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Track your fantastic rebound in 2019 and a second outgoing tempo in 2021, the shortest of ‘Love, Death & Robots’ han wanted to load it on Netflix with one ‘Vol. 3 ‘ that, if the rigors of the rigors are presented in all the exact anthologies, the galaxy of greater equilibrium is reached at the caliphate to refer to the faeces.

To not cut the cost, and because we can organize space, to continue or to repair the latest short volumes of the production by Tim Miller and David Fincher. A list that is specifically designed to be different and in which the other part and the media of the table is very, very accurate.

9. ‘El enjambre’

Love Death Robots Saison 3 Episode 6 Fin

After enameling with the magnifying glass ‘The giant ahogado’ in the second temporada, Tim Miller’s armor has me the main deceit of this volume 3. A cortometer that ya consider how to click on the ‘Love, Death & Robots’ universe cuya apuesta hyperrealista choca with a decaffeinated production design, with an imprinted narrative — and aburrida al mismo timo— and with a sex scene brand of the metal case with caliper.

8. ‘Three robots: Escape strategies’


Casi as well as the official mascots of ‘Love, Death & Robots’, K.-VRC, XBOT 4000 and Elena have regressed in a new adventure directed by Patrick Osborne that functions in perfection, but without the alarm type. An impolite visual acabado, a sociopolitical discourse with a trembling little father and a trembling charisma of your three protagonists jumping in front of a narrow narrative cadence by the conflicting audience.

7. ‘The Masonic Rats’

Love Death Robots Vol 3 Mason S Rats 568489397 Large

To count on the voices of Craig Ferguson and Dan Stevens, ‘Las mats ratas’ no termin de apañárselas para destacar among the eclectic selection of short curtains of this tempo. A narrative depurada with a great deal of sentiment, algún that otro gag divertido, robotic massacres and an adorable jump rate are given in the hand in an interchangeable piece in the ranking with the one occupying the octave position.

6. ‘Resulted in above rooms’

Available in Salons Abovedadas 660x365

Entered in the media section of the board with this part directs by the debutant in the direction Jerome Chen, who is curtailed in the VFX department of rangefinders as’ Contact ‘,’ Beowulf ‘or Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’. Your great hyperrealistic animation exhibit, which does not correspond to all the highlights, which in a second plan is directed at a lovecraft essence that is consistently cautivarme pese a lo formulaica de la propuesta. Soy así de fácil.

5. ‘The machine pulse of the machine’

Love Death Robots El Propio Pulso De La Maquina 1024x523

With ‘The machine pulse of the machine’ we found it against one of these cases where the artificial part of a cortometer is due to the result of all the demos. Probably the most beautiful piece at the visual level of all the third time, and an interesting exercise of science fiction space with many passages of the quitar or hippo. Sure, its duration is unobtrusive, but it is more saturated than current.

4. ‘The night of the minimums’


It’s a tiny demo show that all the cortices of the industry take about 20 minutes and then trekking up in earnest. The zombie invasion of all the velocities that prophesy Robert Bisi in solo es divertidísima y ilgil; también nos deja a visual treatment in a tilt-shift valve that tastes like a technical muscle exhibit and renders imposibles. A perfect refrigerator.

3. ‘Mortal team’

Team Mortal 660x365

Jennifer Yuh Nelson, director of ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’ and its sequel short story ‘Love, Death & Robots Vol. 3 ‘more “molón”. Though not sea the best and most solid, the skin is excessively pure on the occiput, it has a 2D actual animation but with a little bit of iron, it is full of violence, it has a lot of wings and it is deliberately twisted. Brutal.

2. ‘Mal viaje’

Voting 1024x463

¿Do you think that David Fincher’s debut in the animation direction is brilliant and brilliant? The Denver company is now abraza the lovecraftian canons with a piece of one 20 minutes impecable, with an animation and a soberbios production design, a suggestive atmosphere and a deliberately adjusted narrative that proves its metrics. Figure the second, but technically empathically with the first position.

1. ‘Jíbaro’


Working with medium gas with participation in the first time, and hoping to catch the flames Scarred by the best animation cortex, Alberti Mielgo flies to the cargo is the fable about colonialism perfecting both artistically, conceptually and narratively. With a unique visual aspect that plays with the obturation and camouflage of an asphyxiated fashion, a use of sound can be made and scenes as tight as hermetic — so …— corto único.

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