Copa Sudamericana: Independiente and a debut with a defeat against Ceará that makes their present more difficult

Impotence, resignation, limited resources, hiring the harsh reality. Also, a dignity to try to hide the defects that do not translate into positive results. The The debut of the independent Of South American Cupa trophy he won in 2010 and 2017, reflected what were his last days. Lost 2-1 to Cearain the hot Brazilian north-east, on a heavy and uneven playing field.

The night was already creeping in adverse when 12 minutes into the first half the guest was left with 10 players for the expulsion to Ayrton Costa. With fatigue and pride, became 1-0. The resistance had a limit in the second half, beyond the fact that Ceará are far from being a powerful or formidable team. But for this Independent everything is uphill, intricate, with a reserved prognosis. Like your future in this cup, in which only the first of each group will qualify for the round of 16. The other rivals in the area are Guaira (Venezuela) e Knight General (Paraguay).

Compact of Ceará 2 vs. Independent 1

As for the close-knit Independiente squad, which has rather disintegrated in recent months due to the club’s precarious economic situation, this Wednesday will receive an offensive reinforcement with Giovanni Cazaresthe Ecuadorian midfielder emerged from River, who comes from football Ukraine for the possibility that the players of that league have suspended due to the Russian invasion.

Independiente was thrilled by Gastón Togni's goal;  they won 1-0 in Brazil despite having 10 players.
Independiente was thrilled by Gastón Togni’s goal; they won 1-0 in Brazil despite having 10 players.Luca Emanuele

Without his two central defenders, Sergio Barretto And Juan Manuel Insaurraldewhich owes a disqualification from the previous Copa Sudamericana, Independiente got complicated in that sector of the field with the early expulsion of Costa, who fell into two useless excesses against the Colombian striker Giovanni Mendoza. At six minutes he was reprimanded for a fight between the two and at 11 he received a second yellow card for stopping him from behind with a hold.

Domínguez rearmed the defense with the entry of Patrick Ostachuk And sacrificed Alan Sonora. Up until that point, Independiente hadn’t had any fears, but the prospect of playing with one less player affected their approach considerably. He had first arrived with a shot deflected from Gaston Togni, on an assist from Sonora. With 10 players, the withdrawal was more pronounced and the rival’s goal began to be further away.

Independiente begins to get complicated: Ayrton Costa expelled.
Independiente begins to get complicated: Ayrton Costa expelled.Little Pereira

After the expulsion, the Independiente knew how to contain a dull Ceará. A reflection of what the Brazilian team was like. Ceará did not have a good start to the year. Considered alongside force – led by Argentine Juan Pablo Vojvoda – as the two strongest teams in the north-east of Brazil, the elimination on penalties in the quarter-finals of the State Tournament and the Northeast Cup was a disappointment, competitions that were won by Fortaleza .

The missteps cost the job of coach Tiago Nunes, who the rookie replaced Dorival Junior, who headed Santos, champion of the Brazilian Cup 2010, a team in which Neymar appeared and Robinho was there. Dorival Júnior’s coaching career took him to Palmeiras, São Paulo, Flamengo and Atlético Mineiro. He has reached a mid-range team in the national concert, with a second place in the 1994 Brazilian Cup and no significant traces in continental competitions.

Togni brought Independiente ahead

The Independiente has been well grouped, has restricted the spaces in their field and had room to cheer themselves up. Lying on the right checking the projections of the side of that sector, the Colombian Andres Roa he combined gambeta and good looks to take the ball against three rivals; intervened Leandro Benegas with a touch of first and cross for Togni, owner of the left lane. His cross left shot made it 1-0 for Independiente and the spark that ignited the unrest in the stands of the Castelão stadium against the local team.

The draw of Ceará

Questioned by many fans, Togni responded to the trust he has in him Eduardo Dominguez. The atmosphere, far from being one of pressure for Independiente, has become an ally, as the annoyance of the fans has further exposed the limits of a nervous and confused Ceará.

Well stopped to counter the repeated centers of the premises, the Independiente starts the second half with enough rest to put together a couple of counter-attacks. He gave the impression that he could be compromised more by his own mistake than by a virtue of the opponent, who was trying to go deeper on the flanks. the archer Sebastiano Sosa He started to get more work, with a shot going a little wide and a blanket near a post.

Ceará goes 2-1

Ceará had more push, and from those attacks came the penalty granted by Luca Romero, who touched the ball with his hand when he interfered with a shot. Mendoza equalized and the match made a break that did not change even with the immediate expulsion of Paraiba, who, like Costa, received two yellow cards within minutes; the second, to do it on Togni.

In addition to remaining 10 against 10, the game was already ahead for Ceará, who in a bad outing by Sebastián Sosa in the corner he finds the winning goal. The clothing had been great and there wasn’t much energy to look for a tie. Independent fights with little.

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