“Argentines are violent and different”: the secret dialogue between Reagan and Figueiredo during the Malvinas war

Ronald Reagan and Joao Figueiredo maneuver an ultra-secret conversion in May 1982
Ronald Reagan and Joao Figueiredo maneuver an ultra-secret conversion in May 1982

Posted on June 14, 1982, the graduate Jorge Isaac Anaya edit a large document of 11 folks describing the paper on the desktop of the contacts and the vision of the parts that lead to the conduction of the Armada. The document is unveiled because of the huge number of vacancies and silences in military situations where it can be modified and unchecked. In a secret document, written in 1982, which reads the number (and which in another document is complete and corrected as of, entitled “Strategic Analysis and Opportunity for Recovery”, the following is the following:

When the commando commanded the command of the Armada (September 1981), the international and internal situation was as follows:

In the chapter ‘regional mark’, considering that the subversion ‘in the political aspect’ has a zero incidence. Había including decreasing external propaganda and solo restage a gradual aperture of politics. In military terms, the world is very close.

In its relations with Chile, ‘from a political point of view, it continues to change its position on the Beagle canal in order to complete the biochemical principle and to finalize the conflict’ and ‘to account for a military plan. to reach a certain contingency ”.

But the document does not say that on December 12, 1980, the pope Juan Pablo II les dijo a los chancilleres Carlos Washington Pastor (Argentina) y René Rojas Galdames “Chile” ”. The definitive answer of Argentina solo leat four years ago, with the constitutional president Ra Ricl Ricardo Alfonsín.

Leopoldo Galtieri, Jorge Anaya and Basilio Lami Dozo
Leopoldo Galtieri, Jorge Anaya and Basilio Lami Dozo

With regard to relations with Brazil, the place of the current cases by Jorge Rafael Videla on partisan natural resources, “there is no military plan for a conflict situation of conflicting interests. If you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position.

On March 19, 1980, Videla paid an official visit to Brazil. A significant route through the ocean seals the hydroelectric windshield heaps in the Alto Paraná and other commercial and nuclear facilities. Nadie lo dijo, pero era the culmination of the departure of the guest’s guest Oscar Camilión that, casi en soledad, logra argue the dispute with Brazil on the use of natural resource compartments (the repressions of Yaciretá and Itaipú among others). If you do not find what you are looking for then just ask. The fire broke out because of the cancellation almirante Guzzetti do not follow the instructions (they are your own to edit personally) and the demes and Pastor’s guests open the toilet at the moment.

Durante la opportunidades en que Videla estuvo frente al general Joao Baptista de Figueiredo se evidenciaron algunas diferencias: Videla apoyaba la dictadura boliviana de García Meza pero Figueiredo no. Videla propugnaba an acuerdo de seguridad pero Figueiredo no. Brazil has decided to march on democracy, Argentina, all of us, and not imagine. It is more likely to be established by a full period of election by a president (Roberto Viola), consult the other mandos.

“Point 1.4 analyzes the relations with Gran Bretaña and the content that ‘disputes over the sovereignty of the Malvinas, Georgia and Sandwich Islands have registered variants from those of the United Nations (1965) resolves the realization of negotiations between the governors. “It has been progressing for a long time until 1968 when the transfer of sovereignty was finally overseen by a faction in the British Parliament.”

Anaya does not count on her followers since 1967 Nicanor Costa Méndez (with the late Benigno Varela) has a plan to invade Malvinas.

By definition, the finite conflicting lines from 1981 are for Anaya the following:

1) Great Britain.

2) Chile.

3) The subversion.

4) Brazil.

Ultra-secret incubator built between Figueiredo and Reagan
Ultra-secret incubator built between Figueiredo and Reagan

This vision (partial) of the late Jorge Anaya is for you to buy at the moment, supplements, porque The Brazilian President Joao Baptista Oliveira Figueiredo has a totally different opinion. In particular, on May 12, 1982, he had to expose his opinion against the president Ronald Reagan, in full argentino argentina by the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands and adjacent islands. Para ese entonces the guest office of the official offices of the EE.UU. había fracasado, lo mismo se puede decir de la gestión de peruanse presidenta Fernando Belaúnde Terry.

Before meeting Reagan in Casa Blanca, the Brazilian mandate is to have a long interview with the Secretary of State Alexander Haig and its most relevant functionalities in the Blair House house. Ahí hablaron de Argentina, the war of Malvinas and the vision of the Brazilian military over Latin America. Se prataron temas puntuales y Figueiredo adelantó algunas opinionses para el incuentro presidencial del día siguiente. All content in one expedient “Ultra Secret” of 23 tracks and which can be stored continuously.

Merece destacarse:

Figueiredo says that “every country in Latin America has its own proprietary, and it is very precise and easy to reconnect. Our activity is intentionally contained in the history of each of these countries, but not in Brazil as well as in others. Some of these terms are tense. In the multilateral forums the Latin Americans are exaggerated and now defining their common interests. It ocupan, sobre todo, of its individual interests ”.

Haciendo mención a las situations conflictivas dijo que as a result of the East-West confrontation, Brazil is a friendly series of the United States; as a total integration, Brazil will line up with the United States. At the request of Malvinas, President Figueiredo commented that, in order to reconcile the Argentine sovereignty, as with the Argentine dirhams that Brazil does not claim to be the custodian. At the same time, in Brazil, there is no such thing as observing how many people are on the continent. I do not want to argue with the Argentines that violent violence and reconciliation that the Argentines can be different. Affirm, at the same time, that Argentines are different, especially different, when they are confronted. “It simply came to our notice then that we did not approve of Malvinas. We do not play nada, but the wise men see the extent of the situation “.

Dijo comprises the spheres released by the United States, with views and a Pacific solution. Without embargo, infiltration, following Resolution 502 (of the United Nations Security Council) los nortamericanos no pudieron detener la navta inglesa. It seems that the English used to say a little more.

Continuation, señaló Figueiredo the disproportion of the force charged by England. From this moment, accentuate, comment and verify the exchange rate of the Brazilian public opinion, even if the moment is favorable in England. Aludiendo al hundimiento de cruzero ARA Belgrano y enseguida al HMS Sheffield, pensó que acabaría la voluntadë de luka pero ni fue así.

Refrigerating the Argentines, President Figueiredo has been talking about tense relationship problems with others. Subrayó que “In the first cases in which plants grow in the heart of our territory due to an Argentine cause, Paraguay is exposed to a fire in the heart of Argentina.” The mandate resulted in a large conservation agreement avoiding the Argentine de-escalation at the expense of Italy. In reality, Brazil depends on Argentine prosperity and peace in Latin America. Recordó Figueiredo following this with Videla, showing media time while traveling by car and sola, following the league in Buenos Aires, for the best conversation.

Reagan y Figueiredo en a paseo a caballo
Reagan y Figueiredo en a paseo a caballo

Record that Videla did not establish with his Minister of External Relations, and “the proposals that address the questions no matter how many presidents and how many men and how many sold. Fui franco y direct, haciéndole a Videla las praguntas m obs objetivas sobre lon preconceptos que ojisten contra Brasil y esucheée él expressioni contrarias en el mismo tono, habendo salido los dos de esa conversion as amigos. “Observe that Videla is a great man and is being beaten like a Argentine General who is recruiting the Brazilian President.”

The Secretariat of The Hague states that you have made good conversations with the President Leopoldo Galtieri and that present that si fuera por Galtieri tal vez hubiéramos resulleto la disputa sobre Malvinas, pero que militarino argentina estaba pressure, especialment, por cercculos navales.

Esa era the tragedy of the situation. There are various moments that linger in a chord and at the same time the terms of the chords are recovered. Galtieri reflejaba, in essence circunstancias, pressures that come from Armada. The president Figueiredo confirms that the Argentine Marina always burns the most radical of the three furas; el Ejército siempre fue m modes moderado.

I think that the tragedy is that Galtieri is not voluntarily determined and that the military is very important for the United States and the Hemisphere. Figueiredo acotó that the sentiment of solidarity argentina para with Occidente era muy grande; that Argentina knows the communist religion and that the sea is the point of view that is being analyzed. The Secretariat Haig records that the Cuban vice president (Carlos Rafael) Rodríguez affirm that your country is not establishing a deal with the Junta Militar pero with the Argentine city. Figueiredo interview, saying that they should avoid news from Junta, Dictadura, or similar terms, that there was an error, but malpractice. Remark that you’s preoccupation with Occidente not piercing Argentina and that this so-called objective series is feasible to destabilize the Argentine regime.

Durant the presidential incubator has the potential to retain peronism
Durant the presidential incubator has the potential to retain peronism

In the case of Malvinas “The enemies who do not hicieran eso, who do not use the fuerza, because with this resource no tendrían or Brazilian”.

“At this moment – Anotó Figueiredo – the situation in Brazil is delicate. We do not want to oppose Occidental and we are entertained with a pelea between Argentina and England. From the point of view of brazilian, We do not want the destabilization of Argentina to take place, because the Peronists and the Communists, who are still living in the United States, will not be able to do so because of the United States. for our proximity to Argentina. This situation is a huge problem for Brazil because we tend to sur Cuba much more. We do not have a proportion for Argentina and we do not condone that victorious sea aggression. That’s the problem. “

President Reagan affirms a variety of things the pidió to the English who do not exaggerate the full force. “Les dijimos eso y vamos a continuar diciendo lo mismo”. Respectfully, Figueiredo affirms that “It should not be of any interest to me that Argentina is transformed into a Latin American Vietnam into reality, the only one that wins the Soviet Union.”

Dicho esto, entraron al Salón Oval otros funciarios de ambos países se se ampló la conversation.


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