All that is known about Dune: Spice Wars, the new game in the Frank Herbert universe

Dunes: Spice Warsthe strategy video game based on the sci-fi universe of Frank Herbert -creator of the Dune saga-, has announced the premiere of its early access on Steam from 26 April.

Those responsible for this new franchise title are distributor Funcom and Shiro Games studiowhich focused on developing a 4X element experience (meaning “explore, expand, exploit and exterminate”) with the entire paradigm of the Dune universe and the complex political factions of the planet Arrakis.

The first images they shared show a map built on the basis of well-known landscapes of this desert land, as well as an interface that displays indicators for diplomacy, military composition and exploration of the region.

The initial approach is reminiscent of the dynamics of the famous franchise of Total warwhich also takes advantage of the real-time strategy genre and you must command a series of factions – whose identity depends on the mythology of the title – to dominate enemies and establish strong alliances.

the developer Shiro games confirmed that, for now, there will be four playable factions: the Fremen, the Smugglers, the Atreides House and the Harkonnen House. Each of them will have the ability to establish relationships with the Sietchs (settlements of neutral natives), although the Fremen faction has a considerable advantage in doing so.

The game mechanics correspond to the personality described in the film. Dune (2021)a cinematic universe that expects its expansion on October 20, 2023.

According to the advances published on his page of Early accessthe Harkonnen House it has the potential to exploit dubious diplomatic procedures (even among its allies) and an unstoppable bloodthirsty army. While the Atreides houseit is followed by their reputation as honorable diplomats, which benefits them in tidying up conquered regions and maintaining a well-trained army.

The Smugglers They manage their own territory, and while their political influence doesn’t extend very far, their agents are scattered throughout the universe and their units benefit from stealth tactics. The Fremen they are a faction with a strong religious structure, also expert in ambush tactics and with a greater ability to resist the problems of the Desert.

While the proposal for now reveals the basic mechanics of the strategythe expectation is that Dunes: Spice Wars they also have a multiplayer mode and a single player campaign at the end of the Early Access phase.

Dunes: Spice Wars it’s not the only game in the series that Funcom and Shiro Games are dedicating to, as they claimed they are developing four titles in total with the collaboration of NUKKLEAR, a German studio. “This is a partnership for six years to launch, at least three PC video games and one console game“, They described in a official statement.

NUKKLEAR will be in charge of an open-world survival multiplayer that began its pre-production in 2019 and that draws on Funcom’s experience with the successful launch of Conan exiles (2017).

NUKKLEAR Dune Game Preview Developer
NUKKLEAR Dune Game Preview Developer

This Funcom-led mega-production is also supported by Investment of Chinese companies Tencent of 148 million dollarswhich gave them the air of raising what they described as “their level of ambition with resources earmarked for other initiatives and additional funding”.

On the side of Shiro Games and its announcement of Dunes: Spice WarsThere is a lot of optimism even after more than four years of production. “With so many fans of the Dune series in our studio, the excitement in the work environment is very real and we hope that is reflected in the game. With all this passion for the original work and experience we have gained in creating Northgard ( another real-time strategy game), we can’t wait to put this new game in the hands of the players. ” Sebastien Vidal, CEO of Shiro Games.


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