altas, bajas, refuges, contract and renovation renovations of Gallardo’s team and possibly legal

For the second semester you will be rewarded with hard work and competence for River. The elenco de Marcelo Gallardo approach the final octaves of the Copa Libertadores ante Vélez, search defender’s title Professional League y además irá en busca de la Copa Argentina, donde se medirá por los 16vos. of the final ante Barracas Central. Ante la triple competencia, the DT million busloads potentially occur as soon as they are welded to the hinge of the hierarchical coil, while the timer is mounted on the base of your team and does not have the right dimensions on the plant.


Lucas Beltrán: the River trainer confirms that the greenhouse delays the new caravan new car. The conductor also used the replica clause as shown in his contract with Colón (this is due to December). You do not have access to Colón to retrieve Santa Fe’s claims and are in Buenos Aires to wait for the conflict to escalate.


Julián vlvarez: todavía is not confirmed the fecha (first series of the week of July), but it is one thing that Araña dejará River before summing up in Manchester City, a club that buys the principles of the year and that now ejaculate the replica key to the left . For this move, al Millonario le ingresarán 1,700,000 dollars approximately.

Benjamin Rollheiser: el delantero finaliz su vnculo el 30 de junio y se unirá a Estudiantes de La Plata. Because it does not form part of a professional plant but does not have an accent for a contract extension.

Fabrizio Angileri: misma situación que Rollheiser, aunque con futuro incierto. The Turks are being countered by the fact that Gallardo is excluding the team and on July 1 a free series, one that expires on the contract with River.

Nahuel Casasola: the flyover of the Reserve company signed its first contract with River until December 2024 and will be sold to Platense for a total of minutes in Primera. I offer it by one year, as a cargo, with the option to buy up to 50% of your pass and a replica key in half a month.


Miguel Borja: River ue fondo por él y está cerca de cerrarlo. The agreement with the contractor will be signed by December 2025 and the Junior will receive the formal offer to purchase 50% of your deposit within 5 million dollars. If you can, this is the week to join the list of good octaves of the Cup.

Diego Valoyes: River prepares conditions by itself but does not bid on a principal, while in the last days it moves and expects a verbal offer from Taller. The pressure gauge to be placed in this condition and then the intentional motions to carry the MLS balance, if not in the field, River appears as a viable option. T claims 45% of Federico Girotti’s pass that all N elez’s club and diner or southbound players exchange. Esta semana será clave.

Rodrigo Aliendro: tiene un acuerdo de palabra con Independiente pero al dilatarse su firma, fue ofrecido a River. The conductors did not like the sound and the mantle in the good but the concrete of Enzo Fernández’s sales to Benfica de Portugal.

Valentín Castellanos: Gallardo’s house in New York City will be planted with 15 million dollars per leaf. Iba is located in West Ham of England due to transfer brake, although it is generally different from what can be found in River.

Diego Valoyes: River provided air conditioning on offer. As with the majority of Argentine clubs, Taller responded that there are no places for more than 8 or 10 million dollars. La T claims the 45% of Federico Girotti’s pass that all belong to the Núñez club. For ahora, parece complejo.

Luis Suárez: Enzo Francescoli communicates with the Uruguayan dealer to offer a place in the River and places competently in the nearby World Cup Qatar 2022. El Pistolero goes with the pass on his podium and offers offers to be evaluated and then checked. If you do not want to miss the chance to dress for the day, there are many different clubs in Europe that claim to be from Barcelona and Atlético Madrid. ¿An imposing sue?

Matías Arezo: offered to River as a futurist and not disgusting. Game in Granada, Spain that has recently declined. Pay more than 5 million euros per month and the Millions will negotiate club by club in order to advance the fund. Representatives representing De La Cruz and others facilitate a negotiation, even though Luis Suárez’s respect does not initiate guests on the theme of the foreign cup.

Nahuel Bustos: también is on the radar of Millonario pero el Girona ascendió in La Liga de España y se complica su salida. Its quotation is elevated and it is attempted to attack River’s economy. Desi carted.


Enzo Fernández: the flywheel is tracked by various european clubs and is the result of its unsuccessful actuation in the latest tour. Real Madrid, Manchester United and Benfica are all part of the team that is in good shape, even though River did not have much to offer. Benfica is the club that is determined to contract and in the adjacent dynasty to have a meeting in Buenos Aires in the form of a formal offer. Your balance sheet is worth 20 million euros and River conductors do not have to spend money on this mount.

Nicolás De la Cruz: since the conductor has a sales prompt for the uruguayo, for example deberá renova on the contract that comes in six months. Real Sociedad de España, Fenerbahce de Turkey and Botafogo de Brasil lo tienen apuntado. Only up to 30% of its value, there is an agreement with Liverpool from Uruguay for the River to receive $ U $ S 9,421,000 per share, equivalent to 42.82% of the retail price mediocampista.

Bruno Zuculini: Zucu hace tempo tempo ne no titular para Gallardo y si bien is conform con ser pice de recambio, en algún moment tiene ganas de pasar a equipë en el que pueda jugar me poco m ,s, por eso los dirigenten esten abiertos acuchar las propuest which can be read by él. It represents like everything from Italy, we are in this market.

David Martínez: the Central is present in River until December and the federal offices are at the time of Defense and Justice, but Millo has a one-time purchase option with a% of your file. If the level is low, it follows from the European teams by projection. But now, I do not think so, but I do not know.

Cristian Ferreira: if the form is part of the plant and Gallardo is left on the bench, the south will be able to emigrate before the minute break. This contract has been signed since December 2024 and the exchange rate is based on a mortgage negotiation with Talleres by Valoyes.

Flabián Londoño: to recover the lesion in the right clavicle, Defense and Justice have their ojos in el. Ante the folding place on the professional planter, the place to read and salim to prestamo.

Franco Camargo: the lateral edge of the Reservoir is in charles with Platense for summing up the preamble.


Franco Paredes: Defender sums up in Millonario the principles of which are passed by Defense and Justice and is in the final rectum of the recovery of the rotated ligament that suffers. Gallardo deberá definir si lo tiene en cuenta o si vuelve a mandarlo a prestamo.

Tomás Lecanda: rescind in Barracas Central before the minute and fall of River to the definite future. The most probable is that it wants to burn salt.

Daniel Lucero: rescue in the Hungarian Deportivo of Ecuador and fly to the River.


Ezequiel Centurión: el arkero, cuyo contrarat se vencía a fin de ao, renovu su venculo hasta el 31 de dicimembre de 2024 y continantá ligado al Más Grande.


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