Concejo del Pope Francis sobre el Espíritu Santo

During the Pentecostal Mass, Pope Francis heads to the Vatican Apostolic Palace to greet Regina Coeli in the presence of more than 20 miles of students from the Plaza de San Pedro.

Pope Francis records that in the solemnity of Pentecost “We celebrate the effusion of the Spirit of Santo over the Apostles, that your place will be destroyed after the loss of Pascua ”.

Continuously, Pope Francis explicitly states that, in the first place, Espíritu Santo “enseña” and “do not raise an obstruction that is present in the experience of religion: the distance”.

“You can ask the question of what distance there is between the Gospel and the living life. “Jesus lived many miles, in other times, in other situations, and because of the anti-war Gospel, he fought for the right and left with all his needs and problems,” said Santo Padre.

“It’s our plant that is so intriguing: where can the Gospel be found in the age of the Internet and globalization? How can you influence that word? ”Asked Pope Francis.

From among these pragmatists, the Pope said that “Espíritu Santo is a specialist in extending distances; nos enseña a superarlas. That’s what connects Jesus’ character with every time and every person. “

El Santo Padre assures that thanks to Espíritu Santo the words of Cristo Cobran live in the actuality and that “the works of Sagrada’s Writing are in the present and in the present in the present. It’s not about the passage of the syllables, it’s just that the creators are trying to solve the problems and coincidences of their time ”.

“De hecho, cuando el Espiritu enseña, actualiza, mantiene la fe siempre joven. Nosotros corremos el riesgo de hacer de la fe a moseu museo, enl en cambio la pone en sintínia los tiempos. Porque el Espíritu Santo do not follow the epochs or the fashion of the passages, since it shows the actuality of Jesus, resurrected and alive “, assured the Pope.

In continuation, the Pope said that Espíritu Santo so that “records” and graces in one of our capacities “in the personal knowledge of Jesusthe one that enters into the corazón ”.

“It is the Spirit who brought us back to Jesus, but he did not want to die,” said the Pope, who animates his words and promises as an adversary or crisis as Jesus and others in the world and in the world.

Ante esto, the Pope presents a remedio: invoking Espíritu Santo. “Focus on the mind, especially in important moments, before different decisions. Toméos e Gospel en la mano e invoquemos al Espíritu. Podemos decir: “Ven, Espíritu Santo, recuérdame a Jesús, illumina mi corazón”.

“Luego, we read the Gospel and read a little passage. Y el Espíritu lo hará hablar a nuestras vidas. “The Virgin Mary, the daughter of Espíritu Santo, is one of the founders of the schedule and agrees with the Word of God,” concluded the Pope.

Beatificaciones en Beirut

Tras el rezo del Regina Coeli, el Pope Francisco record that ayer fueron beatificados dos minores minor capuchinos, Leonard Melki and Thomas George Saleh, sacerdotes y mártires, asesinados por odio a la fe in Turkey in 1915 and 1917 respectively.

“These Lebanese missionaries, in a hostile context, are trying to find an accountable debt in Dios and an excuse for the price. For example, fortalezca is our Christian testimony. Eran jóvenes, no tenían 35 años. ¡We applaud the new beatos! ”, Says the Pope.

Show in Yemen

In continuation, the Pope said that “I am interested in the satisfaction that the show in Yemen has been renovated for more than two months. Thank you Dios ya ustedes ”.

“It is hoped that there will be a lot of waiting for you to spend more than just writing a conflicting essay, which generates one of the worst humanitarian crises of our time. For the sake of it, we do not want to give it to the people of Yemen: hambre, destrucción, falta de education, falta de todo. ¡Pensemos en los niños! ”.

Además, the Pope assured the speeches “by the victims of the landslides caused by the torrential floods in the metropolitan region of Recife, Brazil”.

Express my threat to the pescadores, we think in the afterlife that, at the expense of the cost of fuel, they take the risk of losing their activities; and extending all the categories of traitors that are severely affected by the consequences of the conflict in Ukraine “, said by the last of Santo Padre.


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