Boca: the planning of Sebastián Battaglia, with the teams considering in regression the official competence, with the best in Arsenal and Ferro

Boca se prepara para volver al ruedo. Luego de festejar la Copa de la liga (venció in the final the Tigers for 3-0, in Córdoba) and classify the final octaves of the Copa Libertadores superando a Deportivo Cali 1-0 en la BomboneraSebastián Battaglia’s team is officially competing for the title, rather than the first in the Professional League. Recibirá a las 19.30 a Arsenal, as local. But at the moment of DT change it is the center of interest ante Ferrothree different, due to the finalists of the Copa Argentina.

This young and old plant is trained in double turn in the prefecture of Ezeiza. If you do not have the confirmation about the team that debuts against Arsenal, speculate that Battaglia is a series of teams with different teams, tending to be more prevalent than the Argentine Copa of the proximal carnations against Ferro, in La Rioja.

The largest team available today for Battaglia, in the habitual esquema 4-1-4-1 if it is continuously DT, series with: Agustín Rossi; Nicolás Figal, Carlos Izquierdoz, Marcos Rojo, Frank Fabra; Alan Varela; Eduardo Salvio, Guillermo Fernández, Juan Ramírez and Sebastián Villa; Darío Benedetto.

entrenamiento Boca
entrenamiento Boca@BocaJrsOficial

Battaglia no podrá contar con Luis Advíncula and Carlos Zambranowhich is with the selected Peruvian cara al Repechaje for the World Cup (it is also a friend against New Zealand) Oscar Romero, which was quoted by Guillermo Barros Schelotto for playing in Paraguay. Además, está lesionado Diego González: to recover from rotator cuff surgery.

Pero the idea series poner un equipo el domingo y otro con Ferro. El Changuito Exquisite Zeballos and Luis Vázquez, junto con Agustín Sandez, Jorman Campuzano and Cristian Medina podrían entrar en la consideration para este fin de semana, si termina de darle forma a la initial ica technic, de reservo lo mejor para la Copa Argentina.

In the matter of springs there are no novelties (at the moment). Hay pedidos of Rosario Central (by Gastón Avila) and Gimnasia (by Marcelo Weigandt) for the intention of Boca is to disperse the elos in the wind, not to be missed.

entrenamiento Boca
entrenamiento Boca@BocaJrsOficial

Sebasti Villan Villa, aggravated by the sexual abuse of a young man in June by a passer-by in your home country of Canning, somehow it is played by the machine and a psychiatric approach in the Tribunals of Lomas de Zamora, and the fiscals aguardan ahora the result of the study to determine si lo llaman a declaration indagatoria.

Judicial points are provided by the Télam que agency the perimeter is extended around one hour and the footballer is retracted accompanied by the defender according to the declaration form the media that aguardaban in the place, mentras that the abogado that represents the victim adelanti that “with the test that is incorporated in the expedient” the Colombian delanter is in conditions of indoctrination by the delta of “aggravated sexual abuse ”.

Villa belongs to the Larroque edition of 2300, where the offices of the Ministry of Public Fiscal function in the Lomas de Zamora Tribunals, around 10.30 am this month sent in the tracer seat of an imported truck, accompanied by Marto.

Colombian wrestler Sebastián Villa, of Boca Juniors, lamenta haber fallado a rematch of a goal in the final of the Argentine tournament against Tigre, at the Mario Kempes Stadium in Córdoba, Argentina, on May 22, 2022. (AP Photo / Nicolás Aguilera )
Colombian wrestler Sebastián Villa, of Boca Juniors, lamenta haber fallado a rematch of a goal in the final of the Argentine tournament against Tigre, at the Mario Kempes Stadium in Córdoba, Argentina, on May 22, 2022. (AP Photo / Nicolás Aguilera )

The psychiatric process has been fully supported by the fiscal Vanesa González, with cargo from Functional Unit of Instruction (UFI) 3 Specialization in Violence Family and Generosity, Sexual Abuses and Connected Delusions in Lomas de Zamora Personnel, which carries the investigation of the present abusive child 26 of the pass in the country “Venados II” of the barrier of Canning. In this studio there is a psychiatrist outside the Ministry of Public Fiscal and other proposed by the defense of the football player from Boca.

From the point of view of the points, the perimeter has the finalization of the “rasgos and / or the characteristics of the personality of the input; possible pathologies or affections that present; and you are under the influence of the mentally ill or the mentally disturbed which implies the perturbation of the degree of consciousness or the effect of the autocritic ”. One way that the fiscal recovers the result of this pericarium, or being in conditions of resolving the llama or not the indicator of the Villa, which are imputed in the expedient, if it does not hear the version of the hechos.

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