Boston Celtics win the Golden State Warriors for the first time in the NBA Finals

The Warriors and Celtics win the first round of the NBA Finals 2022 and the visitor leaves the triumph.

The Boston Celtics are 120 to 108 Golden State Warriors as the first match of the NBA 2022 Finals at the Chase Center, where the Warriors cross local. The series defining the stadium of the basketball league is the largest of the set. Learn the details.

The Celtics make their debug in the longest stopper, debit to a local start with a notable actuation of Stephen Curry in the first quarter, which has three times and 21 points in the first few minutes of play.

With the embargo, the locals do not want to close the shutters until the points of ventilation with the quality of the car are closed. For the sake of it, in the Ultimate part of the game, grace and a great initiation of The Celtics marker will fly and finalize 120 to 108 for visitors, who are in the final stage of the game 40 to 16.

Of all the forms, the series is the largest of the two sets, and is such that the proximal dominoes south of the second incubator from the 21 hours in the Chase Center are new.


With a score of 120 to 108, they win the first game of the NBA Finals.

C4 0:50 | The Celtics are safe

With a partial score of 119 to 105, the final match will be played.

C4 3:47 | Los Celtics pidieron timeste muerto a nada del final

Superior cars to the Warriors for 109 to 103, the visitors use a time frame of the last four that stays. Mientras que a su solo le queda uno.

C4 5:33 | The Celtics won the game

With the following triples, pass the front in the marker 106 – 103.

Los Celtics pasaron al frente en el ttimo quartet


Los Celtics pasaron al frente en el ttimo quartet

C4 8:54 | The Celtics achieve the difference

Pursuing a great arrangement of the last quarter with new points against it, visitors visit 89 – 92 in the marker.

Empezó el imotimo quartet del partido

The first match of the NBA Finals is defined in 12 minutes.

Finalize the third quarter

Los Warriors ganan 80 a 92. At this stage the locals annotate 38 points, average that the Celtics mark 24, the figure is more than a quarter of the game.

C3 2:20 | Los Warriors aprovechan los triples

In this case the annotating match is 16 out of 33 triples. Stephen Curry’s hot springs site, which has 30 points per game and 21 hot springs in the first quarter.

The partial result is 85 – 72.

C3 5:38 | The Warriors estimate the maximum amplitude of the match

Los Warriors le ganan por nueve puntos a la visit: 73 to 64.

C3 7:34 | The Continental Warriors won

With the marker in 68 to 61 local locals in the Celtics.

Curry marcó su septimo triple en el partido

Playing three times in the first quarter and then in the second, Curry will want to take three.

Stephen Curry marcó su septimo triple


Stephen Curry marcó su septimo triple

C3 10:00 | Los Warriors recovers the vent

The local team will fly to the front in the match for 58 – 61.

Empezó the third quarter

The first offensive is for the Golden State Warriors.

The record that Roman Klay Thompson won against the Celtics

The Warriors winner scored 433 triple points in the NBA Playoffs. It is the second most annotated in history, only by Stephen Curry, who’s 536.

Record Klay Thompson

First term match date

The Celtics scored from 56 to 54 in the second quarter. This is the super stage for 28 to 22 Warriors.

C2 2:00 | Los Celtics pusieron en ventaja por primera vez

The visitor, from the line, passes and wins the match by prime view. The partial result is 51 – 49.

The Celtics are pushing in the air for the first time in the match


The Celtics are pushing in the air for the first time in the match

C2 5:01 | The Celtics conquer the game

The Boston Celtics play 47 to 47 games and the Warrios play solid time.

C2 6:59 | Los Warriors ganan y pidieron tiempo muerto

Stephen Curry’s team is 47 to 41 yards tall. The embargo, in the second quarter the result is more pareo: 15 – 13 también in favor of the locals.

Á How much time do you spend on the restaurant and each team?

The Celtics have never been dead, even though the Golden State Warriors.

C2 8:29 | Reinstall the game with the Warriors in the window

Playing time-honored solid time, the Warriors avenged 37 to 44 against the Celtics.

C2 9:49 | The Celtics are attacking the Warriors

The Boston Celtics start with a score of 2. The game is 37 to 39 in favor of the Warriors.

Comment the second quarter

Users can be found in the can to dispose of the ultimate 12 minutes from the first half.

Finalize the first quarter

The Golden State Warriors scored 28 to 32. The starting lineup is now Stephen Curry, who scored 21 points per team with his triples.

Sthephen Curry marquó quinto triple

The Warriors player is the main protagonist of the game and the one with the most points.

Curry triple quintet in the first quarter


Curry triple quintet in the first quarter

C1 2:47 | Los Warrios ganan en el primer quarto

The local supera por 26 to 22 the match

Curry makes a triple gran

Before the minute solstice, the Golden State Warriors south end at 20 – 14.

The Curry triple to stretch the vent


The Curry triple to stretch the vent

C1 6:10 | Los Warriors continent al frente

With a variety of visitor errors, Stephen Curry’s team leads 20 -14 the marker.

C1 8:10 | The Warriors lead the game

The local adventure 12 – 9 is the marker.

Stephen Curry makes the first part annotation

The Warriors push a hole in the marker along a triple of Curry.

Play the game between Warriors and Celtics

The Celtics’s starting point is dominated by the ball, but it has the first chance to win.

Comment on the match between Warriors and Celtics


Comment on the match between Warriors and Celtics

In minutes the game starts

Sing the stadium anthem and the only minute before the start of the first part of the NBA Finals.

The initial formation of the Warriors vs. Celtics

  • Stephen Curry
  • Klay Thompson
  • Andrew Wiggins
  • Draymond Green
  • Kevon Looney
Warrior formation

The initial formation of the Celtics vs. Warriors

  • Marcus Smart
  • Jaylen Brown
  • Jayson Tatum
  • Al Horford
  • Robert Williams

How are you watching the NBA Finals between Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics?

Golden State Warriors is the main favorite to record the title of which the cases of pagan pagan 1.64 per cadre unit. Of this manner, which received 100 pesos or dollars received a compensation of 164.

In exchange for what to do in the Boston Celtics, the chance to win over a major. It is between 2.35 and 1. On average, the most probable result is that it is 4-3 in favor of the Californians (4.75), while the menus are a 4-0 of the Celts (15.5). .

How to play Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals

In the Primera Ronda, the Ime Udoka cone, which has a median of 103.3 points, beat the Brooklyn Nets by 4 to 0. In the Conference Semifinals, the Milwaukee Bucks ran by 4 to 3; in the Miami Heat Final Finals for 4 to 3.

How to win Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals

Steve Kerr’s team, which has a media of 118 points, commented on the playoffs beating the Denver Nuggets 4 to 1 by Primera Ronda. Luego, in the Conference Semifinals, is based on the Memphis Grizzlies for 4 to 2; in the Final Finals in Dallas Mavericks for 4 to 1.

Golden State Warriors Vs. Boston Celtics: how fueron los enfrentamientos previos

Golden State and Boston find out more about the regular and visiting temples. The 17th of December passed Warriors celebrating 111 to 107 in the TD Garden, mentras that the 16th of March the Celtics record revenge at the Chase Center 110 to 88.

Golden State Warriors Vs. Boston Celtics for NBA Finals: watch live on TV and ONLINE

The first part of the NBA Finals between the Warriors and the Celtics can be seen live on ESPN 2:

  • Channels 102 of Digital Cable, HD and Flow
  • Channels 622 (SD) and 1622 (HD) on DirecTV
  • Channels 104 (SD) and 1009 (HD) from Telecentro

How to get online can be found on the internet and through Star +the streaming service offered by ESPN, or owned by ESPN 3 through cable service providers such as Telecentro Play, Digital Cable and DirecTV GO.

Además, you can follow the minute by minute of finding on the website

Golden State Warriors Vs. Boston Celtics, for the NBA Finals: at what time of day, country by country

  • Argentina: 22 hours
  • Uruguay: 22 hours
  • Brazil: 22 hours
  • Paraguay: 21 hours
  • Chile: 21 hours
  • Bolivia: 21 hours
  • Venezuela: 21 hours
  • Colombia: 20 hours
  • Ecuador: 20 hours
  • Peru: 20 hours
  • Mexico: 20 hours


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