Cumber of the Americas: a semaphore for Biden’s foreign policy | Concentration in Los Angeles empathy is in line with the forums of civil society organizations

From Washington, DC

Working out a semaphore for the Gobierno de Joe Biden in the matter of foreign policy. This moon, in the city of Los Angeles, Californiarepresentatives of civil society, the private sector and the continents of the continent are reunited in the brand of the IX Cumbre de la Americas. No todos: no hay invitation of United States to its presidents Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. Luis Arce de Bolivia dijo que no irá. The final list of assistants should not be disclosed after hours have elapsed since the mandate holders of the region attempted to land at the sole cost of this North American country.

The main audit is based on the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who are adept at not assisting if you do not convince all the countries of the region. United States excludes the inclusion of Daniel Ortega, Nicolás Maduro and Miguel Díaz-Canel, leaders of Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba respectively, but considering themselves non-democratic. During the last week, Casa Blanca was involved in establishing “final considerations” over the list of invitations and plans that announced the “pronto”, at the time of initiation, but not at all.

A county of the Council of the Americas also has a written description of the assistance of the North Triangular State: El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. These three countries have become part of our politics migration of Washington as the emissaries of persons who attracted Mexico and settled on the front with the United States. An eventual auspices of the leaders of these countries, summed up by López Obrador, a series of direct perjury to the Casa Blanca’s objectives on this is what it claims to be for a new wave of migration in the region.

The next week, Biden’s main asset to Latin America, Juan González, runs into a flurry of periodicals that the “mandated personal” mandate that López Obrador’s is in the room.

Immigration, diversity and DD.HH.

This is the new edition of the regional forum, as soon as United States is organized from 1994 in Miami, contact with three parallel discussion spaces. The first example is the body of civil society organizations, which has been active in the field of immigration, diversity and human rights. We want to focus on the private sector, in which the debate over economic recovery caused by the crisis caused by the pandemic of the company and the technological transformation of the region. For the third time, the youth is able to compete in a hybrid format to discuss climate change, corruption and connectivity.

Las miradas estarán puestas, sobre todo, en la reunion of leaders. The grid, in order to pacify itself, is all about a thermometer that allows it to estimate what real influence is currently on the continent. Ninguna part of the agenda that goes high in China, the elephant in the region. Without embargo, competence with the Asian giant is one of the main concerns of Casa Blanca.

For a brief overview of Latin America and the Caribbean. In the four corners of the presidency Donald Trump, Washington’s foreign policy hacia America is limited to all and the opposition against Cuba and Venezuela to promote a wall on the front with Mexico. The ex-mandate includes the front Cumber of the Americas, which is flying to Peru in 2018. Signed in exchange for his vice, Mike Pence.

Biden’s Legend in the energy of 2021 generates expectations in a region that has ignorant sentiment running through its four corners. Democracy, with a long trajectory in the politics of independence, helps to generate a new relationship. But now, a year and a half away, there are plenty of results to sample in a nutshell. It is administered, the focus of the United States being mainly recuperatively pandemic, which causes more than one million deaths in the North American country. Este, on an external level, concentrated in Estee Europe, in Ukraine, in what Russia calls.

This is the new edition of the Cumberland of the Americas, which now has the moon to show Biden the state of relations with Latin America and the Caribbean. On the other hand, Washington is allowed to compete with China in the region.


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