as one of the favorite destinations of the argentines in the mexican caribbean

Where are you going? “colorful lagoon lagoon”. Hoy, the exotic Laguna de Bacalarone of the favorite destinations for Argentine tourists visiting the Mexican Caribbean, presents a completely different and surprising post.

Multiple tonalities of azul ya no están. The crystalline aguas tampoco. Located in a pastoral area, the lagoon is located on the edge of the Mexican Caribbean, in the state of Quintana, with an envelope of brown and yellow colors that extends beyond the tourist area, which is full of algae and contamination.

It is not the first sign that there is evidence of a past preoccupation, though esta vez los motivos son diferentessegún explican miembros de Guardianes de la Laguna.

The sad postage that goes to Bacalar lagoon.  Photo: EFE / Laguna Guardians / David Martínez

The sad postage that goes to Bacalar lagoon. Photo: EFE / Laguna Guardians / David Martínez

In June 2020, the Cristobal Torrent was launched as one of the largest volumes of agave on the Yucatán Peninsula, especially on the Campeche, where current streams of water flow up to the Bacalar Lagoon, popularly known as the “Lagoon”. and 40 kilometers from the front with Belice.

Tras the passage of the cycle, the body of the water which with the appearance of its history, from which it has not recovered all the way. The embargo, the preoccupation of the present is that it is a panorama similar to the violet with the first streams.

“Now it’s not that there is no barrier to vegetation formation that goes too far, but Cristobal terminus with a range of 30 kilometers. When the excuse is that the fluxes are atypical, this egg is a normal flux, and it is not treated by torque or hiccups. We see the blue lagoon, the color of coffee. Imagine what we expect“, warns David Martínez, member of the Guardian of the Lagoon, an organization that is national with the Cristobal 2020 team for the defender of the environment in Bacalar.

The currents of water llagaron cargadas no soluble water of water, sino de tierra suleta product of deforestation, organic matter, base, agrochemicals and demix natural substances accumulated with time.

Also reported by EFE agency Alfredo Yáñez, investigator at the College of Frontera Sur (Ecosur), who expressed concern over the impact of the phenomenon on live carcasses and microbialites, inhabiting the Bacalar Lagoon.

The first is an endemic species that suffers from a massive trail along Cristobal Pass, and the latter are the most vivacious living organisms, the first oxygenators of the Tierra and now allied against the climatic cycle, of carbon.

The microbialites – most concomitant as astromatolites – in the center and on the Bacalar lagoon are in the process of fossilization. Contaminants such as ammonium and nitrate that accompany mass tourism, agro-chemicals roasted in the soils and irregular rotation of black water provoke the latter, explicitly Yañez.

However, water currents carry the most contaminants and nutrients that emit the lagoon water temperature and, consequently, the health of the microbialites.

If you do not have a mantle to do it the currents flow through the watering holes in the adjacent semantics and meshesremarcaron that the human factors that impact the ecosystem, persist.

“It is normal that the solarium lagoon recovers in its natural condition, but in our sagebrush we certainly change the equipment and, consequently, affecting the watercress shells,” concluded Yañez.

Multiple tonalities of azul ya no están.  The crystalline aguas tampoco.

Multiple tonalities of azul ya no están. The crystalline aguas tampoco.

Teresa vlvarez Legorreta, Ecosur investigator, took agua samples in the Bacalar Lagoon from 2010 to test its caliber. The comparative of these essay volumes up to and including 2020, following the passage of the Cristobal torrent, the “preoccupied” pairs.

Nitrogen and phosphorus adherents, vlvarez halló in lasers of the plaguicid lagoon, heavy metals and toxins such as mercury and cadmium, and others such as lead, cobra, zinc, agrochemical and hydrocarbon adem .s.

“The main cause is the extraordinarily superficial excitations excited by the Cristóbal torment, which are followed by all agro-cells and de-restrained parts of the body and agro-chemical associations,” he said.

These elements are mostly located in the center and on the lagoon, where the city is and concentrates the tourist activities, looking for agricultural fields.

Bacalar, a paradisiacal place



Bacalar, named after the Mayan Sian Ka’an Bakhalal (carousel roaring place), is one of the most attractive tourist destinations on the Yucatán Peninsula. Your relative incapacity for work as soon as four hours from Cancún Airport does not change.

The 42 kilometers of lagoon and the beauty of its lagoon allow the practice of all types of acoustic deportations, since the rhythm of its calyx is an attractive granary for Mexicans and expatriates. For Argentines, it is a mandatory parade.

The first view of the lagoon reflects a spectacle, a Turkish flash traversed by a nebula of erbs. The tonal switches, the cortex of the white blanket of the lagoon, practically serve as photographs. Its crystalline agave, además, are the result of a combination of coral diversity and subacute flora.

The Bacalar Lagoon from Google Earth.

The Bacalar Lagoon from Google Earth.

The lagoon is the main attraction of Bacalar, a small area of ​​Quintana Roo State with a population of over 40,000.

At the inside of the pub you can find other loose lubricants. Se trata del Cenote Azulan impressive water lily that grows in the middle of a vegetation space that contrasts with the color of its water.

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