Amber Heard does not have the USD 10 million to pay Johnny Depp

The jury determines that the actress acted as a
The jury determines that the actress acted as a “malice” when she published a column in The Washington Post declaring herself a victim of domestic violence (Reuters)

Amber Heard’s advocacy says that the “unbalanced” fringe of social networks influences the judiciary. Además, aseguró que Your client does not have the USD 10 million to pay out of cash.

Elaine Bredehoft hablé el jueves en el programa “TODAY” de NBCa day after which Depp won his claim against Heard, exposing himself.

Bredehoft says that when the members of the jury do not escape the intense frenzy of the social networks on the lathe in juicio. “Ó C nomo no? Se fueron a casa todas las noches. Tienen familias. Families are in the social red. We plant a desk of 10 days in the medium. There is no way that any hayan is influenced by it”, Dijo.

Llamó a la cobertura de las redes social “Horrible”. Durante juicio de seis semanas, las posts on TikTok and Twitter parecían favorecer a Depp de manner abrumadora.

“Like the Roman Colosseum, ¿sabes? C vmo vieron todo este caso. It is established against the cameras in the hall of the tribunal and it is registered and argued against the debit of the delicacy of this. Pero lo convirtió en un zoológicoSaid Bredehoft.

Abogada describes the first words that Heard intended to announce the decision of the jury.

“One of the first things that goes wrong: ‘Lo siento mucho por todas esas mujeres. This is a review for all dentists and women in the tribunal ‘”, Says Bredehoft. “Ella sente la carga de eso”acotó.

Bredehoft says that veredicto sends “a horrible message”.

“Menos that make your phone and grab video or conjugate or golpeándolo pair, effectively no creation”agregó.

The jury determines that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are mutually exclusive: $ 10 million and USD 2 million (REUTERS)
The jury determines that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are mutually exclusive: $ 10 million and USD 2 million (REUTERS)

Depp, who is not in the short term, is asking for $ 50 million more than one article in the 2018 Heard encyclopedia post in The Washington Post, which I know has been converted into a “public figure representing domestic abuse ”.

After Depp’s commenting on his name, his abogados argue that he referred indirectly to the accusations that Hizo against was ending his 2016 divorce.

The Depp orthogonal price is USD 15 million per day: USD 10 million per day of compensatory prices and USD 5 million per day of working costs, according to Fairfaix (Virginia, EEUU) condominium Penny Azcarate, which is now the ultimate value of $ 350,000.

On the other hand, the jury determines that Depp differs from Heard and’s pay 2 million dollars.

When asked by Heard that he owed $ 10.4 million, Bredehoft responded: “Absolutely not.”

And confirm that Heard has the intention to appeal the fall.

“There are great motives for this,” said Bredehoft, referring to the growing evidence of Depp’s curtain in Reino Unido being hacked by fans of Heard’s goals.

Explain that Heard’s medical records are preferred, which he says are “very significant” because they are sampleda patron that was repaired in 2012 when Amber informed her about her therapist ”.

Bredehoft says that the case is “a story of juices”.

“Johnny Depp presents a demand in the United Kingdom for the case and the load of the test tube more easily for all,” he said. “The tribunal finds that Sr. Depp había cometido al menos 12 acts of domestic violence, including sexual violence, against Amber. Entons, what does Depp’s team mean by this? Demonizar a Amber y suprimir la evidencia ”, dijo.

“We want an enormous number of records of evidence that supremacy is about to be established in the case of the United Kingdom. And in the case of Reino Unido, when it comes down to it, Amber. El Sr. Depp perdió ”, continued Bredehoft.

Johnny Depp:
Johnny Depp: “Jurado me devolvió la vida”

Heard said that he established the phrase “more than words” and called it “revisited” for women.

“It simply came to our notice then. This desconsolada porque the assembly of evidence is not sufficient to prevent harassment and the disproportionate influence of me ex marido“, Says Heard in a communiqué published but despised.

This is more of a delusion because the significance is obvious to other women. It is a review“… Retroced the idea that violence against women should be taken seriously,” he said.

In a communiqué the corpses despised for knowing the veredicto, Depp says: “El jurado me devolvió la vida. This is honorably honorable ”.

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