an approved debut even if there were controversies and details to correct

“The controversy will not end”. With that sentence closed Federico BeligoyDirector of Arbitration Training, the training course he held in Ezeiza for journalists. and I was right. Basically, because the technology is run by the referees themselves. And no matter how many IFAB (International Football Board Association) and FIFA certifications the 50 judges authorized to sit in front of the monitors set up in Ezeiza, they continue to decide according to criteria, regardless of the rules. Then, the debut of the VAR in Argentine football could not be exempt from situations to discuss … Yes, as always, at the bar.

To begin with, it should be noted that all plays are checked and until play resumes after a goal, the referee can back off when called by the cabin judges. Now, how many times has the VAR been instrumental in changing a ruling in the 14 games of the eighth round? And what was the success rate?

There were 10 situations in which, at the suggestion of the VAR, the original sentences were changed. The referees attended the RRA (Referee Review Area) or Totem, as they say in the jargon of the whistle, on 8 occasions. And in all of them they changed their resolve. There were two controversies: a hold in Boca-Arsenal which led to the penalty of Lucas Suárez on Marcos Rojo and another in Newell’s-Platense which ended with a shot from eleven meters for an alleged infringement by Juan Infante on Juan Garro.

There were late goals. In La Plata it took 4 minutes to validate Cristian Tarragona’s goal. In Lineers there was a 10 minute delay, the product of a micro-cut in the signalso that Vélez fans could celebrate the conquest of Lucas Pratto.

Of the 10 games in which the VAR was decisive, half a dozen were in penalty situations. In five of those plays, the referee scored an infraction which, at first, he did not consider. The rest, in Racing-Sarmiento, Fernando Rapallini backtracked. He had charged a penalty for the Academy.

The remaining three games were in three goals canceled mainly for offside, then given by the court referees after the review of the VOR (Video Office Room) judges, who observe on their monitors the lines drawn by the television operator with the Deltacast, and a expulsion.


At 12 ‘of the first half Gian Nardelli stumbles into the area under pressure from Braian Martínez. Nicolás Lamolina had taken a corner kick. However, warned by Mauro Vigliano, he made history: he was the first referee to attend the RRA. After seeing that Colón’s defender managed the ball, he scored the spot and Martín Cauteruccio scored Aldosivi’s first goal.

“I didn’t notice until the game was stopped and they went to the corner. Then the kids started wondering if he touched my hand. That’s when I noticed. During the game I slipped and I supported my hand so as not to fall face down, but without any intention. I hadn’t even noticed it, “said Nardelli.

Foundation Council-Union

Entre Ríos’ side were winning 1-0 when, 34 minutes into the second half, on a corner kick, Lucas Barrios jumped to play the ball with Enzo Roldán. The rebound on the Union wheel brought Sebastián Mele into the hands and the Uruguayan goalkeeper quickly served.

But Fernando Espinoza was called by the VAR, led by Pablo Dóvalo. The referee listened to his teammates in Ezeiza for two minutes until he decided to go to the monitor. Then, he verified that Roldán had stretched out his arm. And he charged a fine. Barrios himself scored the second.


The game was over, Argentinos hit the guest, but there was a play that deserved the technology. Luciano Gómez moved on to Agustín Urzi. Do it very hard, but Nazareno Arasa only shows him the yellow card. And when Banfield was about to take the free kick, there was a warning from Germán Delfino from the Video Office Room.

Two minutes later, the court referee looked at the images and realized he had made a wrong decision. He withdrew the yellow card and showed the red directly to Gómez, who had blocked Urzi’s left ankle.

Central Cordoba-Hurricane

It was 3 minutes and there was a free kick for the locals. The center arrived, a rebound and Claudio Riaño appeared alone to beat Marcos Díaz. Assistant Mariana De Almeida raises the flag and Facundo Tello cancels the goal.

However, from Ezeiza the VAR, managed by Hernán Mastrángelo, observed that the ball had bounced off Walter Pérez in an attempt to block. Therefore, Riaño was not in an advanced position because the pass did not come from a teammate but from an opponent. Three minutes later, Tello validates the attacker’s goal and yells late.


The Cordovans were in the lead and played 4 minutes as a complement. He recovered Gymnastics and in three touches left Cristian Tarragona facing a draw. They joined Lautaro Chávez and Ramón Sosa until the former Vélez striker defined against Guido Herrera.

We had to wait 4 minutes for Fernando Echenique, in communication with Héctor Paletta, to restart the game and validate the 1-1. “I’ve had a really bad time with the VAR. It was like 5 minutes. He said to Fernando: ‘Come on, load it up’. After that I relaxed “, explained the striker in the locker room.


One of the three minutes that Fernando Rapallini had added was played. Carlos Alcaraz finds a finishing position, trembles and the ball hits Rasmussen’s elbow, who turns to cover the shot from the wheel with his back. The referee scored the penalty spot, but the VAR called with the red button.

Ariel Penel warned that his colleague may reconsider the move. And he was right. It was not a deliberate hand, it did not increase in volume, and it did not have a criminal entity. That’s why the international judge backed off and bounced off the ground.


The match ended, Fernando Monetti shot from distance and the ball failed, Nicolás Garayalde returned and Julián Fernández enabled Lucas Pratto, who evaded the goalkeeper and defined. Franco Díaz was at stake. That’s why assistant Juan Pablo Belatti raised the flag.

Andrés Merlos has been called up by Darío Herrera. However, there were problems with the video. The referee took ten minutes to see the action in which Diaz did not touch the ball before Fernández’s pass reached Pratto’s position. It was a piece of tech paper, of course, beyond the fact that the correct decision was ultimately made.

Godoy Cruz-students

The team arrived in Mendoza and Agustín Rogel’s cross on Salomón Rodríguez in the 40th minute of the second half. Yael Falcón Pérez didn’t give a penalty, but Jorge Baliño called.

And the referee realized that there was a touch down from one Uruguayan to another and changed his original decision. Martín Ojeda did not waste and scored the partial 3-2.

Defense and Justice-River

The controversy arose over Walter Bou’s goal, which came after a rebound to Milton Casco. The entrerriano received a pass from Gabriel Hachen in legal position, but Maximiliano Del Yeso, after a few seconds, raised the flag. And Patricio Loustau canceled it.

We had to wait a while before Mauro Vigliano checked the image with the lines drawn on the screen. And finally, he warned his partner that he had to validate the goal. It was Halcón’s discount with 25 minutes of the second half.


It was the first sentence that generated controversy and heated discussions. At 23 ‘of the second half, with the match 1-1, the corner came from the right and Lucas Suárez wore Marcos Rojo’s shirt. Leandro Rey Hilfer had let go, but Germán Delfino saw the catch and the main referee backed down. He charged the penalty and Rojo himself transformed him. The joy did not last long, Arsenal pulled out of the middle and Cristian Colman equalized. For many it was divine justice.

“The previous play had done the same thing and that’s why I warned the referee to take it into account and in the next one it happened again,” explained the defender and captain of Xeneize.


It was a big mistake, certainly. Because Juan Infante and Juan Garro were grabbing each other in the fifth minute of the second half when Nicolás Castro’s corner came. Pablo Dóvalo let it go, but Diego Abal warned that there was a shirt. Now, if they were taking both, why did the referee accept his partner’s suggestion?

The attacker always has priority, but the foul was not noticed. Monitor, Dóvalo loaded what he hadn’t seen before and Castro scored the second from eleven meters.

The controversial holds

Federico Beligoy was bullying yesterday at noon. “We have decided to go get those holds in the area that are difficult in the eyes of the referee and the VAR must warn them”, sent the Director of Referee Training off. And he added: “The Arsenal defender (Suárez) ignores the game.”

Federico Beligoy, National Director of Arbitration of the AFA.

Federico Beligoy, National Director of Arbitration of the AFA.

“We are totally satisfied. At the end of the date there will be the statistics and we will evaluate them. In all cases we share the decisions that have been made and we have technical and disciplinary bases to support them ”, he underlined in the Fútbol Sin Manchas program (Canale 26).

Obviously, on set pieces, coaches will have to insist that players take precautions. And if they want the opponent’s shirt, they will have to wait for the post-match exchange. But don’t take it for the full ninety minutes.

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