Alejandro del Prado, the “place of Buenos Aires” that grabs from 23 years old and flies to search the port

Alejandro del Prado, el
Alejandro del Prado, el “eslabón perdido” entre el tango y el rock

No se si es buen momento, pero en todo caso supongo nunca habrá un buen momento para empezar una grade así.

Soy porteñoaunque no ejerzo.

Medular and literally portable. There is a train that flies around the car, at the Hospital Ferroviario, which is located in the port of Buenos Aires. Donde hoy is at the Amnibus terminal. My father told me that the first thing that comes to my mind is that he takes a vent from a doorway. Así me se haría difícil ocultarlo.

It is a painter looking for the world to procreate the dichotomies, porteño, cada tanto, is not necessarily referenced. Ignore that which is in the fund, pero tengo mis sospechas. After all, ¿What is the beginning of the era of the wind that is in the city of Buenos Aires created and unloaded along the coast of Peru, or the corded mines or the doors of the study of Santiago del Estero or the University of San Felé tenía Chile ?.

Because Buenos Aires is the only port that desembacaba in Río de la Plata, or the sea line directly to the ocean. What is most important, where there is a port, there is an aduana, where there is an aduana, there are rare negotiations, and where there is the possibility of inevitable negotiations, it is inevitably of bad people and people of moral decay, digamos. As our newest established destination is marked.

This city is full of a bunch of extravagant people, not just a look of extravagant principles and planes. Digo extravagant but do not choose other additives that are more degradable. Por eso, porteño nace, crece y se desarrolla entre esa gente, always thinking that the entrance gate of the city is a gate.

Alejandro del Padro, Dejo constancia

The portico, as well as the punto, the tucumano or the rosarino, mantien códigos inexpugable in respect of their original pecado. Secrets are guarded, but can not be accessed more often due to transferable transferability. Things that are not always visible except that they are always in rhinoceros.

From visit to Córdoba, the Negro Coy is a nightmare of me and an acquisition of the city in which we are hugely legally solo, and it is instantly more popular in Córdoba. My brother lives in San Luis a lot of years ago, first of all in Comodoro Rivadavia and his friends were far away from this country, demonstrating that every city has its waves and its prophecies not written. Obvio que Buenos Aires has its water, as well as the port wave for many is fast food. Raro.

One of the great painters of portage, sigilo, arcano, for the best of all those who deliberately intended music Alejandro Del Prado.

Alejandro is portable, obviamente, exceptional music, which is based on the guitarist of Alfredo Zitarrosa and collaborators back to back with Lito Nebbia. More than that tampered with natural preparation in Argentinos Juniors and capillaries of albañiles.

I do not have many discs from Del Prado, yo conozco 2, me dijeron que tiene otro (Editor’s note: Dejo Constancia, of 1982). Los que tengo son Locos de Buenos Aires of 85 y Yo Vengo de Otro Siglo of 2008. 23 years between one and another. The first credit party with Nebbia and Silvio Rodriguez.

Alejandro del Prado, Locations of Buenos Aires

The first to be taken from Los Locos de Buenos Aires. It just sings a lot with the epoch radios, and their shows in the beautiful Florida Kraft auditorium, or in La Trastienda and Sham´s are the point of concentrating rock reinforcement. After establishing an alliance with the Imbitious rocker, the respect and idolatry igual that of Louis or Charly or Nebbia.

Poet incansable, liquid observer of urban uses and costs, Alejandro Del Prado nos pintaba a todos porque era uno de nosotros, more grand quizzes, more curtain, more travel, pero era one more. Quiz’s one of the most relevant universally ubiquitous haberdashery is not suitable for nuns or those of ubiquitous hamburgers.

“Locations of Buenos Aires

latiendo por todas partes.

Llenando de sol la noche

con su fuerza, con su arte.

Andan sueltos por la vida

con su fe, su fantasía.

Cuidado con esa gente

no sebe sa pretenden. ”

(Fragment of the Locos of Buenos Aires)

With the places of Buenos Aires and Dejo Constancia,
With the places of Buenos Aires and Dejo Constancia,

Since 1985 we have been traveling for millions of years to see the continuation of Los Locos de Buenos Aires, but is in 2008 under the direct control of Yo Vengo by Otro Siglo. Obra cumbre de un juglar irrepetible.

Always tell me the emotion of finding your disco, y la lágrimas que no pude skonder conmovido en mi soledad escundo “Hijo de un puerto”a song that impregnates me for the sake of being in the midst of inorganic chemicals and personal molecules that algunos llaman alma.

Hablo con Alejandro acerca de la song. “‘Hijo de un puerto’ is a song that has a lot of them. Vienna de navgado haber, nace ahí, establishes with Saloma, a group that we meet with those who need to work on cruises. The gates are essentially the only ones that are included in the sample room. We are trying to find the theory that Buenos Aires only needs a windfall and a lot of space, but it goes so far as to say, so it’s going to be the first time I’ve inquired. Described as astonishing in this geography in the place where I was amazed by the wind in the port. ”

“Sos hijo de un puerto, se ve,

In the form of a cigarette butt,

In the form of arreglarte el calzoncillo, y escupir de coté

Sos hijo de un puerto, lo se

For your fine affix to the outsider,

For the solitaire. For the computer.

Tan saludable …

Tan falopero.

¡Que lo parió!

The wind is right in the gates.

Tanto ver llegar, tanto ver partir

Uno se insensibiliza, es cierto.

¡Que lo parió!

The wind is right in the gates.

Ay ayayay ay ay …

I do not want you to be quiet. ”

Le digo que tiene a very accurate, compressible and indelible letter.

Alejandro says as if he were the object of an aunt’s work: how did you get rid of it, the dice of the place, the shadow of a port, what is this and what is this … with an influence on Charly ¿viste? Do not hablar in person, as hablarse frente a un espejo. And the second part is more condensed, ‘as the first, the screw is long in the doors’. Va como una milonga rocker. The hicimos demo in the ’80s with Indio Insuzarri, first of Emilio Del Guercio, we tocábamos much more in vivo. The robbery was divided into several versions, with Posporteos, a band armed with Daniel Ferrón and Rodolfo Garcia, for example, for example … ”

Good morning, the comment, terminally sound techno, or la pegué in my radio program the free space passed between Massive Attack and caricature Max De Castro, the purest electronic puree. What phenomena …

Me dice Alejandro: “In 2006 the solo robbery, in my studio, was controlled by the prime minister in a digital system. On the computer, I present the loops or samplers. Entonces me vino muy bien eso de poder pegarle cosas, tiene koros, la parte de bandoneones, tiene c Questiones de percusión murguera, tumbadoras. Iba trying all this and we are in these 6 minutes of the song … “

Cierra los ojos y busca adentro de su cabeza algo … ne se bien qué, sale con esto. Alejandro Del Prado in elevated fashion: “Shadow of a gate over the city of a gate. Buenos Aires, Santa Maria de los Buenos Aires era the protectors of the boats that are far from your port, to find places where the sails move … ”

Like a specimen of Iemanja, pero nuestra, algo bien porteño hacer nuestra propia version of a universal myth. Esto acoto yo, para nada.

Sigue Alejandro Del Prado: “Working with a tango guitar string inspired by a Roberto Grela milonga, y después entran los coros muy necesarios para mi. Hijo de un puerto a algunos les suena a hijo de pu .., y le dice no te quedes quieto, te tenés que ir hijo de un puerto, as a destin… Conociendo otros puertos, viajando, en los puertos los tipi tienen usos propios de aíí, prenden los cigarrillos raro, para atajarse de los vientos … una bancadora para los habitantes de los puertos. Musically in ports there are special musicals, which pass through the sea, and the terminals in the cordillera, and the terminals being all different ¿no? “Now there is a lot more amilongation, in these new music there is a lot of slow rhythm, like in milongas.”

Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Alejandro Del Prado. Pero las músicas genuinas son divinas, de divinidad digo, y todas encajan desde ahí haciéndose una música. But you can watch a radio show on Alejandro Del Prado with David Byrne, Lou Reed and Serge Gainbourg. Por lo genuino y bello de sus canciones.

To terminate, click on the earmark that appears on the theme. Alejandro del Prado: “Ese monito es juguete de mi nieta …”

But as for the “Hijo de un puerto” algae for complete, just like that in the cab are basically funk bands like Parliament or Funkadelic, whose metaphorical sonic songs are the songs to differentiate between cult music and music.

Una actitu bien porteña.


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