Day of the Footballer: for which 2 to 1 against England who agreed Maradona is “the aleph” of the sport in the east of the world

Maradona left the English jugadores in the second goal in Azteca.  (Getty Images)
Maradona left the English jugadores in his second goal in Azteca. (Getty Images)

Cuatro Mundiales tuvieron que pasar para que la FIFA organize the voting you serve institutional confirmation of a popular verdict. Durante el World Cup 2002disputed by Korea y Japanthe global authority of football plays like a one that agrees with the goal of Maradona-in-England as “El Gol del Siglo”. Pasaron 18 years old more than that, due to the initiative of the organization Argentinos Footballers Agremiados, to stabilize the June 22 as the Day of the Argentine Footballer. Three months after the fire broke out, under conditions investigated by justice, Diego Armando Maradona murió a los 60 años recién cumplidos.

This June 22nd completes 36 years from this vertigo classification that is classified from Argentina to the semifinals of Mexico World Cup, que ganaría pocos días después. In the 36th minute of the last two minutes, Maradona wanted to score his first goal, which he attributed to “The hand of God”, Despising that goal in the que dejó departed to the south south of Englandincluding the box.

Between 51 minutes and 55 minutes of this article, the Argentine captain tejió for being the national hero’s hero’s cap. The second goal scored by the periodical Viktor Hugo Morales, his galloping narrative and unbound emotion, is the term of the epic.

The periodical specializes in sports Andrés Burgoauthor of books as The final of our lives y River to Felix and co-author junto a Alejandro Wall mother Maraltimo Maradona, led by Diego le cortaron las piernasescribió también The party. Argentina – England 1986. The title of the book’s, a miniature radiograph of all that had antennae, lasting and despairing at the heart, from the pain of the prison that Burgo assured himself: June 22, 36 years old at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.

Andrés Burgo published the first edition of
Andrés Burgo published the first edition of “El partido” in 2016. / Infobae América

– June 22nd, Argentina

– Ese partido is like an aleph. Condensa todo. Maradona’s genius; picardía por cómo hace y defiende el primer gol; the global event that is the world; the relationship between politics and sports that in part is apparently supported by the recent Malvinas war; rivalry between Argentina and England; the epic of the speakers by Victor Hugo with his “cosmic barrels”; the hand of Dios; the deportividad of the English, who bancaron on perjudicados and secure jugando; Maradona’s tongue, which appears as a tuviera otra pierna izquierda; la violencia, porque ese día chocaron barras con hooligans; the incremental history of a shirt that Billiards worth buying for a dollar and a substar for 9 million. Todo eso tiene ese partido. There are also other footballers or other secondary characters that develop around the incubator and that play part of the construction of the essay. Hay una mirada para mí equivocada que dice que Maradona gani ese partido solo, y no fue así. Hubo otras personas ahí para ganarlo. If the football is in 90 minutes, it will be 90 minutes from now.

– ¿How do you go about writing a complete book about the most epic of Maradona’s carriage over Maradona’s train?

– No hablé with Maradona pero Maradona has an essay part of a million years ago. Occasionally intentionally tenacious, but not legged. But the truth is that I can not change everything, but because I do not have the original to ask. Me interesaba sobre todo hablar con los que nunca tienen voz. The book is saved as well: visibilizar a quienes Maradona hizo suyos ese día. Ex Malvinas footballers’s fighters, for example. Guys who call themselves habían combatant in the war and swing in front of the TV think that all this is a revenge. Maradona’s train is stored with the archive. It does not matter if it orbits around it. Maradona era el Dios Sol, el Rey Sol. It’s just that the rest of the galaxy is torn apart by all that, mostly or less mediocre, are the primary or secondary protagonists of the June 22, 1986 essay.

The book cover
The cover of the book “El partido”, by Andrés Burgo

– dat Which dates do you most expect to reconstruct the history of a part of which you’s sure enough?

– Era un partido muy mencionado pero always traversed the mass stories. No se profundizaba. It is intended to double or triple click on all possible histories. ¿Why does Victor Hugo say “barrels” in his own way, for example? Hablé con él para atar cabos sobre de dónde venía eso. (N. de R .: In its investigation, the prison of the news that Cesar Luis Menotti was referring to Maradona, critically, as a “barrel”.). Otra: Maradona despises the part that goes astray that her brother’s sucked in a recommendation that her abbot gave her those who anticipate that the hiccups of a south side will be almost a goal away from being hit. También contra Inglaterra, in Wembley. First Diego says that his brother’s recommending him to take the box, after the counter. Entonces fui y hablé con el hermano. (N. de la R .: en The party Hugo “Turk” Maradona’s boy in Burgo who’s the haggard segregation of “amagar y dejar pasar al arkero”). For example: on the Internet there are references to the type of fireplace on which there are bars and hooligans. Hablé con ellos. I do not want to make a book out of it, that only one of the basics of history that establishes a lot of lads, about a part that generates and generates fascination. It is a book that is born out of an enormous curiosity. Cada vez que me cruzaba con alguien que había estado ese día en la cancha lo único que pensaba era “contame todo”.

– The 2020 edition includes a women’s football match that Argentina won 4-1 in England in 1971 at the Aztec Stadium. ¿Why are you so decisive and why do you create things that we do not know how to do this much at a time?

– La de ese partido is a story that is not known, but it is not in the first edition. Hubo alguna otra cosa that damp is still in the first edition, but for example the history of a malvinense that vio the part in the islands, which are logged included in the edition. Respect for the party between women, the history of Elba Selva, jugadora argentina de un mundial no official in 1971, estaba muy buena. In this part I love the four goals of Argentina. What I pass is what the football borró a las mujeres durante muchísimo timempo. The book was sold in 2016, and has been used extensively for the visualization of female football, and I am interested in the story of Elba Selva, which dates back to June 22, 1986. This dingo work as a nurse in a dialysis center. The question: “Ese día, the 2 to 1 with Maradona goals, sa quién sabía that your habías hecho these four goals?”. “Nadie excepto mis compañeras”, me dijo. And he replied: “And when did you get in touch with Maradona to get those goals in this scenario?”. Elba responds: “Y no, Qu a quién le iba a importar?”. I’m glad to hear that the history is online and the first edition, but for the men being there in the second.

Millions of people have the meaning of “cosmic barrel”. Much more, without embargo, conocen the prehistory of the metaphor. The most beautiful relationship has a wild origin: it is a review of the life of billiard-menottist people. Compare Maradona with a barricade without firing on a Victor Hugo son of Menotti, and not just as an example: the ex-selection technician established a fight against all that billiards around the Billiards and in which Maradona was stabbed in the head team directed by the enema.

“La mano de Dios”, Maradona’s first goal in English.

A week before Mexico 86, Menotti said that Maradona was a barricade, an expression with which the claim refers to its (present) emotional volatility. Apenas empezó el torneo, algunos periodistas afines a Bilardo, entre ellos Víctor Hugo, contragolpearon a Menotti y empezaron e utilizë «barrilete» as a synonym be 10. 10. that sevvió contra Menotti. “Maradona, a barrel that flies high”, is the title of the June 3 issue, which also debuted against Korea. “Ya estamos entre los ocho mejores y el barrilete de nuestra illusión vuela cada vez m als alto”, repeats the essay diario el martes 17, después del triunfo ante Uruguay.

También Víctor Hugo, one of the first parties in the World Cup, plays one of Maradona’s “barrel” pieces, similar to Diego and similar to Menotti’s devolverle — in an elliptical manner, like a mansion — with its own mouth. The adjective “cosmic”, and the phrase “from which the planet came”, have instant inventions in the second goal.

♦ Nació en Buenos Aires, Argentina.

♦ Is a periodical and specializes in sports.

♦ Public books as well The final of our lives, River to Felix y, junto a Marcelo Gantman, Diego dijo, las 1000 mejores frases de toda la carrera del “10 ″.


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