Celebrity Masterchef: Mery del Cerro has been excluded and the four semifinalists have been defined

The end of Celebrity Masterchef. There is less and less to go to the grand finale, and to know who will be the big winner, or winner, of this third edition. And with the nerves on the surface, the five entrants who are still in the race showed up and trying to win the jackpot. That way, Not Viciconte, Tomas Fonzi, Juariu, Denise Dumas And Maria del Cerro They positioned themselves at their respective stations to listen to the specialists.

The evening began with a first match between Denise and Juariu, who had two stars. For this reason, they both had to face each other in a test that would determine which he would go up to the balcony. Martitegui German explained that the challenge combined “creativity and speed” and then Donato de Santis He detailed: “They will have to do nonsense. It is an English dessert made up of several layers, of different ingredients and textures. They can play a lot “. Long last, Damien Betular He closed the explanation as follows: “You will have eight minutes to prepare this spectacular dessert. The characteristic is that each of its layers appears well defined “. The two players opted for different preparations and, during the tasting phase, the jury tried both desserts with skepticism. After much debate, Denise turned out to be the winner of the test, making her the first semifinalist of Celebrity chef 3.

Then the big challenge of the night began, and Betular advanced on the main ingredient: “I assure you it’s creamy, but hard, dark and light enough. It is all this together. “Later Martitegui added:” We can tell you that it is an excellent combination of flavor and texture “, while Donato summed up:” It is a flavor that really takes me back to my childhood, and also to my hometown, which is Milan., in Italy “. Then they lifted the mysterious boxes, which hid a pith, popularly known as a caracú. With that ingredient as their axis, the four participants began designing different dishes.

After an intense day of cooking, the request for tasting has finally arrived. The icebreaker was Mery del Cerro, with a dish that Betular assured: “I think something is missing in the cool, something that refreshes the caracú”. Mica Viciconte also received some recommendations from the jury, and Donato told her: “It happens to me with this dish that the marrow is well cooked, but it’s all there together. Bread is fine, but beware of acidity in salads “. In contrast to this, Martitegui considered: “I like the acidity of the salad. I don’t know if I would have done those plots, without adding something higher to the caracú. They are two textures of fat, I don’t know if I enjoy it very much “.

Juariu surprised the specialists with a caracú that achieved excellent results and on which De Santis expressed himself: “The cracker is what we want to see in Masterchef, and there are many other ingredients. The marrow is a bit lost, look at the proportion on the plate ”. Secondly, Martitegui analyzed: “I love that mix you made, I like that you had the courage to take the caracú off the bone. I love that mix of different soft textures. In the end Betular concluded: “Two plates have just passed that cover the caracú, and here the opposite happens, everything is very ethereal”.

Finally, Martitegui was very clear about Fonzi’s preparation and summed up: “Tomás, the three things are very tasty, but separate. When you try to supplement semi-dry flour with bone fat, it gets complicated. That spinach cream is very tasty, the spices are good, the pistachios are very good, but I struggle to integrate the three things “.

Finally, it is time to announce who remained in the game and who was eliminated for the night. Together with Denise Dumas, Mica, Tomás and Juariu were confirmed as semifinalists and, therefore, Mery del Cerro was sent off. With great emotion, Donato told the participant: “You entered very shyly, you became familiar and started having fun”, while Betular commented: “You take two very important things: you have a style in your gastronomy, and something that is win with a lot of work, my esteem, my affection and all the pleasure of meeting you “. In closing, Martitegui concluded: “I give you the award for the person who learned the most about cooking, I enjoyed going to your allowance, because you listened and learned”.

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