Central Córdoba-Boca: Javier García’s lanes, Salvio’s goals and Villa’s darts leeron air to the xeneize team

El Toto saw the big figure of the incubator tracing the goals of the incubator for Boca. “Necesitaba una allegria así”, says the Fox Premium microphones from one of the latest ultras. El 10 xeneize añadió: “Era un partido que necesitábamos ganar. We are content. “Tenemos muy buenos jugadores y la victoria es merecidísima”. On the rumors of the battle of Battaglia, Salvio expresses: “We all want to shoot for the mismo lado.”

The Falcón Pérez Arbitration marks the final of the match between Boca and the Madre de Ciudades stadium with a balsamic triumph. Salvio Alcanzan’s goals for those three points are any of the visiting fat. The inclination of Juan Ramírez at the second time on the part of the team led by Sebastián Battaglia the monopoly of the fleet. Antes, había sufrido. Javier García fired one of the figures.

Villa shoots at the center of the night in the next band. For all that, as long as the party lasted, Ingresa Salvio, who gana en lo alto, cabecea y convierte. Boca is more than a rival and deserves the triumph: Ghana 2-1 in Madre de Ciudades.

Battle for a socio for Villa and therefore decide the incursion of Frank Fabra to the south on the lateral equator and sum up there. The xeneize team is the greatest in this part of the game.

The lateral equation of Boca gana in the heights and Renzo Lopez, in full defensive function, chain and start over the line. Boca strives to generate money with the parade fleet and search the triumph in Santiago del Estero.

The first, first, and Toselli’s lakes, desperate, sailed to the santiagueño team along a starting line with a Villa center that connects Benedetto. The match does not have a clear dominator and can be serialized for each of them. Battaglia mueve el banco y Ramírez reemplaza al amonestado Diego “Pulpo” González.

Marcos Rojo joins the quintessence and breaks the bar with Central Barracas. Renzo López reacts and recuperates the amarilla tarjeta.

Central Córdoba and Boca igualan 1-1 at the Madre de Ciudades stadium and will play the second half of the match, valid for the 12th round of the Professional League Cup.

Por sexta vez, a Boca le igualan el partido después de ponerse en ventaja. Other than that, Javier García is a fundamental result for Boca, who has a better start than his rival. Central Córdoba empireja and llega a la igualdad sobre el final del primer tiempo. The xeneize team iguala 1-1 at the Madre de Ciudades stadium.

This is not true VAR: Javier García’s case against González Metilli is clear. Le gana la espalda a Aranda y el arquero lo tumba. Otra vez, patea Renzo López. But this is convincing. 1-1 in Santiago del Estero.

González Metilli takes center stage with three dedos, Riaño se pasa and la pelota queda para López. However, García’s arm is inserted into the body, which plays the physical and which tends. The Boca fleet is destined to be decisive for your team and, by the way, the Genoese team sailed to Santiago del Estero.

The juvenile defender of Boca cabecea solo a corner and the pelvis is placed around the fold of the arch of Central Córdoba. The Santiago lord crosses the first card of the match: Gonzalo Ríos replicates Paraguay José Leguizamón, lesionado. Now, Sergio Rondina’s team has a defender with four footballers and their team is 4-4-2.

Boca’s tapa tapa el penal y vuelve a ser figura en el equipo xeneize. Adding Renzo López’s dispersion and cerot mantle in its arc.

Germán Delfino, VAR assistant, llama to Falcón Pérez to review a Rojo-Leguizam mann manotazo in Boca área. After the verdict, the referee’s cobra the penalty.

As Godoy Cruz, Javier García flew in the figure of the xeneize team. Now, fast-paced, one-on-one with Claudio Riaño and regressing at the same time to start the poster remake of Francisco González Metilli. It is the third part of the box on the part: in the center of the pocket it has a different shape against Renzo López.

In a straight line, Romero combines with Villa y, this vez, Salvio define mejor. Otra vez, de derecha, para dejar fuera de action to the archer Christopher Toselli. The goalie gets excited about the complications alive in the last days. Boca arranca mejor y ya gana en Santiago del Estero. Toto’s last goal came on the 12th of December when he passed, and against the rival mismatch: ese día, Boca came to the team santiagueño by 8-1 in Bombonera.

Oscar Romero meets Sebastián Villa for the band. The Colombian goes to the fund and shoots the center. Por la derecha, libre de marca, ingresa Eduardo Salvio. Define the right, the first. Y la pelota se va afuera.

Yael Falcón Pérez plays at the Madre de Ciudades stadium and plays his part between Boca and Central Córdoba, fundamental to his team aspirations in the Professional League Cup.

Sergio Rondina, trainer from Central Córdoba, also confirmed the formation that initiated the game against Boca. The Santiago team tends to a 5-3-2 tactical arrangement, with Claudio Riaño (ex Boca) and Renzo López as offensive references.

Boca tiene todo definido para el incuentro. Sebastián Battaglia change numbers and flies to esquema with a single delanter to traverse the three points of Santiago del Estero. Darío Benedetto made the offensive reference, with Eduardo Salvio following the incident with his ex-wife in Puerto Madero. Last but not least, the Lanús footballer played a game with the Boca shirt on April 2 against Arsenal, in Bombonera.

Welcome to the match of the 19-man squad in Santiago del Estero Central Córdoba y Boca, due to the 12th round of the Professional League Cup. The xeneize team is in the midst of internal turbulence, traversing the 1-1 draw with Godoy Cruz in Bombonera. Soy Alejandro Casar González and your journey to the minute and minute of your stay.

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