represents the map of the continent to which we pertenecemos.

Seba, Pony, Fede, Guido y Colo.

-What is the difference between different genres and folklore?

Seba: –Ahyre sin lugar a dudas es a banda folklore, y creo que el folklore is much more than guitarra, el bombo, la zamba y la chacarera. Folklore, as it identifies the people or the generations of the people, inevitably enters and evolves in the same way. It does not matter if the generations of the 40-year-old hare do not reflect the music of this era, it reflects on the generation as it grows and creates folklore that is inadvertently tampered with, evolving and reflecting as it were. Hoy vivimos in a reality in every two of us communicating with all the fronts and fronts that mentally and creatively that is now, all of which from the modified video clip, is a clear example of the paradoxes that we are all in Latin America. We are a continent solo and we are like a solo pueblo.

-The artistic creation of the video clip Las Ideaslo decidieron entre todos o ¿C lomo lo manejan?

Pony: -In general, because we use hacker videos, which is something new compared to our sisters, it is at this stage because we do not have to spend it, we are going through a lot of attention to detail and what is going on at the same level as song, and that all that is generated before the acquisition of the best possible manner.

But all of them were found shortly afterwards in which I made videos, mostly led by a Salta girl, a talented gran that lives in Buenos Aires, like “Emi” Nadal, a very young and talented singer who is creative. that you have a sense of accomplishment with the band and your pony much more, much labor and more time spent on each video.

Sentimos that alguna manera is good because it transmits the reception that it has and the positive way of recording every idea and place of plasmarla in the best possible way, which is not what all artists have in common with the people who direct it videos o si es tan fácil de conseguir. We treat a lot of work and it is partly tampered with to match the production of the song or the meticuloside of each detail.

-What time do you write the songs, what do you inspire?

Pony: -Muchas cosas. I especially like it, but the way in which we all sing the songs with the Colo, primero la melodía. See what the image or sensation transmits to the music and is based on what you want to do and what you want to do, empathize with the weapon. Ideas al principio y después va tomando forma cancón. But you are not a single person, because you live and change, evolve and build your family, look and feel like you are different, you think different and you are part of your creation and you are inspired by hager algo .

Colo: -Determined determinants found determinant changes in composition. Generally we work on the melodies, the musical part, the Armenian part or especially the rhythmic part. Last but not least, because of the message, its modalities, forms and techniques that are apparent to the media that you are applying. In the case of Las Ideas, bring the idea, wave the reduction, go through other songs, take the melody, the image and the universe that represent us as music and say ‘this song of the form is what you want it to be, this melody is what you want it to be’ ya partir de ahí empezar a darle forma. We have not passed a base armature. Entering the studio without having to clear what we’re talking about, ‘it’ s tight when the drums are high, the guitar is low, the air is’. Like the inside of Si Te Vas, we cut the intro, but we do not cut the song, but the buoy, the wind of a coma, the wind the point of the oval of the agarrarnos and empezar a desobillar de a poco. Each song has its own special way of doing it and it is at the east of the songs, which is still needed because you have a different concept.

-¿Where do you find some variety of songs that can be sung?

Seba: -It is magical, it is different to explain with words the sensation and the transcendence that it has. From the front songs that nacieron y tanto diffrutamos tocarlas in the house of Colo, or in an ensemble and deprived of the possibility of sharing in a concert with the gent. From the front you can see that it is with your popes and your abusers … it is transcendental that a message or a song can take the fronts of the ones we have in front of and the general ones.

-What is the definition of Ahyre?

Fede: -Es que Ahyre it’s algo, bought in my particular case, it’s algo tan grande que por aíí en pocas parlabras sería complicated. Ahyre hoy en mi vida creo que es casi todo. It’s love, it’s conviction, it’s sharing, it’s having fun, it’s living what it’s love, it’s sharing with the public, it’s a journey, it’s traveling, it’s gentile. Ahyre not only the band or the family or the staff. Ahyre es conocer gente nueva, es escuchar bandas nuevas, hemos dedicado ensayos a sentarnos a tomar mate y escuchar bandas nuevas, sonidos nuevos. Ahyre yo creo que hoy es eso, a concept of love, life, creaker, advance, move as the song goes. Las Ideas is one of the most representative of what it is Ahyre hoy. He is a todo.

Á Where do you want to go with the scenery in Buenos Aires?

Seba: -Acá in Buenos Aires we are going to be, openly, the 17th of November at the New Opera House. We are going to fly to Buenos Aires, where we find that we have the ability to come and go. Asique is like you’s going to have another chance.

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