April 22, Día de la Tierra: an advertisement about the socio-environmental crisis that hastens the destruction of the planet | Climatic exchange rate

El Día de la Tierra officially, el Día Internacional de la Madre Tierra– tendrá as lema is “Invertir en nuestro Planeta”. La ONU want to advertise about urgent media that need to be recorded to limit consequences climatic exchange and the socio-environmental crisis that is life on the planet as an extreme consequence of the current system of production and consumption.

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“The Greater Tierra del clade is not clear what to do. The oceans are full of plastic and are full of acid. Extreme temperatures, forest fires, floods and other climatic events have affected millions of people. al covid-19, una global sanitary pandemic with a strong relationship with our ecosystem health“, published on the UNU on its website to conceive about it.

Agrega además is the institution that “criminals who suffer from biodiversity, such as deforestation, the exchange rate of agriculture, intensive agricultural production and cannabis or the illegal illegal trade of livestock, can be accelerate the rhythm of destruction of the planet“.

Record wave that in 2021 United States –the second largest emitter of inverse gas emissions from China– organized by the virtual Cumbre who was joined by President Alberto Fernández. Casa Blanca has been instructed by the world leaders to test the event to dictate carbon emissions records. Among the participants are the Chinese mandate, Xi Jinping, and Vladimir Putin, from Russia.

The idea of ​​Joe Biden fue retomar el liderazgo contra el global galentamientowho has given birth to his son, Donald Trump, a climatic exchange denier.

How to become the Día de la Tierra

The promoter to install is the United States senator and environmental activist, Gaylord Nelson, with the ultimate demonstration of interdependence between ecosystems and living things that inhabit us.

The first manifestation took place on April 22, 1970, promoted by Nelson for the creation of an environmental agency. In this convocatoria participates many miles, more than one school and different communities. The social pressure that the United States government has created Environmental Protection Agency (Environmental Protection Agency) and Congress provide a series of destinations intended for environmental media protection.

Finally, in 2009, the General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed itself as Día Internacional de la Madre Tierraexpressing the need to promote harmony with nature, and a just balance between economic, social and environmental needs of current and future generations.

3 tips for chicks on reducing environmental damage

The importation of that their crusading children are consciously aware of the importation of where to live in the living, sin dudas asegura su propio futuro. The idea is that the guys can take on the environmental contamination and provocative actions by the human servant and that the terms give the planet health and livelihood.

For this, you can perform simple actions and simple actions for which you will incorporate:

  • Open to recycle. It is important that the men incorporate the cost of pulling the pieces apart, differentiating the different material from the sheets. They are controlled by the use of elements such as paper, which causes a massive deforestation all over the world. Assimilation is important to ensure that all objects can be filled with a second screw, and that the buttons are retouched in the same way. For this reason, you can play drums or musical instruments with plastic bottles, for example. An activity, a game, that can take the imagination away.

  • Perform free air activities, in contact with nature. The idea is uncompromising in importing no contaminants the rosé or the place where we live with the residues that we generate. What can be done in a natural way and divert the value that nature has; el agua, el aire, la tierra. It is fundamental that it does not contaminate the planet.

  • News about the quality of the media environment at home as well as in college. It’s fundamentally about the subject and the consequences of not being hacked, in every family and in schools, because those who know that all the actions they take have an impact that can have a negative effect on our ecosystem.

The land of the Tierra in Argentina and the world

En Argentinasocial, environmental organizations and participatory policies are already part of it Global Market by Climate, in advertising public policies for the exchange of production and production models that ensure the impact of the exchange rate. Concentration depends on how much City of Buenos Aires and other capitals of the interior of the country.

From the bottom 17, the participants are reunited in Plaza de Mayo and from all of you marchará hasta el Congreso. “We salute the lads to follow the losando because we can do what we can. Climate Save Argentina.

Other ads are green for one Ley de Humedales, agro-ecological production and a plan for energy transmission, which -adjusted- 53% of the inverse gas emissions produced in Argentina correspond to energy generation.

Además, el Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires have different activities that are performed slowly and doming, in the Usina del Arte, ligadas al reciclodo, compostaje, imprendimientos sustentables, consumo, y propouestas gastronómicas to take care of a sound and tunable manner with ambient media quality.

La ONU Assembly turning into an event – “Harmony with nature and biodiversity” – in the form of interactive dialogue (it takes place at 10, New York time) and draws from ONU WebTV. Habrá panelists who explore about the relationship between harmony with nature and biodiversity and presenting ecological economy initiatives and centered leagues in respect of our planet to reconstruct a major effort.

Earth Day in all the world

The organization Earth Day have a focal point in the economy of the XXI century that recovers the health of our planet, protections and stars and special opportunities for all. “This is the moment of all exchange: the negotiating climate, the political climate and how to meditate on the climate. Now it’s the moment of imparable daring for preserving and protecting our healthy salutations, familial nuclei and mediocre nuclei of subsistence, “ensuring unity.

En Colombiasocial, environmental and trade union organizations participating, junto con la Colombia Alliance Fracking Booksactions in various variations against the projects of this method are impulsive by the goberner. ” , pero aquí, en Colombia impone megaproyectos extractivos “, dicen los organizadores.

Mexico prepare a mobilization by asking the question “¿Do you have more money than the defender and the mother Terra?”

En Europe, Air France and KLM launches a campaign that includes frequent flyers, flyers, the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) or The Ocean Cleanup. The initiative extends to May 6.

In Arlington, United States, announce a free festival for the family to celebrate the Día de la Tierra with activities, demonstrations and recaps to get to the planet and the media environment. Schools, universities and other environmental organizations are active and active in all countries.

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