And a Papa filorruso? The Vatican responds to Francisco critics for their role in the war in Ukraine

ROME.- En los ya más de cien días de war in Ukraine, in which Francisco hizo 50 allusions is tragically conflicting that dejó en vilo al mundo –tal as calculó el sitio The Seismograph-, lanzó energetic llamados a se se callen las armas, se manifestó “Dispute it all to stop the war” and travel to Moscow to meet with Vladimir Putin, papal diplomacy fue puesta en el banquillo, with the most gestures and criticisms that are applauded and that even now there is no sign of victory in the future.

Aunt Francisco -who denounced retroactively and with words brought to the war- alluded to different parts of the Kremlin, pero jamás pronunciation with all the letters their name, is filtered. Recipe a cataract of solo critics English speakers, compared to the Catholic Poland and Ukraine famous silence of Pío XII against Nazism during the Second World War.

These are some of the comments made by Vladimir Putin on “Special Operation”, the Pope corresponds with a visit, in solitary confinement, to the Russian ambassador to Santa Sede. If you engage in diplomacy because of the protocol – it does not correspond to a member of the State as the Pontiff, it does not go to visit an ambassador – it is inconsistent. In a general audience, in images that are more than just words, el Papa besó a Ukrainian flag from Bucha, symbol of the horrible comedies allied against the Russians against civilians, visiting the infamous cancer-infested countries of Bambin Gesú, recapturing the battalions of the Battalion of Azov atrapados bay fuego in the sea. To sample the crane from the Ukrainian aggregates, send a special mission to the land of the Cardinals, the Polish Konrad Krajevsky and the Czech-Canadian Michael Czerny.

Pope Francis abducts unaccompanied minor from Ukraine
Pope Francis has ousted a Ukrainian refugee from the center called “The Cortile de Bambini” (The Patio of the Nation) with his descendants from all over Italy, on June 4, 2022 on the San Dámaso patio in the Vatican. (Photo by Tiziana FABI / AFP)Agencia AFP – AFP

Have a mes, en an interview with el Corriere della Sera in which it intends to show its preoccupation with the use of Vatican diplomacy to apply a brake to the war, Francisco referred to “OTAN’s ransom at the gates of Russia” as a declining conflict. Algo por lo que el Papa volvió a ser tildado de filorruso. There is also a provision that establishes a to travel to Moscow to reunite with Putin, even though he has not yet responded to this sentiment. Hoy, in anticipation of a Ukrainian nation having an incentive in the Vatican, Francisco dijo that the gustaria is to Ukraine, pero that should expect “the appropriate moment”.

In a telephone dialogue with LA NACION from Kiev, the Lithuanian arzobispo Visvaldas Kulbokas, nuncio in Ukraine, decir, ambassador of the Pope in this ex-Soviet republic bajo fuego, dijo que the papal diplomacy has not yet been interpreted.

“In these days of war, 30 days, which is a lot, 30% of my time, I have deliberately tried to discuss, answer questions, mails and demos, claiming to be the Pope is to be filial and not to explicitly state that no, that no is as”, Reconoció Kulbokas, sacerdote que habla perfecto español. Tanto is as if not the only hizo to interpret the Pope in its history located with the Patriarchate of Moscow, Kirill, in La Habana, in 2016 -the first part of the body that divided the Catholic Church of Orthodoxy in 1054-, was also opened to the three audiences that Jorge Bergoglio met with Putin in the Vatican.

Pope Francis, with Visvaldas Kulbokas
Pope Francis, with Visvaldas KulbokasDigital Religion

Kulbokas, led by the Polish ambassador, said that the only one who left Kiev – and then tried to find a special coordination of the manuscripts of President Volodymyr Zelensky – admits that his questions are comprehensible but he is very interested in them. a war “feroz y muy dramatic”.

The most important aspect is that the Pope is a very visible figure at the world level, he is a moral authority, is the great pastor of Iglesia, not a politician. And one thing is for sure, or the arrogant Paul Gallagher [canciller de la Santa Sede, que estuvo hace dos semanas en Kiev] or Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State, clearly denouncing Russia’s aggression against Ukraine; pero otra cosa muy distinta is que lo dam Papa, que tiene otra responsabilizad ”, explicó.

“Emphasize not only imposing dialogue channels, but also dismantling the possibilities of humanitarian or diplomatic solutions. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true love begins! how to be in a family tense that decirle algo to tu esposa or tu hijo. No salis a la calle a gritar ‘mi esposa tal cosa’ o ‘mi hijo tal otra’, sino que hablás con ellos, a solas, en casa. The Pope is a universal pastor and for all humanity is his family. Por eso It is different for the Pope to say that Russia is the aggressor, just as Putin’s direct message to Putin, in direct form”, Agregó.

Pope Francis with Putin in 2013 in the Vatican
Pope Francis with Putin in 2013 in the VaticanArchive

“Just because it is not a political entity, it is Santa Sede and where mediation is needed, not in Poland, for example, which is an active country in the political and military camp,” he said.

In this sense, it is a record that Santa Sede is not a political institution and that in the United Nations it prefers to be at the “observer” (and not member) level in order to avoid taking into account the political categories. No parliament in Russia, Santa Sede prefers not to vote in one subject or another in an international organization.

The Pope, who invoked everything from Zelensky as well as from Kiev to visit the Ukrainian capital, was criticized for not deciding. “I do not have an exact answer because I do not know if this is the way to go. Confession that I was incarcerated by the Pope in Kiev, a series of enormous gestures, a series of enormous gestures to Ukraine, which Russia expects and certainly does not like. However, the Pope has no interest in traveling to Kiev to say ‘complete mission’, to be applauded or criticized. “Because the Pope’s desk, which Espíritu Santo’s directing to, is a journey that has the highest responsiveness of evaluating certain aspects of the visit, it’s coming to Kiev as it is to serve the cause,” the nuncio said. En the last interview with LA NACION, in effect, the Pope said: “What service does Kiev offer if the current continent is the same?”

Kulbokas, who considered “the most high diplomacy possible” the gestures of the Pope as he believed in the flag of Ukraine, the visit of the Russian ambassador or any of his Ukrainian counterparts, destaci, finally, that it is true that Jorge Bergoglio “is available lo posible ”para detener esta guerra absurda.

Ante una pregunta sobre the possible bilateral incentive that the Pope will hold in close proximity to Kazakhstan with the orthodox patriarchate of Moscow, Kirill, or who travels to a religious congress, admits that “it is not safe to go to Ukraine”.

The Pope and the Patriarch Kirill of Moscow conversed about the situation in Ukraine, in March
The Pope and the Patriarch Kirill of Moscow conversed about the situation in Ukraine, in March

Having established an incentive with Cyril in Jerusalem in June – the news of the subsequent departure from La Habana in 2016 – it has finally been suspended following the escalation of Putin’s “special operation”, which the Patriarchate of Moscow justification and band.

Because there are no negative repercussions on being found in Kazakhstan – which is to say that it is conclusive that the path depends on how the problem of the Pope’s birth is -, it is important for Kulbokas that it is embodied in the heart of the war in exchange. “Which is more important for semantics and semantics of work to explain”.

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