Carlos Tevez announced his return to football and revealed that he is the technical director

There are various types of silence that are exactly the same as in the press conference in which it is communicated Boca Juniors, Carlos Tevez anunció su retire as a professional footballer up to 38 years old and reveals that the death of his father, Segundo, was not motivated to wear boots.

“Mucho time south, much time perdido. Ya estoy retirado, confirmado. It offers me a lot of things, in the United States and in Argentina. Pero ya está, ya di todo lo que tenía dentro de mi corazón y eso me deja m trans tranquilo “, expresses El Apache in a hand-in-hand with Alejandro Fantino, in the program Animal Sueltospor America.

Respecting the fact that you take the decision to make a final point on your car, record: “One day I met and knew Vane, my wife, who did not want to go further. A lac night’s (Juan Román) Riquelme and let it be known that the club did not immediately attend the conference “.

In general, keep in mind that part of your life is where you’s going to get professional activity. “At the end of the day, during the fiesta, I use the microphone to decipher words. Mi familia me preguntaba siempre por qué me había retirado, si estaba bien. Entonces les explicit el porqué “, relató.

Carlos Tevez and his father, Segundo.

Carlos Tevez and his father, Segundo.

In continuity, each one is more emotional and with its ojros idriosos: ‘Les dije:’Dejé de jugar porque perdí a mi fan número uno´. I do not know what to do and I do not know. Entonces dije ya está, no juego para más nadie. Creo que fue la imalta vez que pensé realmë en mí “.

From time to time, reveal that you are a technical director: “Tomé the decision that you are going to direct, you are going to be technical. Tengo a project with Chapa Retegui and with my hermanos. We have a lot of time to work, four or five months. We aim for a very good and enthusiastic project. Tengo el mismo cosquilleo que cuando jugaba al fboltbol “.

Carlos Tevez announces the death of Boca Juniors at the press conference on June 4, 2021. Photo: EFE / Javier Garcia Martino.

Carlos Tevez announces the death of Boca Juniors at the press conference on June 4, 2021. Photo: EFE / Javier Garcia Martino.

“Creo that can add a lot of guys to integrate into football. Me van escuchar porgo tengo a form de ver screw, eso is the most important. They can be hermeneutic teeth and hearthtiene que ser algo integral “, complete.

More phrases by Carlos Tevez

The reservation of the pope: “I used to work hard because of the Tevez era. “Me dijo ‘entendeme, no te enojes’ y volvió a laburar”.

Why not buy a car in your shadow: “I do not know when to drive a car knowing that it pays for the maneuver classes and that it is paid to buy a car. ? ‘. These are the values, only they are paradoxical “

– The 14 cases that will be purchased for all Fuerte Apache family members: “Me fui de Boca sin peso, con cero en el banco, porve tuve que devolverle al club lo que le debía. Vienne Corinthians y ahí aspieja a cobrar bien. The opportunity for power to grow aloof. Decia: ‘The near generation of Tevez has nothing to do with better, better education, nothing more powerful.’ ¿Who wants to go to the gym? ‘. vida “.

Argentina Selection: “Defruto de ver a la Selecion. Lo conozco a Scaloni, es muy buen tipo. Perdimos tantas finals que hoy se disfruta. Los chicos se llevan muy bien. Veo un equip ko se sacë mucha pressure me con La Copa America and que va. “You do not want to be frustrated if you can not get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.”

The day that this press is in England“I have no choice. I can go to the golf course, but I have several squares. “Against the hood. With empty seats, he pulls me in the car to the commissariat.

– The recuperation of your infancy within the forehead“Standing salvado is delicately aware of the porcelain, but it does not matter what the situation is, whether it is alive or well, it can be counted. que mi viejo no tenía trabajo. Comía y al otro día ellos peleaban porque no tenían plata. En ese momento no me daba cuenta, pero ellos no habían comido. Se me cían las lágrimas cuando lo entendí. de uno, te hace mierda la familia. Como padre te sentís un inútil “.

The message from Boca

On Saturday and in the first half of the match against Sarandí Arsenal in Bombonera, La Ribera’s club dedicated a post to one of Carlitos’s social networks. Watching a video in which the Apache carrera’s exit is recovered in the club, then debuting in the first, the wrestling team agrees and the term ends up being the last part as a professional.



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