Boca Juniors disappointed their Copa Libertadores debut: they lost 2-0 to Deportivo Cali in Colombia

The alternatives of the duel played in Colombia

The first international presentation of Boca in 2022 it was negative: fell 2-0 against Deportivo Cali by the date of baptism of Group E of the Copa Libertadores. Guillermo Burdisso and John Vazquez They became the second half for the winner, who justified the victory after taking the lead, in a barely decent duel.

On a particularly soft and uneven ground, watered down also in view of the match, the visit seemed to take hold at the start, based on the position on the pitch, the pressure and the positions of Oscar Romero (loose, connection) and Exequiel Zeballos as left winger, crushing in that area.

At the minute the Canguito goes hand in hand, but the goalkeeper anticipates. And on 11 ‘, a hitch and subsequent shot by the same youth striker went wide. The host, meanwhile, decided to go out immediately against, with Teo Gutiérrez as pitcher, or to take advantage of the spaces left by Boca behind the wings.

At 13, after a long throw from the former River, Rossi makes a mistake and only Jony González’s lack of determination prevents him from falling. And on the 29th, Ángelo Rodríguez slips behind Fabra, but his shot almost in the small area ends on the side.

Rossi’s error, resulting from the rejection against Arsenal

All this, in the context of a game cut and rubbed, with little fluidity. Only at 39, in rapid replication, the men of Battaglia were about to beat zero. Fabra investigates for Zeballos, who, seeing himself surrounded, attempts the bow. De Amores takes him to the side and the ball is left to Benedetto, who fires a furious shot and burns his gloves.

The controversy appeared in the epilogue. First, The irony of Benedetto to Aldair Gutiérrez who for Valenzuela only deserved a yellow card, but if there had been the VAR it would have been a red card. Then the closing of the goalkeeper against Pipa in which Boca asked for a penalty, but it was the attacker who initiated the contact, before the goalkeeper who jumped to anticipate.

How sweet: Zambrano was injured and a shot by Camargo did not go into the net for a stroke that misaligned the trajectory of the ball.

Benedict’s football that deserved to be sanctioned with expulsion

The second half process decreased in terms of level. Those of Ribera have won a little more football with the entry of Varela (even if Romero has pulled too far back), but have continued without surprises in attack. And a limited Deportivo Cali, who had only 12 of the last 42 points in his country, pushed to score 1-0.

At 25 ‘ST, Kevin Velasco shoots a free-kick with poison and Burdisso just has to put his head to sink the ball into the net. Except for a few kidnappings by Zeballos, Boca had a hard time coping. Also, he suffered a second blow.

With 10 minutes from the end, Velasco gives him a new headache: overflows from the left, throws the central defender, and the admitted Vázquez signs the 2-0.

Burdisso's party before Advíncula's anger.  This time the yellow jersey did not have a positive effect on Boca (REUTERS / Luisa Gonzalez)
Burdisso’s party before Advíncula’s anger. This time the yellow jersey did not have a positive effect on Boca (REUTERS / Luisa Gonzalez)

Thus, the duel was extinguished almost without danger on the part of Boca, which however doesn’t have many major players in the first phase after Conmebol confirmed sanctions for people involved in conflicts during the elimination against Atlético Mineiro in 2021 (Sebastián Villa -6 games-, Marcos Rojos -5-, Carlos Izquierdoz -4- and Diego González -3-)repeated the setback he suffered in the 2-2 against Arsenal in the League Cup.

After the victory in Superclásico, double wake up. And a group of Libertadores that began to appear more difficult than it was marked in the previous one: Always Ready, Xeneize’s next opponent (Tuesday 12) beat Corinthians, the other great candidate of the area, 2-0 at home …

Always Ready’s victory, in the big surprise of the day


Deportivo Cali: Guillermo de Amores; Aldair Gutierrez, Guillermo Burdisso, Jorge Marseille, Christian Mafla; Jimmy Congo, Enrique Camargo, Jony González, Kevin Velasco; Teo Gutierrez and Angelo Rodriguez. DT: Raphael Dudamel.

Boca Juniors: Agostino Rossi; Luis Advíncula, Carlos Zambrano, Gastón Ávila, Frank Fabra; Cristian Medina, Jorman Campuzano, Juan Ramirez; Oscar Romero; Exequiel Zeballos and Dario Benedetto. DT: Sebastián Battaglia.

Referee: Jesus Valenzuela (Venezuela).

stage: Deportivo Cali.

Group table E:


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