Carlos Tevez confirmed his return to football: “Dejé de jugar porque perdí a mi fan number one”

El Apache, who marched from Boca among the hajjas to a one-year-old and did not voluntarily go south, made the final point of his football career and confirmed that he was the technical director.


Ya es un hecho: Carlos Tevez confirmed his return to professional football. If you are surprised by Boca’s mark in the media of 2021 and do not want to compete officially, many hinchas are asked by this news, which is accompanied by a link to the south by points. Without embargo, to ignore the illusion of the fanatics, el Apache definite form boots.

In an extensive interview with Alejandro Fantino in the program Animal Sueltosthe historic N ° 10 azul and communication clock that the final point of the football carrera dentro de cedped green and that a very different recording setting is set. “It’s retroactive, confidant. It offers me a lot of lads, but I also use it all because it only cuts through my teeth.affirm Tevez.

More adelante, explicitly that the death of your father fired one of the keys in your decision: “The last time I went there was because it was only deadly. Yo me levanto un día y le digo a Vane: ‘No juego más’. Lo lalamo a la tarde a Adrián (Ruocco) y le digo: ‘Mirá, no voy a jugar más. Me retiro ‘. Riquelme said at night and said: ‘Mañana necesito el club para hacer la conference. No more games. Después vino lo que vino, no jugué m ys y ahí la familia se dio cuenta que no jugaba más. Ahí cayeron “.

Tevez advertise on retro professional football


Tevez advertise on retro professional football

Me preguntaban todo el timepo por qué había dejado de jugar. Hasta que les dije: ‘Dejé de jugar porque perdí a mi fan n ° 1’. Yo tenía cho años y el que me venía a ver era él, entonces decía: ‘¿Para qué más?’. Me levanté y dije: ‘No juego m paras para nadie’. Creo que fue nica vez que pensé realin mí. I’m a fan of the No. 1 fan and I’m so excited that I’m not going to win much “finalize respectfully visibly emotional.

Tevez confirm their return:


  Tevez confirm their return:

How Carlos Tevez deserves to return to football

These last months were when violet al idol xeneize recovered the north argentine in a young truck and family, singing folklore and all the lungs in Santiago del Estero and also golf and even pizzas with their friends in the canyons of Fuerte. In all these passages, Tevez’s parece tener claro c semo seguirá su vida sin la pelota atada al empeine: given first passages in the technical direction and supported by Carlos Chapa Reteguieccentric of Leonas and Leones and subsecretary of Sports in the City of Buenos Aires.

“I am very enthusiastic that we are living with my brothers and with Chapa Retegui. Tomé la decision that voy a dirigir. We have been trying four or five months to find the right and the wrong that we are aiming for a project that is good and integral. I love you so much “manifest Carlitos. “We like how a group of people approaching the south on a personal part”agregó.

Tevez reveals that he is the technical director


Tevez reveals that he is the technical director

The last and sad last part of Tevez: penalty kick and elimination of Boca ante Racing

On the 4th of June last year, Carlitos added to his club of friends the love of one of the last months of much discounted. The last picture in a can was left alone of the imaginary loss for the final. ¿Cuál es? Your penalty kick in the semifinals of the Copa Liga Professional against la Academia and posterior elimination.

Try to run an actuation float in the last 90 minutes – even if it is all Boca-, because the game is disconnected from the participant and the participle before it is used to make a joke out of it, Tevez fue el encargado del primer remate desde los doce pasos del Xeneize by definition.

El Apache secure search with a dispersion fired at the middle of the arc defended by Gastón Gómez, before the miss is shot in the crossbar. The execution and subsequent executionto ensure the impressive impact of the basket, because Racing races 4-2 on penalties.




Así concluyó the final function of Tevez in Bocaleaves from which it grows and from which it carries in the Xeneize merecía as despedida. Your sad lamented image … The last with the mantle azul y oro. Última de su carrera.

Tevez se retiró del fútbol: todos los titulos de su carrera

In Boca:

  • Torneo Apertura 2003
  • Libertadores 2003
  • Intercontinental 2003
  • Sudamericana 2004
  • 2015 Primera Division Tournament
  • Copa Argentina 2015
  • Primera Division Tournament 2016/17 (not complete)
  • Superleague 2017/18 (south of the last part)
  • Supercopa Argentina 2019
  • Superliga 2019/20
  • Copa Diego Maradona 2020
Carlos Tevez

In Corinthians:

In Manchester United

  • Premier League 2007/08
  • Champions League 2007/08
  • Club World Cup 2008
  • Communy Shield 2008
  • EFL Cup 2008/09
  • Premier League 2008/09
  • Community Shield 2009
Tevez United

In Manchester City:

  • FA Cup 2010/11
  • Premier League 2011/12
  • Community Shield 2012

In Juventus:

  • Italian Super Cup 2013
  • Serie A 2013/14
  • Serie A 2014/15
  • Copa Italia 2014/15
Tevez Juventus

In Shanghai Shenhua:

In the Argentina Selection:

  • South American Sub-20 2003
  • Pre-Olympic South American Sub-23 2004
  • Olympic Games 2008

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