Conduct the “grands” of Salta and find the cause of humanity

5 DE June 2022 – 09:44
Juan de la Cruz Kairuz, accused of the deprivation of doctor Luis Aredes in Jujuy. The federal fiscal subsidiary receives 7 years of access to a cause due to delinquency of the humanitarian sector.

As many other repressors who camouflage themselves with superior stucco trace their years of civilian military dictatorship in Argentina, longing for the reconnaissance of university professors and other distinguished deporting interns, the case of the tug-of-war between Juan de Cruz and Cairo. On May 26, the ex-DT of Juventud Antoniana de Salta fired one of the 19- to 20-year-olds in the megacausa brand, which has been hit hard by crumbs of comedic humanity per 121 victims. The Federal Fiscal Union of Jujuy Fiscal Unit solicits perpetual prizes for four accruals and penalties between 7 and 25 accents for other 15 accuses, including those in Cairo.

Fiscal federal Federico Zurueta added 7 years of effective pressure to Juan de la Cruz Kairuz, who, as an official auxiliary to the Juice Police, had 24 services at the commissariat 24 and at the Central Intelligence Agency parallel to the provincial fortress. It is accused of committing illegal delinquent delinquents in a hack, deprivation of liberty aggravated by the use of violence and by its extension leading to a middle of a hack. In some cases as a co-author.

The accusers are exjefes and subalternos. Delicatessen: 17 homicides, 6 sexual assaults, 169 liberties of liberty and 126 cases of torture.

In Salta you lead the popular clubs Juventud Antoniana and Central Norte, because they have a lot of money, such as the car of the “santo” (JA) team in opportune circumstances, the first being in 1984 by the most notorious terrorists in the United States he then commanded a group of marathoners as trainers of Atletico Ledesma de Jujuy and the police, keeping up with the investigations and historical archives.

In a note published in the magazine El Gráfico, in 2001, the DT confessed to being a member of the jujure security force: that goes to a favor, a shock “.

The 60-year-old moved from the Republic Garden to the capital of a country under contract to South Atlanta Villa Crespo. In Bohemia you can count on the record of Carlos Timoteo Griguol, among others who claim to be a national notary public because they are a champion or a technical director. The epoch chronicles are defined as a laterally defined auditory and an offensive projection. First south to Newell’s, San Martín de Tucumán’s Gymnasium de Jujuy.

“The cultivation of their skins produces a greater effect on the perfection of the state’s criminals,” said the federal tax office Zurueta.

Since the end of 1975, in the albums of the dictatorship, the footballer walks have been merged into the activities of technical and personal police director in the province of Jujuy. The hole in it is described as being loaded onto a group of dedicated tareas to seize the gossip of the Ledesma azure engine. It is clogged with the deprivation of doctor Luis Aredes.


In Salta the football repressor and trainer does not solo find a place where the ball is passed, but a field that has been fired has been acclaimed by the fans of the balloon and by the legislative authorities.

Conduct technically at Juventud Antonia, an institution that’s agreed to maximize deportation as the N B national team, in 1996, by the hand of the Tucuman repressor. Click here to see the technical direction of the other “grand”, Central Note, and by the way the DT boot in the Gymnasium and Tire is moving, from where the interior of the institution has been determined to pass as an agent de la fuerza de seguridad.

Like the reception of the salt soccer clubs not hubie bastado, the 77-year-old man, who went one year ago to a juicer by the humanitarian in Jujuy, was honored on Wednesday, December 2 by the capital of December 2020 , distinction that generates all types of jokes with the quality, more than one week, the legislative body canceling the homonym.

Kairuz only recyclers and have no disproportion. From football coach to repressor, as played by hizo and “master” Martín Rodríguez, Toro endorsed the de facto regime. It was held by one of the most respected professors at the Catholic University of Salta.


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