Boca, River and four other Argentine teams will try to cut Brazilian hegemony

The 63rd edition of the Liberators Cup It started almost two months ago, on 8 February, with the dispute of the three previous stages in which 19 teams participated and only 4 managed to enter the group stage. But this Tuesday begins the competition for the other 28 participants, including 5 Argentine teams that, in addition to Students, they will try to break the hegemony of the Brazilian teams of the last years. For many it is the real start of the main South American tournament.

This Tuesday they will make their debut Colonwhich receives Peñarol from 7:15 pm, e Boca, who visits the Deportivo Cali from 21:30. Wednesday will be the turn of laboratorieswho will play the Universidad Católica de Chile at the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium from 19:00, while River will visit Alianza Lima from Peru from 21:00 Finally, on Thursday the two Argentine teams sharing a group will play: Estudiantes and Velezfrom 21:00 in La Plata.

the palms are the current two-time champion. In the last edition there were three Brazilians among the semifinalists, in addition to Barcelona from Ecuador. The Argentines did not show up. In 2020, only Boca and River reached that stage and were eliminated by Palmeiras and Santos. In the last five years there has been only one Argentine champion: River, who won the final against Boca, in 2018. Gremio celebrated first and then Flamengo.

Palmeiras, champion of the last edition of the Libertadores.  Photo: EFE / Silvia Izquierdo SWIMMING POOL

Palmeiras, champion of the last edition of the Libertadores. Photo: EFE / Silvia Izquierdo SWIMMING POOL

Despite this difference in definition, only three countries have reached the semi-finals in the past five years: 10 teams from Brazil, 8 from Argentina and 2 from Ecuador.

If you consider the last decade, there were 6 Brazilian champions (Palmeiras 2, Corinthians, Atlético Mineiro, Gremio and Flamengo), 3 Argentines (River 2 and San Lorenzo) and one Colombian (Atlético Nacional). This will be the great challenge of River, Boca, Students, Vélez, Colón and Talleres.

One of the main reasons for the power of the five-time world champions in recent years has to do with the revaluation of their league, with just 20 teams, against Argentina which has 28. There is a greater injection of money to be held. young figures, repatriate great figures who make a difference in South American football and buy good foreigners. The income corresponds to television, partners and subscribers, rewards for achieving the final instances and sales marketing. Therefore, the Flamengo budget for this year is 167 million dollars.

To make a difference, River’s budget to cover the costs of the squad and the coaching staff for the 2021/22 season has been estimated at around 39 million dollars. Although with the update for the rest of 2022 the projection increases between 45 and 50 million dollars. The sum is similar to Boca, which also represents 53% of the expenditure of the general budget 2021/22.

On the contrary, for the Argentine clubs to play the Libertadores it involves balancing much of the finances of the club thanks to real dollar income. Students have already won $ 1,100,000 for passing two stages. And to enter the group stage he will add another three million. Therefore, the La Plata entity has already earned $ 4,100,000.

Passing the group stage, which will earn Boca, River, Vélez, Colón and Talleres $ 3 million for participation, means a profit of $ 1,050,000 for participation in the round of 16. The prizes for the next rounds are one and a half million dollars for the quarter-finals and two million for the semifinals. The runner-up will add $ 6 million and the sample will take 16 millionin addition to 25% of the proceeds from the single match that will be played on October 29 at the Monumental stadium in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

If Paraguay’s Olimpia, which started playing in the first phase, is crowned champion, they will add $ 25,050,000 in prize money. If the winner starts in this group stage, he will accumulate $ 23,550,000.

For this new edition, clubs can submit a roster of up to 50 players. However, Marcello Gallardo surprised with a roster of only 30 players. “I didn’t complete the list because I work with 30 players,” said the doll. The decision is still curious, from last year had to start the match with Independiente de Santa Fe with 10 players and with Enzo Pérez in goal, given the number of victims due to Covid-19 that the team had suffered. Boca, for its part, has announced its squad with 45 players. Vélez has instead completed the fifty names with a particularity: 37 of the 50 are players of their lower leagues. Students play with a list of 40, Talleres presented 39 and Colón, 37.

With this scenario, the Argentine teams will try to maintain the historical difference with the Brazilians, which has been significantly reduced in the last decade. Of the 62 editions, local clubs have won 25 tournaments, while Brazilians have won 21. And for the number of finalists, Brazil led the last edition: 38 to 37.

Seven teams share the 25 titles. Independiente continues to be the one that has won the most Libertadores, with 7. Boca follows with 6; Students and river, 4 and Racing, Argentinos, San Lorenzo and Vélez, 1. Will history change in 2022?

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