Boric’s government accumulates unforced errors and has had to apologize for a serious misstep

Santiago, Chile.- A new and unexpected source of conflict has erupted in the government of Chilean President Gabriel Boric, who is about to complete his first month in office. Between a series of unforced errors who have progressively undermined his support and exposed the inexperience of his cabinet members, a new controversy led by its interior minister, Izkia Siches, has generated another hardship of great impact within the political team in La Moneda.

The postponement was born on Wednesday afternoon during the presentation of the Secretariat of State before the Citizen Security Commission of the Chamber of Deputies. In case, Siches denounced that during the government of Sebastián Piñera a plane carrying foreign nationals expelled from Chile ended up returning to the country with all the crew members.

Izkia Siches, Minister of the Interior
Izkia Siches, Minister of the Interior

“The problem is that we have identified that one of the ejection planes that were made, for example in Venezuela, returned with the same people, with all the passengers expelled,” Siches said in a special session in which, among the other, The migratory was discussed the crisis that exists in the Chilean north.

In his speech, the minister also described the incident as “very serious” and lashed out at his predecessors for spending wasted money on the operation. “The amount of resources needed to move a plane full of people and return it whole. Where are those people who have a judicial indication of deportation? For the same reason, when we carry out our necessary expulsions, we must ensure that the same thing does not happen to us, because it is a mess, nationally, which is truly impregnable, ”said the secretary of state. Been hard.

Knowing the sayings of Siches and after several reactions following the complaint, Various officials from Sebastián Piñera’s former government immediately denied the ruling party’s version.

“I absolutely reject the statements of Minister Siches and ask you now to reveal the specific background of your complaint, the date of the flight and the list of passengers who would return to Chile”, said former Interior Minister Rodrigo Delgado through his Twitter account. .

Mijail Bonito, former Migration Policy Advisor of the previous Administration, also reacted. “I coordinated every flight departure with the expelled and this has never happened. Neither in Venezuela nor elsewhere. Minister, the reports are accredited ”.

“The expulsions were just a media spectacle for those who defended the right of criminals to stay in our country. Flight date and number, and the discussion or lack of truth is highlighted, “added the former councilor.

After the summons, and after midnight, the Interior Minister acknowledged the falsity of his information and retracted it through his Twitter account. “Today in the security commission of the Chamber of Deputies I disseminated incorrect information. For this, in a republican spirit, I apologize to Rodrigo Delgado and his team.”, Wrote Siches, who has already been questioned about some episodes she starred in her first month in office.

The first was linked to the failed visit to the Mapuche community of Temucuicui as part of the trip he made to La Araucanía and which received criticism for its improvisation. On that occasion, the caravan that was moving Siches was hit by bullets and the activity had to be suspended.

Another controversy had to do with the use of the term “Wallmapu” insistently referring to the territory that belonged to the Mapuche people and which includes Chile and Argentina, and which earned him questions from the Argentine legislators and accusations of “secessionist claim” and disrespect for the country’s sovereignty.

Boric and Siches, the day of the assumption
Boric and Siches, the day of the assumption

“I have no intention of interfering in the territory of our trans-Andean brothers. I want to be very clear, the term is focused on our national territory and not at all polarize our country “, clarified the Chilean secretary of state, who also took another misstep when he called” very serious “an alleged shot that one student was received by a police officer in the middle of a student march, but hours later he determined that the police officer was defending himself from a mob who beat him

The official’s mistake generated immediate reactions from the entire Chilean political arc e The opposition demanded her resignation and it was announced that a constitutional charge against her would be studied.

“We ask the President of the Republic to ask for the resignation of Minister Siches and to appoint a Minister of the Interior who is worthy of an important office like this. From the very first day he showed an absolute lack of competence, ability and criteria to exercise his position ”, reads a statement signed by the legislators of the Republican Party.

The right-wing National Renovation party has also joined in the criticism. “The truth is that we are concerned about the course of government, where we have been patient, but obviously unforced errors, improvisations, which complicate the government situation, begin to repeat themselves”, Raised Deputy Diego Schalper.

There were also regrets in the ruling party For what happened. “They are serious allegations when issued by a government authority and must be supported by the facts. In this perspective, the Interior Minister once again commits an unforced error and compromises the entire government “, said the Speaker of the House, Raúl Soto, who similarly rejected a request for resignation.

During the morning, and with the topic that monopolizes the headlines of all the Chilean media, Minister Siches suspended an activity he had planned in Viña del Mar and met with the president in La Moneda to address the controversy.

After the meeting, the Chilean president gave his support to the official. “We talked and he has my full confidence,” Boric said a gesture that summarized the importance of Siches in the political design of the government and which today sees her as a protagonist.

The link between the two dates back to the era of the first university protests in which both coincided, and which was then consolidated with the role that the current minister took as a determining factor during the electoral campaign. Thanks to her deployment on the territory and the months as her mother, Izkia became the protagonist of the victory on the right José Antonio Kast in December and the right hand of the young Chilean president.

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