Argentine Soccer Betting: “They Offer Money and Representation If You Come Back When They Ask You”

The betting scandal in Argentine football add shocking chapters. After the complaint revealed by TN on the players Future who received money to harm their team, has now come to light a network of representatives and players who offer services on condition that the players accept “come back” when they ask.

TN had access to the case carried out by the Tax Unit number 6 of Lanúswhere is it club El Porvenir has sued four of its players for charging several sums of money to score goals against, allow you to score goals and even deliberately throw the ball in a corner kick.

Testimonial statements from three players from Gerli’s club underline the suspicion that there is in all football in promotion: its players they may not be the only ones involved in sports betting. Behind this case there is a network of representatives and players who work for them. How? Bring offers of bribes closer to players: if you want to get paid, you have to go back.

the archer Diego Cordova was one of those who released a statement and revealed what happened: “A colleague offered me $ 100 for losing the first half to Berazategui, which I am totally against, so she tells me not to say anything to anyone so as not to get burned “.

“Later I received a phone call from a person who introduced himself as BS, who told me that he works with a representative company and invited me to have a meeting … I specify that I participated assuming that he would offer me his representation … After introducing himself, he told me that he works with the players, but that they should do him a favor: in some games his representatives have to do what that group of representatives orders them to do, “he said in part of his statement.

Then he added: “In my case they asked me against Berazategui I had to let myself score two or three goals in the first half and take a penalty. They would have paid me $ 300 for the goals and $ 100 more for the penalty. I told them that I had absolutely refused. He told me to think he would call me again, to which I told him not to call me, “the concierge expanded in the statement.

Betting on Argentine football:

Another of the footballers who made a statement, Ivan Massiquoted a goalkeeper from another Primera C club as a liaison with the representative group: “He called me and told me that he works for a group of representatives and that the condition for representing the players was to go back or damage the team when the company requests it. I told him I was not interested. “

“The provisions consisted in provoking corners, goals, penalties, repelling the team and that for this they paid him sums of between 10 and 15 thousand pesos ”, explains Massi.

Betting on Argentine football:

How the El Porvenir scandal began

El Porvenir is the last in the Primera C tournament and on campus the story began to spread that some players were getting money to go back. In training on Monday 28 March There were accusations and arguments between the players which ended up in punches. Four players were identified and the Board of Directors filed a complaint so that the facts could be investigated.

In his statement, President Enrique Merelas also mentioned the name “BS” like the agent who offered players money to “come back”.

Diego Córdoba, goalkeeper of El Porvenir (TN Pic).
Diego Córdoba, goalkeeper of El Porvenir (TN Pic).

What are the players of El Porvenir and the representative company accused of?

Although there are still no indictments, El Porvenir players are being investigated for the alleged crime of having received money to play against their team and in this way you allow others to earn money by betting. This is prohibited and sanctioned by the Sporting Law and the Disciplinary Court of the AFA. The same accusation also falls on those who offer money to “buy” players.

Who is behind the money to get it back

Currently three players and a representative are cited like money donors. Two have played in El Porvenir (their contracts are about to expire) and another plays in another Prima C team. However, among the managers of several promotion clubs it is suspected that there may be a dense network of representatives and players behind it. they are engaged in this “black business” of betting in Argentine football.

What is sports betting?

Sports betting is legal through official bookmakers authorized to operate. You can bet on partial or final results, goals, corners, penalties and all kinds of situations that occur during a football match. Players cannot bet because they are the main players in the act they are betting on and could directly affect the game.

Also, anyone who accepted money to harm their team voluntarily would violate the sports law and article 179 of the AFA’s regulation of transgressions and sanctions.

El Porvenir asks AFA to investigate

El Porvenir has sent an official notification to the AFA with the statements of the witnesses of the players and asked the Disciplinary Court to summon the entire team to testify in order to investigate the alleged violation of Article 179 of the regulation: “Expulsion from the AFA to the player who, in an official match, causes, facilitates or allows the defeat of the team that integrates for the prior acceptance of a fee, proposal, agreement or commitment aimed at achieving this purpose “.

Extract from the note that El Porvenir sent to the AFA asking that the betting case be investigated thoroughly.
Extract from the note that El Porvenir sent to the AFA asking that the betting case be investigated thoroughly.

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