Alex Montiel confesses how Hebrew was chosen between Pedro Sola and “Scorpio Dorado”

Tras lo ocurrido, the conductor who is hospitalized for catheter surgery.  (Photo: @tiopedritosola, @ goldenescorpion / Instagram)
Tras lo ocurrido, the conductor who is hospitalized for catheter surgery. (Photo: @tiopedritosola, @ goldenescorpion / Instagram)

Alex Montiel, best conocido in social networks like Scorpio Doradothink about the last enema that Pedro Sola has with his irreverent person, it’s the one who seems to be provoke the conductor molestation by continuing to visit a Ventaneando. Youtuber también confesó como is its relation with the leading conductors of the program of spectacle and upgrading to Pati Chapoy by inviting without restrictions.

The content container crawler on your YouTube channel to share how it was experienced, but first, in one of the most famous show programs on Mexican television. Decide on your debit version that, once you have framed it, the controversy will subside His comments in Hebrew tone caused a distaste in the professional economist, who was also deprived of social networking from the door of a hospital.

This is a context in which most interns are interested in getting started Scorpio Dorado as responsive to Pedrito’s health status without prior notice for which hospitalization is established. Yes, Alex Montiel is one of the leaders in the league Azteca TV note that Pedro Sola felt incommodo with his presence debito that which is not presented as youtuber, sino as el Dios del Internet.

Camera oven T Pedo Pedrito pronunciation: “No me caes bien, tu personaje no me cae bien, tú como persona me caes perfecto”. In this moment, the brother of Werevertumorro no comment nada and solo continent flattened with the conductive demos about the restrictions or the giro querían darle a la intervieweista.

Without limits, Scorpio hizo varias declarations with its own sense of humor, among the following:Do you want to eat mayonnaise? No, no hagas eso ”. Dicho comment no cayó en el agrado by economist and rapidly Pati Chapoy exchange the rumbo of the conversion to avoid more molestias and his computer.

While watching, Alex Montiel remembers that he had news of something going on or that the Hebrew action provoked a choice between his person and the conductor. I agree with the conclusion that the positive razón serían the statements that Daniel Bisogno hizo were running on the program Scorpio Dorado al volante.

The conductor has been exposed to various variations due to its declarations in
The conductor has been involved in a variety of controversies over its “Ventaneando” statements. (Photo: Instagram / @ bisognodaniel)

“Según yo, cuando se le atraviesa el Scorpio in the garrison of Pedrito Sola he sent a video with Daniel Bisogno, that Daniel, of course, is on television where he goes and goes mad * e, pues on the internet and in a place that is totally free with the irreverence of Scorpio dijo lo que dijo ”, commented on his video blog.

Four times after the polemic actor declared in the program: “La gente me pregunta: ‘¿Verdad que Pedrito is not gay?’ y les digo: ‘No, Pedrito es don p * to de los de toda la vida’”. Alex Montiel assures that at the moment he does not think about it because he does not have enough confusion for hacerlo, against Daniel Bisogno, who is a hermandad with Pedrito.

“From repentance, in sentiment, Pedrito se molestó with the character and not the taste of the character supongo by the world that opposes him and by the world that contest Danielpero entre las patas me llevó a mí, ni modo que se pelee con Daniel ”, mencionó.

Durante su video también confesó que hace un tiempo Pedrito Sola se iba a subir a Scorpio Dorado al volante, without embargo, do not log in to specify debit collaboration as if in aquel entones you can not maneuver for a problem in your pie. Inclusive, express that ambos with the approval of Pati Chapoy.

On the other hand, Alex Montiel commented that his relationship with the leading conductors of the program is good.

Pati Chapoy, la jefaza, la que lleva el programa, la que me invitó; Daniel Bisogno, con quien me llevo increíble, compartí gira de Tenorio con él, is a type; Linet Puente, with which he shared not traveling all the way to the world; Ricardo always knows how to say goodbye to Ventaneando trabajaba, or trabajaba in other productions; and Pedrito Sola ”, dijo.


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