Cadena 3 beats al rhythm de “El legado de Carlitos Rolán” – Turno Noche

Cadena 3 bailó al rhythm de “El legado de Carlitos Rolán” – Turno Noche – Cadena 3 Argentina

Members of the present are absent in Cabildo’s explanation, the group that’s rinde tribute to tunga tunga, pasó por Turno Noche.

03/06/2022 | 23:25

Redacón Cadena 3

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Saturday also featured a musical feast on the historic site of Córdoba. Tocarán Ayrton Gelfo y La Leo, la Gata Noelia, El legado de Carlitos Rolán y, por supuesto, el gran cierre de Lore.

The porter of Gobierno portño habló con Cadena 3 trace the show of the idol cordobés. “It’s an exciting nightmare. “Completed with the promes that alguna vez le hicimos a Mario Pereyra”, dijo.

The group of the moment, led by Pablo Tamagnini, Diego Granadé and Nelson Aguirre, dialogue with Cadena 3 before the first of all the shows in a classic recitation essay.

The cordon band and Swing City, a school of dance, showcasing their artistic abilities and inviting audiences to the May 28 event at the Studio Theater. Listen.

The Last of the Spectacles

The Colombian singer and the Spanish footballer culminate in their relationship with all the members of the union and the two people in the commune.

Members of the present are absent in Cabildo’s explanation, the group that’s rinde tribute to tunga tunga, pasó por Turno Noche.

The conductor, recently separated, and periodically disfrutaron de recital de los Rolling Stones en España y los vieron cenando juntos. Send her a message from this continent.

The crucifixion that mantuvo with diphthongs of kirchnerismo in the recint, the empresario reproduces a dialogue with its pareja. “Si hay que poner el cuerpo por la patria, lo voy a hacer”, affirmó.

At this new time Birgitte is about to become a prime minister and as soon as Asuntos International arrives

Your siniestro tuvo lugar is on the 704 kilometer between Chabás and Villada.

See trademark Ozempic, commercial name Semaglutide. The doctor Marcos Baroni (MP 25989), from the Institute of Cardiology, Cadena 3 that enfermedad generates other risky conditions that are attacking drugs. Escuchá.

The Spanish prince assures that the footballer wants a romance with a young model. The complete history of a conflict that led to the collapse of the central marker of Barcelona and a department.

The fallacy artist has been interned 10 days in a Florencio Varela hospital. Había protagonized an accident with his motorcycle and established in a critical stage. The hospital authorities confirm that it is coming.

The athlete around San Isidro, who is one of the greatest promenades of Argentine nature, advertises in the social networks that activate for dedication to photography.

Internal in officialism

The President and the Vice President want to sample young people in Tecnópolis, in one act by the 100 members of the YPF. La tltima vez había sido en marzo en el Congreso. We have pronounced discourses in the event.

Internal in officialism

The President was closely watched by Cristina Kirchner during an act of 100 YPF members three months into the dialogue. “Argentina has an enormous opportunity for the future,” he said.

Feminist organizations are mobilizing in the main cities during this time of year, in the process of complementing the universal septum of the first protest. In Córdoba, a multitude concentrates on the Patio Olmos.

Affirm that Ejecutivo discusses “the demand of the calves” and the convictieron in “public policies”. The mother of Rngels Rawson says that “there is a very moving incubator”.

El jefe del Gabinete indicó a Cadena 3 that “se trabaja para resolver el problema”, affirmó. “Respectfully for the front, only in the import of gas we are 400% arriba”, said.

The president of the Confederation of Rural Associations of Buenos Aires and La Pampa Cadena 3 y dijo que el desabastecimiento is “precupante” y que “do se solucionará de un día para otro”. Escuchá.

The Minister of Agriculture, Ghana and Pesca of the Nation admits that they have “logistics” problems and accounts that are approved by the YPF for resolution.

Seg eln el Financial Times

Argentina is turning into a competitor in the global Natural Gas Licensed (GNL) market, which has replaced Russian energy imports with the British-funded diary.


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