Carlos Tevez scores to record for his father:

Ex-Boca Juniors footballer gets emotional in dialogue with Alejandro Fantino

“Ya estoy retirado”.

With this phrase the interviewer said Carlos Tevez le concedió est viernes a Alejandro Fantino en Animal Sueltosthe cycle that is emitted by the wall America. The top scorer of the Argentine selection that excels in Europe and in Boca Juniors dio by sewing it as a professional stage, retro chess game and adelantó que será technical director.

The 38-year-old footballer is excited about charla al hablar about his father, Don Segundoquien murió en febrero de 2021 up to 58 years old varian semeners haber attracted a delicacy situation of health. The man who adopted al Apache when it’s a little weird either way it intervenes succulently on the skin in February 2020. I, having a coronavirus and pneumonia frame, have been undergoing intensive therapy for 45 days until I feel like I’m going to give it a try ingresado y no pudo recuperarse.

“I came to study with a child, I sucked on my ass, I did not stop, I respect whoever compromises, I compliment whoever compromises. Cuando no me quería levantar porque había ido a bailar, me levantaba del forro del kulo y me hacía ir a los entrenamientos. Nunca me dejó faltar a un entrenamiento ”, record about infancy and the consequences that lejó su padre. “Mi papá nunca dejó de trabajar. Era albañil, levantaba a las 6 de la mañana y volvía a las 7 de la tarde. Cuando volvía me iba a ver al club. The finesse of the semen is always consistent ”.

If consulted on what to do to retrieve the decision, contact Don Segundo’s situation only to maltraer: “We suffice a lot. Last but not least, it’s hard to say, because it’s only deadly cerebral palsy. Un día me levanté y dije, ‘no juego m’s’. I love Riquelme at night and know that the club did not attend the press conference and said that it does not have more. Ahí mi familia entendió que no jugaba m ”s ”.

Tevez establishes passing by a great football moment and por eso fue una sorpresa hasta para su familia el anuncio. Pero the ex delantero de Boca Juniors fue sincero y se quebró: “At my last complete, I turn on the microphone. All of them and the first querians who want to fly and establish all my family. First special footage, a photo with Vane, my sister, my mom and my best friend. I hope to explicitly explain to my family why (I was shocked), because all of them pre-determined the time, hasta que les dije, ‘Dejé de jugar porque perdí a mi fan number one ′.

Carlos Tevez junto a Don Segundo
Carlos Tevez junto a Don Segundo

From the inside, all of them are crying and crying because they contain the emotion: Y yo decía, para qué más. Entonces me levanté y dije, ‘no juego m’s’. Fie la Unica vez que pensé realm enn mí, por semempre pensaba la la gente en en mi vieja, en Vane (su pareja), en las nenas, en Vito, que tu tuvo mucho tiempo para verme jugar. Había perdido a mi fan número uno y eso hizo que no tenga m gs ganas de jugar ”.

The ex-footballer who wore the shirt of Juventus, Manchester United and Manchester City, between other teams, counting the lessons that Don Segundo has attached to his application. He points out that he hauled with his shadows, which only the regular advertisement, like a car: Trabajando, sí, que se la gane. The only ones that have values, the only ones that are encima. The medium tells me, ‘Vos sos Carlos Tevez, ¿C nomo no vas a poderle contrar a auto a tu hija?’ ”. As an embargo, there is a firm and guaranteed mentality that when it comes to the part that is in front of the car, you have to have a house: “How do you do what you want to do, stay in front of the car?”.

Just like that, Boca’s place of residence in Corinthians in 2005 and commenting in Brazil to get a high salary, El Apache bought all the houses for his family before the sacral of the villa. Fueron 14 las propiedades que adquirió y repartió entre sus padres, tíos, primos y hermanos, para ayudarlos.

Don Segundo adopts Carlos as if he were commanding one and ten thousand words to write a love story that does not end five or more times. Tevez logs in to grace in Adriana, her adoptive mother, under her current sister, Fabiana Trini, to his biological mother, he enters in order to create, and the little things that his father, Juan Alberto Cabral, did in a ball. Living in the first quarter of Fuerte Apache’s Tower and in a variety of interviews the ex-footballer hizo reference to his crunch between ball jams and delusional jokes, which terminate with the screw of his main compatible with the bodyDarío Cabañas Coronelmember of the band “Los Backstreet”.


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