Beto Casella was bullying with Calu Rivero: “I don’t understand her, I don’t know what she does yet”

Beto Casella was categorical with Calù Rivero and gave her opinion on the actress’s crossing with Viviana Canosawho branded her as a “prostitute” for asking her ex-boyfriend, Andréy Manirko, for a million dollars to get married.

In a note to “Show partners“(The Thirteen), the driver of”blessed TV“(The Nine) said the answer of Calù Rivero a Viviana Canosa on Twitter he thought it was funny: “I thought about the answer of Calù Rivero, funny because I didn’t get it. I don’t understand Calu Rivero“.

Then, ironically, Beto added: “Calu Rivero’s life is as important to me as the mating of crustaceans in South AsiaFurthermore, he assured: “I don’t know his work well. Maybe one day she surprises me and ends up being a fabulous actress, a spectacular communicator or one of these mood gurus. Up until now, I’ve seen her enter journalism as a Hollywood figure, but I don’t know what it does yet“.

To close, he referred to the rumor that Calu had asked his ex-boyfriend for money to walk down the aisle: “If you take a Russian who puts you a million dollars for a wedding book, it seems perfect, the deal.”

What happened between Calu Rivero and Viviana Canosa

A few weeks ago, Viviana Canosa did a tough editorial on his show, “to live with you“(A24) and called Calu Rivero a “prostitute”. “Calu Rivero asked her boyfriend for a million dollars to get married. She refused and the relationship ended. You look like I’m different, Viviana Canosa, ‘celeste’, to this famous ‘green’. Because you heard right, she asked the child for a green cane to get married … It is the closest thing to prostitution that I have seen in my life.. ‘If you want to marry me, a green stick’ “, Canosa fired.

“Calu Rivero says you can’t live on love, for me you can’t live without love. This actress who hasn’t worked for fifteen hundred years and has a millionaire’s life is progressive, K and capitalist. She dresses the best designers, lives in New York, has apartments, travels the world and it doesn’t work. How does?“He asked the driver. In turn, he referred to when Calu gave his support to Thelma Fardin for her complaint against Juan Darthés:” It is known that she is vegan and that she is green, and obviously she didn’t become famous for being a great actress, quite the opposite, is a green actress who became famous, or more famous, for defending Thelma Fardin. not verifiable. She has no idea what happened to Thelma and this actor, but she has become her number one supporter. “

Presumably he lives as an influencer. He lives very comfortably financially. But do you understand that this is the ideology of the thread? How can I believe a woman who says what she says about Darthés, if she asks a guy who is supposed to get married, a green pole? She refused and ended the relationship. Everything is silver. Green payments are those, I still tell them that they suck an egg from me. Everything is a green pay dealViviana condemned.

Before these sayings, Calu turned to his Twitter account and responded in a very peculiar way. Through a series of messages, the actress expressed: “Thank you, Canosa, for unknowingly giving me the space to honor all women and ancestors. I honor MM (Mary Magdalene), initiate and companion of Jesus. Expression of the beauty and dignity of women who, when they wanted to put an end to her prestige, began to call her a prostitute “.

Calu Rivero against Viviana Canosa

“I also honor women who choose voluntary prostitution, and I honor you woman, my wife, and to the feminine aspect of all men. Thank you! I invite you to visit its altar, Km 1725, Route 9 – Barcena, Jujuy. First Altar of Santa Maria Maddalena“Calu Rivero added along with a series of altar images she created during her stay in Jujuy.

Calu Rivero against Viviana Canosa

As if that weren’t enough, Viviana avenged Calu and dedicated another editorial to him on her show. “Calù Rivero he made an altar to Mary Magdalene. This is totally and utterly inconsistent. She is a green scarf, she has campaigned for abortion … and she admires María Magdalena. ¡my God! Take the Bible, girls, it doesn’t bite“, he expressed.

“Yesterday in zapping, watching the Oscars, I looked a bit at the Da Vinci code and I remembered Dignity. That is, he is not denying that it is not good to ask a guy for a green cane to get married. They understand that this girl is compared to Mary Magdalene. For me she was talking about faso, I don’t know“, he added.” Speaking of people who like twine more than dulce de leche, he replied Calù Rivero. She didn’t answer me as I know her, as Calu, but as Dignity, because that’s what her name is. They say that one brags about what they lack … and this girl is very contradictory! She says she loves her ancestors but she had her surname. Calu Rivero or Dignidad is a member of Aito de la Rua“, He added.


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