Argentina selection: Emiliano Martínez y Paredes fueron disafectados | The plant was transplanted to Spain recently for the part against Estonia

The technical body of the Selected Argentine that encabeza Lionel Scaloni liberó al arquero Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez and the fly Leandro Paredes of the selected Argentinecamp of Finalissima against Italy at Wembley, which flies to Bilbao to prepare the domingo amistos at 15 (last hour) against Estonia in Pamplona.

Dibu Martínez travels to Argentina to be reviewed by a specialist who suffers from rotating tendons. Included in the function of these studios, some use of a surgical intervention to get the most out of air conditioning with Aston Villa de Inglaterra or the FIFA section from September as part of the Southern Selection Qatar World Cup Argentina kicks off on November 22 against Saudi Arabia at Lusail Stadium.

Of course, in a simple atajada iban 7 minutes from the second part of the match against Italy in Wembley, Martínez resides and listens to the rodilla as he lectures from the last semester of the official tempo and at the left against Manchester City in the final round of the English Premier League.

The preoccupation of Lionel Scaloni’s technical body is latent, in that the operations are performed on one of the activators in the preparation of the official compromises due to the air conditioning for the Mundial. This way y discarded Martínez, Franco Armani asoma as its potential replay for domingo game, so that it can conceive with the course of time. Others who appeared after Gerónimo Rulli and Juan Musso, who appeared after the bench of supplements.

Paredes, in a nutshell, is the plant that saves you from having to go through the recovery of surgery and the fact that it happens in April to stay at your compartments in Bilbao and London. The PSG footballer traveled with his family to Buenos Aires to unload and complete the ultimate part of his pre-flight and practice rehabilitation with the Paris team.

With many variants and an alternative team, the Selection Selection sums up minutes against another European rival, much less than Italy before the recession due to summer vacations in Europe. Estonia ranks in the top 103ª of the Ultimate FIFA Classification and by Division D of the UEFA Nations League, defeating 2 to 0 in San Marino.

For this part, además de la entrada de Armani for Dibu Martínez, Germán Pezzella or Lisandro Martínez irian in central zaga in place of cordobés Cristian Romero, Gonzalo Montiel or Juan Foyth jugarían en el lateral derecho by Nahuel Molina, Alexis Mac Allister for Giovani Lo Celso, Nicolás González for Dingel Di María y Julián vlvarez for Lautaro Martínez. Aunque podrían haber m vars variantes.

An interminable festival

Travel to Wembley, last night in England, with prolonged festivities in the dressing room and on the steps of the stadium that continued at the concentration camp in Watford, a distance of 30 kilometers from London. All, the plant conjugated by Lionel Scaloni diffrout of a single and smooth succulent, in different groups, the southerners continuing the celebrations that extend even to the first hours of the juvenile,

For example, Angel Di María, Rodrigo De Paul, Alejandro “Papu” Gómez, Nicolás Otamendi, Giovani Lo Celso y Ángel Correa If you are looking for one of the best hotel accommodations in the country, look no further than Di Maria. Otros, como Marcos Acuña, Guido Rodríguez and Germán Pezzella recibieron the visit of their respective families in the hotel. In all that Nahuel Molina, Juan Musso, Lisandro Martínez and Paulo Dybala celebrates in a quartet with music and bailen, watch a video posted by Cristian “Cuti” Romero.

Agotados por los festesos, el plantel dansantó toda la mañana del jueves y tram a almuerzo in the one that continues the manifestations of joy through the title of logrado, the party delegation going to the airport and the embargo of regression in a charter flight to Bilbao. On the other hand, in the athletic training camp of the Athletic, the players who participate in the match with Italy trick the regenerative tanta to those who do not drive or tread just minutes as Exquisite Palaces, Germán Pezzella, Nicolás González, Julián Alvarez and Paulo Dybala trabajaron con a major ex igencia cara cara part of the domingo with Estonia.


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