Along the way, pop stars celebrate the Jubilee with a big concert in London

LONDON.- British pop, from Duran Duran to George Ezra, celebrates a great concert with the “Platinum Jubilee” Isabel II which, agotada por los festejos a sus 96 años, se perdió lo que más ama: las carreras de caballos.

The legendary British group Queen sing the first song in the concert, one of the most hurried moments of the jubilee, with Isabel II not assisting directly in the musical spectacle.

In the explanation at the Buckingham Palace, in central London, three unitary scenarios are installed on catwalks and 70 columns of light, representing the 70 years passed on the throne by a coronary belt with only 25 years in 1952.

The 22,000 afortonados with entrails disfrutaron of Queen’s most popular songs, such as “We Will Rock You”, “Don’t Stop Me Now” and “We Are The Champions”.

Casi 8000 eran trabajadores of sectors clave during the pandemic, members of the armed forces and volunteers of beneficiary organizations, invited in incremental by their services. There are also hundreds of miles of people in giant pants from the center of London.

“Our sentimental sums and contents are here,” said Brian May, Queen’s guitarist, starring one of the images of the night owl “God Save the Queen” from the back of Buckingham.

A multitude to assist in the concert for the Platinum Jubilee in London
A multitude to assist in the concert for the Platinum Jubilee in LondonNIKLAS HALLE’N – POOL

From now on you will be guided where, at the very beginning of the concert, you will find a humorous video of the reindeer fighting with Paddington or a character in Gran Brittany.

“I’m so excited to be here,” said David Hitchins, who recruited his entourage to raise a collection of funds for the British public. The cart announces a stream of stars and organizers prompts by surprise.

Members of the real family, between the principles of Carlos, hereto on the throne of 73 yearsand his mayor Guillermo, 39, representing the kingdom, who, with a lot of money and a lot of money, must follow the event on television.

The legendary Rod Stewart sang during the concert for the Jubilee of Isabel II
The legendary Rod Stewart sang during the concert for the Jubilee of Isabel IIALASTAIR GRANT – POOL

Passionate about the hopscotch, the Habibian sky overlooks the bay and the 243rd edition of the most prestigious carrera in the country, the Derby celebrates at Epsom Downs, 30 km from London.

Pero, trace arrangement of the juvenile pie on the balcony of the palace to inaugurate the four days of festivities for its jubilee synthesis of “cierto malestar”, that the left wing can be heard in a multidisciplinary way of grace action. A cann cansada, también renunció a las carreras el sábado.

Isabel II’s salutation comes from the fact that in October the doctors kept the order repos and had a night hospitalized before some doctors tried it. From which can you find your presence in a number of official and emphatic acts and walk with a cane.

Summer parties

It is easy to see the complete Lilibet primer, the minor shade of the principle Harry and Meghan Marklewhich travels with its shadows in London from California, where as in 2020 it distances itself from the British monarchy.

Dejando to a ladder the causal tension suspected of being accused of racism and a member of the monarchy which is not numbered, la pareja comió, según la prnsa, el jueves con la familia real y este sábado con la reina. Carlos, Guillermo and his companions Camila and Kate shared on Twitter a “very happy first complete” on the page.

The Dancer hot dance troupe performed in concert with the Jubilee of Isabel II
The Dancer hot dance troupe performed in concert with the Jubilee of Isabel IIHANNAH MCKAY – POOL

Durante el día, the city of miles of celebrities or the renaissance of the most lonely monarch of British history in a class of street parties. “It’s a great opportunity to reunite all the last of the’s” from the pandemic, says James Hughesdon, revealing a church in the lingering barrier of Islington.

“Nunca volveremos a ver algo así por obiamente la próxima vez tendremos un rey, esta es nuestra última reina y creo que es magnífica”, dijo junto él Wendy Flynn, ama de casa que participaba en la fiesta con sus vecinos. The legendary Diana Ross wanted to run the concert.

Durante dos horas y media debu actuar icuran icicnicas del pop i el rock británico, from Duran Duran has Rod Stewart, following Elton John, who is harassed by the video but is currently facing controversy.

Tennis player Emma Raducanu, the ex-footballer David Beckhamthe actors Stephen Fry and Julie Andrews, figured asymmetry in this starlight, when the British singer of the last Eurovision, Sam Ryder, did not fall.

The celebrations of the Jubilee, which commend the youth with a great military march, terminán el domingo with other parade, it is more festive, to be escorted with music and baile the 70 years old rebuilt by Isabel II.

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