Canales del Peru vs New Zealand HOY IN VIVO: rumbo preparatorio al repchaje Qatar 2022

Peru vs New Zealand IN VIVO: channels to watch amistoso in Barcelona.
Peru vs New Zealand IN VIVO: channels to watch amistoso in Barcelona.

Peru and New Zealand will see caras hoy domingo June 5 at the RCDE Stadium in Barcelona, ​​amistoso previo al repeat for the 2022 World Cup Qatar. Check out the latest selection for the Peruvian selection at the Doha Concentrator in Doha. Ricardo Gareca tends to be a fiendera test for the starting lineup that is now June 13th in Australia or the United Arab Emirates. In a nutshell, make sure you have over 30 miles to go to the gym in the Catalan city.

Se pudo conocer hoy que Christian Ramos, Renato Tapia, Luis Advíncula and Edison Flores quedaron fuera de la convocatoria del amistoso 2022 de hoy. The technical command indicates that a ‘Tiger’ query will be recorded to prevent it from reaching the south end of the approaching part of the repeats.

10:00 Así llegaron Peru y New Zealand al RCDE Stadium de Barcelona

Peru and New Zealand are at Barcelona Stadium | VIDEO: Movistar Deportes

09:45: Giant banner confirming that Peru is local in Barcelona, ​​about 33 miles from Peru assisted in a duel against New Zealand

09:25: Once confirmed by Perú ante New Zealand:

Pedro Gallese, Aldo Corzo, Carlos Zambrano, Alexander Callens, Marcos López, Pedro Aquino, Yoshimar Yotún, André Carrillo, Sergio Peña, Christian Cueva, Gianluca Lapadula.

Supplements: Carvallo, Araujo, Abram, Cartagena, Calcaterra, Gonzales, Concha, Costa, García, Ormeño, Valera.

Ambas squads se conocen desde el 2017, when playing the repetition in duels of ida and vuelta. The result was positive for the Peruvians, who won 2-0 in Lima and scored the 36th goal of the World Cup. And now you want to play in the World Cup, but with rival badges and a unique match.

From this point of view, the ‘bicolor’ is directed to the gonador of Australia vs United Arab Emirates (June 7) to conquer its rival in the replay. New Zealand, for the most part, travels to Costa Rica on Tuesday, June 14th. Es por ello que ambos saldrán con sus mejores hombres.

Gianluca Lapadula, born 9 9 ú in Peru, has a hard time of international incuentro. “It’s a very important moment. Hemos logrado estar aquí. This motivated by its match and replay. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

'Banner' of Peru vs New Zealand in Barcelona with miras on repechaje 2022.
‘Banner’ of Peru vs New Zealand in Barcelona with miras on repechaje 2022.

“Será clave para llegar bien a la repesca. Hay que hacerlo bien ”, agregó el delantero de Benevento de Italia. “It’s a very important moment for me. Pero creo que aún hay an objetivo grande. Pasaremos cosas grandes juntos. “Hay tener ambition”, he said.

“It simply came to our notice then. “We have a very important match and we can say goodbye to Sweden”, launched ‘Bambino’. On the other hand, habló de supuesta lesón en los entrenamientos de Perú: “Lo del tobillo is not nada, solo prevention. No hay problema ”, cerró.

The Peruvian selection has the following: Luis Advícula and Renato Tapia. Igual, se aspera que puedan llegar al repechaje. Á Cuál será el once initial? Assistant arrangement: Pedro Gallese; Aldo Corzo, Carlos Zambrano, Alexander Callens, Miguel Trauco; Pedro Aquino, Sergio Peña, Yoshimar Yotún, Christian Cueva; André Carrillo, Gianluca Lapadula.

Movistar Deportes (cable) y Latina (señal abierta) pasarán el partido por TV. Pero también you can follow the minute to minute of Infobae Pero with all the incidence: goals, best jugadas, polemics, resumes, declarations much more.

DIRECTV is the channel that transmits the transmission to the rest of the channels. Assimilation, tienes alternativas por países. In Ecuador is the Football Channel, in Colombia Win Sports + and in the United States Fox Sports. Sky Sport 1 y beIN Sports in New Zealand.

– Peru / 10:30 am

– Colombia / 10:30 am

– Ecuador / 10:30 am

– United States (Miami) / 11:30 am

– Chile / 11:30 am

– Paraguay / 11:30 am

– Venezuela / 11:30 am

– Bolivia / 11:30 am

– Uruguay / 12:30 m.

– Argentina / 12:30 m.

– Brazil / 12:30 m.

– Spain / 5:30 pm


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