Alejandra Pradón, intimate: her loves, obsessive fans and the three trials for which she awaits a prompt resolution

She went to elementary school as a pupil in a convent school because his mother abandoned the family when Alejandra Pradon She was very young and her father, Carlos, had to work long hours at the central post office. When she was older than her, her aunts took care of her and her two sisters. “My aunts were nuns too, so I pray for as long as I can remember. I have a beautiful and close-knit family ”, she gets excited. At the age of 18, Alejandra traveled the world dancing with her Juan Carlos and his flamenco rumba and it also arrived on television thanks to that group, when they appeared on Sunday evening, with Gerardo Sofovich. He worked with Lucho Avilés in indiscretions, with Antonio Gasalla, Jorge Guinzburg, Marcelo Tinelli, Mario Pergolini and in dozens of programs and plays with Jorge Corona, Tristán, el Negro Álvarez and Nito Artaza. She quickly became an icon, the most desired star and the one everyone wanted to have in their cast. In dialogue with THE NATIONAlejandra Pradón retraces her story, talks about love, her family, her dreams and her decisions.

Her daily routine is simple. She says that she is an extra neighbor and that she does the shopping, cleans and tidies up like anyone else. “I’m a normal person, I do everything, I don’t have enough time. I get up early, water my plants while I drink mate, eat my egg whites for breakfast. “She also trains at some point in the day, because she likes to take care of herself and always has:” I’m super healthy when you It’s about eating and I have a lot of behavior. I don’t eat pasta, fat or sugar. Instead, I eat lots of nuts, oatmeal, egg whites, fish, chicken breast, fruits and vegetables, “he explains.

Alejandra Pradón began her career as a dancer at the age of 17
Alejandra Pradón began her career as a dancer at the age of 17

-When did you decide to become a dancer?

I never knew or wanted to be famous. I was just working and the fame overwhelmed me. I have always enjoyed dancing. At the age of 17, Juan Carlos’ wife spoke to my father to authorize me to travel with them. They said she attracted a lot of attention. And I went to work out. I lived on Isla Margarita for two years, traveling to various countries in Central America and Europe.. Always with Juan Carlos and the rumberas. His wife was like my mother. We were a good group, I had a great time. We danced every day, the first rehearsals and in the evening we did the show in a five-star hotel. Over there we spent a month in one country, another month in another, but we always went back to Margarita. It has been a wonderful career that I have had and it makes me proud. For many years I have worked a lot, from Monday to Monday, without holidays, without holidays, during the season, holidays. Such is the life of the artist.

-It’s been a while since we last saw you on television and in the theater, is that a choice?

I’ve never been far from the middle. They may not see me on TV but I make appearances, especially indoors, also in Miami, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay. And last summer I had proposals to do theater, but I didn’t accept because I preferred to take care of myself. I want to be healthy. I had a hard time for a whole year (referring to the accident he suffered in 2004 when he fell off his balcony). During the quarantine I took notes via zoom, phone calls, radio. The pandemic was not easy for the artists, but I took everything very seriously and took great care of my health. Only after giving me the third dose of the vaccine, in February, did I start encouraging myself to go out a little more. I had an accident last year.

With Marcelo Polino, Lucho Avilés, Marcela Tauro and Teto Medina
With Marcelo Polino, Lucho Avilés, Marcela Tauro and Teto MedinaArchive

-What happened?

-I was parking and a soda truck passed that bagged the door, the bumper, the bumper and hurt me because I was inside the car. My collarbone was broken and the rehabilitation was long and I couldn’t move. I didn’t know he was so messed up and that I had already been broke. But the collarbone is delicate because it involves the neck, arm, chest, back. I have been through a very bad time and we are still seeing why justice is very slow. I’m on trial. I have three lawsuits right now.

-How come?

-Even in summer my nets have been breached, my Instagram and my Facebook. Now I have recovered them. And I have another cause because they pretended to be me, they asked for money to allegedly chat with me. They were sold as a hot room with the Pradón. The pandemic started and a few days later they were already making a profit, committing crimes in my name. It is an illegal association and there are many people involved. A disaster.

-Going back to your work, for many years you have been the dream of many Argentines: a “sex bomb”. How did you experience it?

– (laughs) Even today they tell me: ‘you are my dream’. And very young guys watching me on the internet. I never wanted to be famous, it just happened to me. God will have said ‘please be happy in this environment’. And the truth is, I had a great time, I had a lot of fun.

Alejandra Pradón with the Indiscretions team: Marcela Tauro, Marisa Brel, Jorge Rial, Susana Fontana, Lucho Avilés and Adriana Forte
Alejandra Pradón with the Indiscretions team: Marcela Tauro, Marisa Brel, Jorge Rial, Susana Fontana, Lucho Avilés and Adriana ForteArchive

-When there wasn’t much talk of feminism yet, did you feel objectified, did you feel like a sexual object?

I have never felt objectified. This is new. Of course, the contracts said they were not to swear me, no jokes and lola, and that they were not to be sexist. It was my only condition. They never mistreated or made fun of me. I’ve always enjoyed myself. Lucho (Avilés) was like my father and they were all like brothers, We went to eat, we spent some divine moments. And when I worked with Gasalla anyway, years of doing theater here, in Miami and in Uruguay and on television. I have nothing but thanks. I had a lot of fun sketching with Marcelo Tinelli and (Marcelo) Polino, with whom we made presentations all over the country. But I’ve never felt objectified, not at all. Also, I now take photos for adult sites. They have a high tone, although not as high as Playboy’s.

-You must have a lot of anecdotes …

-Much. Once we were with Amelita Vargas in Miami doing theater. I remember we were going to a rehearsal and a big dark haired guy saw me on the street and pounced on me and sucked me up. Amelita hit him with her bag, to separate us. I entered the theater and blood was dripping from my nose. There were many obsessives in my life. In theaters they secured me because it was madness, and they had to take me out the back door, like at the Lido de Mar del Plata, because otherwise they would have pounced on me. I once went to do a show at a bowling alley for four thousand people in Santa Fe. There were 12 idiots on either side and, however, a guy rushed out and attacked me on stage. I was bleeding, because there was a fight, and I was crying. The man was jailed for three days and when he got out he said that if he saw me again he would do the same. He didn’t even apologize. And with Nito (Artaza) and el Negro (Álvarez) he had a very obsessive admirer. At that time I was going out with Claudio Gentile and there was a guy who went to the theater every night, bought a ticket, sat in the front row and then asked me if I wanted to marry him. And I saw that my boyfriend left me at the theater door, but he insisted. One day Claudio got punched and they blocked Corrientes street. Nito tried to separate them. The next day the boy went to the theater, injured, but he went. Eventually, my rep sat down in a bar with my boyfriend, this man and his mother, to explain how things were. He left me white flowers in my house building and in the theater. The guys fell in love with me (laughs).

Alejandra Pradon
Alejandra Pradon

-And have you had many loves?

-When I danced with Juan Carlos and his flamenco rumba I was dating Daniel Comba. I remember I was in Italy and he told me that if I didn’t go back to Argentina we would break up the relationship. He was about to visit me but he missed me. So I left everything and I came here, we moved in together and I wanted us to get married. I told him no because I never wanted to get married and have children. With my work I have helped my family. And I had a lot of fun working. Sometimes I think I’m like a girl, I have the house full of stuffed toys. When I grew up I enjoyed what I couldn’t in my childhood. I had several cohabitations, for example with Claudio Gentile, who was a rugby player, and Claudio Arzeno, a footballer. And with other men who are not famous, who have nothing to do with this medium and the truth is that I prefer that they are not public. I spent nearly three years with all of them.

-Would you have liked to start a family?

I would have liked to have had a well-established family. And with a family, being a mom. I’ve always been afraid of raising a child by myself. I respect those who can do it, but not me. I love children, I’m crazy, but I wouldn’t have had time to raise a child without an established family. However, I wouldn’t have had time to get married or. How will you tour and get married? Many trips, three daily performances in the theater, rehearsals. A husband can’t stand it. They always wanted me to drop everything and stop working to be a wife. But I never wanted that. I am very free.

– Are you in a relationship today?

My intimate life is mine. I don’t like opening my doors. My intimacy is worth everything and Lucho Avilés and Antonio Gasalla taught me that.

Alejandra Pradon
Alejandra Pradon

-You said that your father’s family raised you, because your mother abandoned them when you were little, what memories do you have of your childhood?

-Yes, when we were little, my mother abandoned us. We are three brothers and we grew up in a convent school because my father worked long hours at the central post office for 40 years. But he was always there, just like the whole family. In elementary school we were pupils and in high school we went from aunt to aunt. I have a nice family, with cousins, grandchildren. I am a great-aunt to many beautiful children, I am crazy for love. I have some great people by my side.

Have you seen your mother again?

-I saw her once when she was 24 and a year later she died. My father died without knowing he met her. I didn’t really suffer from abandonment because I had the support of my father’s family.

-You had a Catholic education, are you a believer today?

-Yes, I pray and ask the Virgin for the people most in need. I’m not someone who goes to church to pray, but I’m a believer. We must have faith. I always go with a rosary.

Was it faith that supported you when you had the accident in 2004?

-It was faith, it was my dad, who is a little angel who takes care of me from heaven; He was my willpower and my training. I remember that they left me a mystical rose in the sanatorium where I was hospitalized, and they say it is very miraculous. And I think it was a miracle but I also made a lot of sacrifices. They set up a gym in my room and I never stopped working out. Doctors always said I was saved because I was in great physical shape, had muscles and was strong. I fell sitting down, broke my pelvis and it’s a topic I don’t want to talk about because it brings back bad memories.

-Life has given you another chance …

-I think so, because I am a good person and I had the will to move forward. Doctors couldn’t believe it. I learned to walk again. And once I got up and was able to walk, I threw away all the pills and kept exercising. I always say you have to work out and not just be pretty. This saved me. I no longer speak because I have anchored the past, enough with the accident. Why go back to the past?

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