Crtica The Boys T3: El xito de Prime Video arranca ms salvaje que nunca

All platforms are available a gran xito in its cataloga series of insignia, which assumes that the subscribers are removed by their new episodes, living with special ganas on the outside of a new tempo. Netflix tiene Stranger Things, HBO tiene a Game of Thrones y Amazon Prime Video tiene The Boys. The Amazon Studios product is now available at gran hit of the portalnarrndonos una irreverent history of superheroes llena de humor, sexo y violencia.

Thras dos temporadas y un spinoff como Diabolicalllega la deseada tercera tanda de episodios de The Boysla cual hemos podido ver en adelanto en Vandal y de la que os contamos todo de su initio en nustra crtica sin spoilers.

The Boys regresa a Prime Video ms fuerte, sangrienta y gamberra que nunca

The Boysthe brutal creation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertsonnaci as una divertida y satrica visin de los superhroes in our hands. Passed by the filter celebrities which contains our pants and coded with men and women ms under the planet, the superheroes in the series of Eric Kripke they are influential like politicians and venerated like gods. Without embargo, many dellos carecen de moralidad and that we intend to consider any such thing as trying to exploit their superpoders in order to use them for good.

The Deep The Boys

Mercantilizedused as weapons of mass destruction in war and addicted to sex and drugs, The Boys is the homologue of the Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons with an extra dose of steroids and medium heat. Used and made in series by Voughtthe multimillion-dollar conglomerate that maneuvers the superheroes and incubates their secrets, Los Sietethe group of hot men ms planets of the planet –Vengadores pero viciosos– led by Patriot (Anthony Starr), the quality of which at this time is temporarily up to date with its tormentosa relation with Stormfront. And when we decimated lucirse we want to include shorts. Starr, polmico out of the pantsse ha hecho al personajeel cual atesora alguno de los mejores momentos of all the series in the first episodes of this season you are captivated.

Homelander The Boys

Anthony Starr pretends to be a returnee patriot, inestable and powerless as a nun; Starr is fused with the character

The arrangement of the third time The Boys se muestra ante nosotros como a reflection of star system of Hollywood, that castigate, seal, critique, and encapsulate figures inoculated by one or more other objects to realize the masses that behave privately as if they were in public. As pues, veremos el auge, cada y resurreccin de Patriota, with a series of tracks that function as a shot and that engage with intelligence algunos of the themes seen in front captures. I do not need to recalculate concepts that we know as predecessors, no treats like all the aficionados, and recognizing the guante of the graphic novel -which each adapts to ms libertad-, presents new lines of really interesting arguments. One of the sorns is the sorn that hau with respect to the los reality shows, as the present Luz Estelar (Erin Moriarty) and that I search the new member Los Siete. Una Erin Moriarty que, nunca mejor dicho, brilla con luz propia.

The Boys

In other episodes, ms all of criticar el show business que lo envuelve todo, se nos arrojarn coas con la inclusive, lo woke y el auge de la alt right in United Statesun cctel explosive que el showrunner maneuvering with intelligence, airy numbering gags that prometen ser bastante polmicos on the outside. Kripke ya nos ha explicado that the first 15 minutes of the first episode in fact incmodos, an authentic place that mixes black humor, sex, blood and tooth situations that left to the paroxysm of the genius of the superheroes. From the brochures and references of Marvel Studios by Kevin Feige following al hedonism ms downloaded original cmic prop, The Boys is not apta for these sensitive senses and is regressing Prime Video. It is a constant force, ms oscura y retorcida que nunca, ensure that our plants do not have to burn their seeds. Y creednos, no existe. Picture algo y os quedaris cortos.

Kumiko The Boys

The Boys, the group of vigilantes, led by Butcher (Karl Urban) contina su herica bsqueda para exponer la verdad sobre Los Siete and Vought, chasing soups when they have the opportunity and decentralizing the mysteries that are common Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) one of the temporal keys. Butcher’s obsession with derogating from these supernatural heads to cruising the raya, injecting what it knows as Compuesto V-24, a superstitious reformer who follows normal people into superheroes. Pero tiene una limitacin: nicamente funciona durante 24 horas y tiene graves efectos secundarios.

It’s time to dump her and move on. ‘The Boys’

This acabar generated situational imprevistas, with a convincing vigilante in which it is detected, as feeding the created vertical stresses of this group of outsiders that combine against the superheroes of the various variants. This galloping contradiccin There are so many types it’s hard to say. Y hasta aqu podemos leer. The Boys no tarda demasiado en sampler sus cartas, pero lo hace tan bien y de unera manera tan ruda y desagradable, que creemos que es mejor descubrirlo sin destripar nada. These are the first captivated hay jumps on the way, recovering from the anti-communist rhetoric in Guerra Fra and the use of superheroes in the masses – ojito al equipo Payback and its military maneuvers – including all that spot of television that dar que hablar.

Butcher The Boys

With a ward encased by the quotes numbered ms Giancarlo Esposito, Jack Quaid, Dominique McElligott, Jessie T. Usher, Laz Alonso, Chace Crawford, Tomer Capon, Karen Fukuhara, Nathan Mitchell, Colby Minifie and Claudia Doumitla tercera temporada de The Boys arrangement with force with three great episodes that can be seen in adelanto. Si las anteriores os gustaron, y disfrutis con este relationship of superheroes scurrying to demons, debilitations and additionswe invite you to what you prepare: Patriots and their people returned with the piles of loads and ms fuertes que nunca. In all the sentiments.

The Boys is currently airing June 3 with all three episodes that will be analyzed in this article as part of a case-by-case approach commensurate with Amazon and Marco Agency.


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