BTS separated by indefinite time: four books on the core phenomenon that meets the world

BTS, the juvenile phenomenon
BTS, the juvenile phenomenon

“Pause” dijeron the integrans of the Korean pop group BTS este martes cuando announces that they are separated by indefinite time for which one can be given center on their solo musical projects. Después de casi diez años juntos, lose siete artistsa surcoreanos se tomarn a descanso as a musical group emblem of K-Popa genre in which it captures indisputably referents globally.

Jin, Suga, Jungkook, RM, J-Hope, Jimin y V transmitieron por streaming its price per annum, FESTA lamp, and all communicates the news to its millions of followers. BTS genera miles of millions of dollars annually from surcarana economy dada su enorme popularity.

Without embargo, your integrators decide that they are currently separated by indefinite time. Here’s the description of RM, él y sus compañeros quedaron “Agotados” tracks the publication of the latest singles the group that wins the Grammy Awards.

In order to account for the moment of separation, since there is no tension but to be definite, it is important to recall the history of a phenomenon which is impossible. Some books are available to share with the most profound in history.

In June 2013 nace the most famous Korean pop group in the world: BTS. With the release of the video for the song “No more dream”, included in the album 2 Cool 4 SkoolThe youngsters Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook, who co-wrote and produced the main part of the discographic material, did not hear any of them before the big impact.

From its first passages in Corea del Sur has the presentation in the 64th edition of los Grammy Awards, the group is composed of su ARMY -in the community of followers-, another important actor in the BTS exit. What is the difference between the two? boy bands? The type of dialogue that stabilizes with your fans is a decisive factor. BTS is not only a K-Pop musical group: it is a community. Algunas of the most outgoing songs of the group, also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan or Beyond The Scene with “Idol”, “DNA”, “Mic drop” or “Fake love”, the accumulative shells of millions of reproductions on their digital platforms.

The group sido galardonado consecutively with the premium Billboard al mejor artista en redes sociales desde 2017 y es el The only K-pop group that has ever been reconciled as the best duo / group in the Billboard Music Awardsas the favorite pop / rock band and artist favorite on social media in American Music Awards. Además, la banda es el Unique Korean pop artist to reclaim a nomination in los Grammy Awards. In 2022, the group won some prizes at the Japan Gold Disc Awards; be captured as the first foreign artist in the category of artist from Asia (Asia) for four consecutive years, as the only one to win is the first prize in an editorial mismatch and the most celebrated in history with thirty in total).

BTS arrives with followers on Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok. Tanto que alcanzó three new Guinness World Records in March of this year, sums those who are alone. For example, in February alcanzaron 60,151,959 followers on Instagram. The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. In quantum a Tik Tok, The Bangtan Boys, with its official account @bts_official_bighit, officially the most popular music group in the app, with 45.7 million fans. With 44.167.059 followers, @BTS_twt is the most followed singer on Twitter for a music group in the platform’s history. Pero estos no son osnicos numeros asombrosos. El septeto y su ARMY recorded a total of 422,228 interactions as of April 29, 2019, accumulating two world records: Mayor number of interactions on Twitter for a musical group and Mayor number of interactions.

Here, four books to be entertained are global musical phenomena that acaba to announce their pause.

BTS pose on the red carpet as they attend the 64th Annual Grammy Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, US, April 3, 2022. REUTERS / Maria Alejandra Cardona
BTS pose on the red carpet as they attend the 64th Annual Grammy Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, US, April 3, 2022. REUTERS / Maria Alejandra Cardona

Published recently by Roca Editorial, the book so luz the secrets and history of the big stars of the BTS group, desde su surgimiento en 2013 hasta hoy. More than 190 pages, The BTS Bible -because it is not official material- describe the profiles of each of the members of the boy band coreana with world fame and millions of followers en las redes social, la historia de su ascenso hasta lograr encabezar el Billboard ranking in the United Statesinterviewees and their most outgoing songs.

The author of this book is the editor and writer Dianne Pineda-Kim, who has published another book by Racehorse and distributed by Simon & Schuster: K-Pop Style. All, brinda a guise to dress and paint like fashion artists: the influences and inspiration of a great style like style, music videos or tours of the most famous bands and singers of K-Pop. Pineda-Kim, based in Jeonju, South Korea, participates in publications such as Jeetsetter Asia, Groove Koreay Hellobetween otras.

The BTS Bible is an impressive book and it’s authored by one with one of the most influential groups on the internet and at the moment, according to Time magazine.

The BTS Bible (extraoficial), by Dianne Pineda-Kim
The BTS Bible (extraoficial), by Dianne Pineda-Kim

This biography tells the story of BTS and its imponent ARMY, formed by miles of fans from all over the world. With its sound and its increasing charisma the band has a colorful collar in the highest alo of the international musical panorama. BTS. The Bangtan Boys movie repas las vidas de RM, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, V, Jin y Jungkook, c semo se form ó grupo y su ascenso meteórico hasta converti ne strletias mundiales.

The book contains photographs and data, fundamental material for the fanatical quality. And here is an important point: a Bang Si-hyuk, also known as Hitman Bang. I Quién es? A fundamental person is excited: the creator and producer of BTS and the founder of “Big Hit Entertainment”. Your goal is to create the new K-pop group, but with solid bases, but only at this time to find the group members. Bang buscaba artists who poseyeran motivations internas profundas and duraderas además of talent in pure stage. Y lo logró.

The author of this book, Cara J. Stevensantes de publicar BTS. The Bangtan Boys movie, ya tenía en el mercado otros nueve libros para niños, incluida la novela Dragon School. Comment on interactive games and stories based on books and now create stories based on videos, for example, Fortnite. Its trajectory is influenced by its deep and permanent love for the game, its fictional science and its writing. The last book after the gates and an unfinished phenomenon.

Up to 224 pages long, the book has been recovered by screwing the young core integrals of the band: Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V y Jungkook, que bailan, rapean, cantan y lideran las listas de recordos de todo el mundo. That’s in the 90s fueron las boy bands, ese fenómeno hoy se llama BTS. Alcanzaron la fame en su natal Corea del Sur hace casi diez años y el exito llegó al mundo. All of these songs are in Korean, the sensation in United States, United Kingdom and the rest of the countries. K-pop is the new phenomenon of music in the Occidental world, and in recent times it has been converted into the most consumed global genre. With its talent, dedication, with a point at the very best stage and concerts of pop, hip hop and RnB, BTS is the international sensation of the moment.

Después de trabajar as editor at the BBC, the author of the book, Adrian Besley se convirtió en escritor freelance. BTS ads, K-Pop Idols, english or obscure other biographies without official biographies of other K-Pop groups as EXO, Blackpink y Billie Eilish.

BTS, Icons of K-Pop, by Adrian Besley
BTS, Icons of K-Pop, by Adrian Besley

The book, published by the editorial Lexus Argentina, has 62 pages and is not authorized by fans. Posted for infant and juvenile public, no images, data, figures, notices and researches. The guide for fans that celebrates the band that is conquering the world with its music, talent, dedication, incremental choreography and innovation pop, hip-hop and R&B music. BTS. Reyes del K-Pop the detailed information about each integral of the band, its style and where the hacks are unique. Descubre all that sucks saber about the chicks, since their debut has been so much worldly excitement.

BTS.  Reyes del K-Pop, by Editorial Lenux
BTS. Reyes del K-Pop, by Editorial Lenux


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