Collective exercise and authority for the great triumph of the Gymnasium against Racing

Great triumph of the Gymnasium in Bosque. Throwing a large sample of character through the bays that you have in the seminar, the Lobo goes 3 to 1 to Racing in the Juan Carmelo Zerillo for the champion’s skin type, and it takes place. Ramírez abrió el markcador, and Brahian Alemán mark a double -uno penalty and free kick-, to win the albiazul victory.

The Lipo de Pipo, which received new presentations without a curtain, ratify the great moment that attracts the derroter with justification to a Racing muly alliance of the brilliant and virtuous that suelen adjudicarle. In Tarragona (mostly lesionado) and in Carbonero (located in Racing), the Gymnasium appeals to a large character to run at the Fernando Gago Academy.

Guided by Brahian Alemán, brilliant and consistent in his power of attraction by the genre as effectively unveiled by Eric Ramírez, the Gymnasium is more secure than the one that runs across the field.

Racing maneóó much more time the fleet, pero dicha tenencia no le deparós las satisfaction o pretend. The gymnasium was given the opportunity to open the marker with a large antiquity of Ramón Sosa’s head and a poster that Dio Gómez approved by Eric Ramírez.

The transient empathy of the hoesped ship is traced to a precise definition by Enzo Copetti, which boils over the grace grape and an obvious error in the brand of Leonardo Morales. When Rey goes to sleep, the visiting visitor’s class falls short of the cost of Mens Sana’s body.

When the partition is flattened in a trinity with overlays. Mura cometió an penal infantil (codazo en raspalë de Ramírez a la carrera), y Brahian Alemán invoice poteando fuerte al medio.

Most of all, some mistakes made in defense and zero offensive by Franco Soldano, due to the fact that your case is clear in the way in which the last floor is suspended. Racing, inflated by periodic critiques that are attached to the ball bearing proliferation, recursive care, of strong character and capacitance of reaction for turning the rumbo from a tardecita when the upper albiazules maneuver with good arguments.

Fue 3 a 1 y podrían haber sido más abultada la difference. Concreto is that the team of Néstor Gorosito, more than all the bajas, still in a different version with more seduction.

Photos // Dolores Ripoll

Mejores jugadas

The first round of the gymnasium for the Gymnasium is about 3 minutes away from a very good Lautaro Chávez, who hooked up, got a free kick and shot a free kick by the ball that hit Brahian Alemán. Uruguay has a rematch that follows the maneuvers on the Academia box, which derives from a spinning wheel.

Lobo’s goal just behind the corner: new Uruguayan pelota parade through a large center that anticipates Ramón Sosa, and in the rebuttal that Gómez appraises Eric Ramírez who mixes with the empty box and fills 1 to 0 partial.

Tracing the shot on the marker, Gorosito’s team planted in the game field and your buenos minutes with a Chavez pilgrim for the rival defense. Pese a esto Racing lelega a la igualdad a los 25 minue luego de un pelotazo que cayó en el área de Rey que ontroón Enzo Copetti, y luego de pelearla cürpo a curpo con la defensa, defini y puso el 1 a 1.

El Tripero now counts the airtime in up to 39 minutes: Falcón Pérez takes a penalty kick from Ram emprez’s effort in the field – which was consulted by the VAR – and Allemán from which to take the 2nd or 1st part , uruguayo “de la gente.

In addition, Fernando Gago makes a one-minute change. Ingresó Fabricio Domínguez by Facundo Mura.

This part of the Gymnasium does not last longer than the first 15 minutes and the Academy is moving. Most of it is in Mena’s legs, which defines the denture of the jaw and the pelvis as a defensor. Pipo toma nota ya cancha mandó a Tomás Muro por Lautaro Chávez, de gran desgaste en la primera part.

Up to 15 of these are part of a controversy: Cuttings cut through the albacore’s tooth, but the orbit does not fold and bend as the dealer moves. More minutes here Gimnasia aumentó el marcador tras un golazo de Brahian Alemán: el kapitán ejecutón tire libre with unquisita pegada, y keyva la pelota al ángulo de “chila” Gómez.

Passing the media hour Eric Ramírez marches that you lose every quarter of Lobo, but the instances of VAR -minutes after the party- cancel all but one hand in the south and the continuous part 3 to 1.

Over the final conjugation plate float and puddle have increased the marker, showing superiority against a rival that terminates the respective.

The team led by Néstor Gorosito was very attractive at the moment from the media of the passage of the League Cup, which of the last 13 games played 9, empathy 3 (of those with students) and 60 rounded up by Sar y 118.

Photos // Dolores Ripoll



Gymnasium (La Plata): 17- Rodrigo Rey; 6- Guillermo Enrique, 4- Leonardo Morales, 3- Oscar Piris, 32- Matías Melluso; 21- Lautaro Chávez, 30- Agustín Cardozo, 10- Brahian Alemán, 11- Ramón Sosa; 43- Eric Ramírez and 15- Franco Soldano. DT: Néstor Gorosito.

The complete lobo: 1- Tomás Durso, 2- Guillermo Fratta, 41- Gonzalo González, 18- Nicolás Colazo, 33- Nery Leyes, 5- Emanuel Cecchini, 27- Manuel Insaurralde, 28- Tomás Muro, 22- Matías Miranda, 20- Alan Lescano, 44- Benjamin Domínguez and 26- Alexis Domínguez.

Racing Club: 1- Gastón Gómez; 34- Facundo Mura, 30- Leonardo Sigali, 48- Emiliano Insúa, 33- Gonzalo Piovi; 29- Aníbal Moreno; 10- Matías Rojas, 19- Leonel Miranda, 11- Jonathan Gómez, 5- Eugenio Mena; and 9- Enzo Copetti. DT: Fernando Gago

Goals in the first time: 6m. Ramírez (G), 25m. Copetti (R) y 39m. German (G), the penalty.

Goal in the second time: 20m. German (G).

Exchange in the second time: Comenzar Fabricio Domínguez por Mura (R), 6m. Emiliano Vecchio by Rojas (R), 15m. Tomás Muro por Chávez (G), 22m. Edwin Cardona by Mena (R), 33m. Manuel Insaurralde by Alemán (G) and Emanuel Cecchini by Ramírez (G), 38m. Nicolás Meaurio por Gómez (R), 45m. Matías Miranda by Soldano (G) and Nicolás Colazo by Sosa (G).

Amonestados: Ramírez y Alemán (G). Mena, Rojas, Sigali, Gómez y Cardona (R).

Cancha: Gimnasia y Esgrima.

Referee: Yael Falcón Pérez.



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