Del “me equivoqué” by Janet Yellen at EE.UU. al “me quiero ir” by Lorenzino in Argentina

“Creo that equals me about the cam that records inflation.”

This is a quote from Yanet Yellen, secretary of the EU Thesaurus, Wolf Blitzer, periodical and presenter CNN in the program “The Situation Room” the Tuesday passed. Blitz the record against the economist with his comments from 2021, that inflation represented only a “risky package” at the peer ads.

“Me equivoqué”admitó la funcionaria.

In Argentina, it’s more unfortunate that there is an economy minister and a declaration of natural disobedience led by Eleni Varvitsioti, the periodical Financial Times, by Hernán Lorenzino, former Minister of Economy, Cristina Kirchner, on the rise of inflation. The function bubble’s “Me quiero ir”.

Yellen is one of the main voices of the global economy. It is a case of mixing the academic trajectory with the professional. Doctor in Yale and Professor Emeritus of UCLA-Berkeley, his formation is Keynesian. Fue disco de James Tobin, Nobel Prize in Economics, and is next to George Akerlof, another Nobel Prize in Economics. Working 30 years in the Federal Reserve (Central Bank of the EU) and which will run between 2014 and 2018. Now it is the secretariat of Tesoro, equivalent to the cargo of the Minister of Economy.

“We have had huge unforeseen impacts on the economy, such as the shortage of energy and food, and bottlenecks in the summer that have been severely affected by our economy. that yo, in this moment, does not end completely, but we reconcile nowfue the explanation that Yellen brindó on CNN.

According to the economist, the tensions over the costs of the war in Ukraine and the excess demand from the pandemic of Iran are depreciating with time, with the admiration of being created to be more rapid and now, intonations, news as expectedin part, that the Fed’s contract policy’s effect.

Yellen was interviewed by President Joe Biden and others, recruited at the Casa Blanca Oval Salon, more than any other member of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell. Fue esta semana. One day at the Biden propeller, in one card The Wall Street Journaldijo que “The Federal Reserve has primary accountability in the city of inflation” and how many are expected to do so “Urban inflation in the media”.

The relationship between the presidents and the ministers of the Economy, and the Central Banks, generally escalated tensions. About all money monetary authority encapsulates a sub-process of funds that is now successful in the majority of countries (a chapter that is based on world-class exploding scenes in Argentina in the ‘Economy of No Fiction’ in close proximity water samples). But in Argentina, the economy minister ‘is’ pressured by inflation.

—Tango a very simple question that is very complicated in these days. What is the inflation rate in Argentina? – Prevuntó Varvitsiotis a Lorenzino in April 2013. The periodical had to travel to the country to make a documentary about the crisis of 2001. The dialogue was filmed.

India’s average inflation rate is 10.9%. The level is the same as in 2012. For the Buenos Aires City consultant, 26.6% (21.8% higher than the previous year). The FMI has published the data of the official body and advertised in its publications that official statistics are questioned by private analysts.

—The official statistics are recorded along the path of inflation. The first public office with technical capacity to measure statistics is India which depends on the Ministry of Economy.

—¿Pero cuánto es?

– Creo that the accumulated in the last few months is 10.2%.

—The FMI knows that sanctions against Argentina are based on the publication of basic statistics. ¿What is it that makes hacer?

At the moment the room blows up Lorenzino’s face that looks like Varvitsiotis.

—Mire, le vuelvo a insistir …— says the minister.

To quickly get to y gira su cara hacia atris, searching for your assistant and saying: —¿Where can you cut it? – Vuelve a mirar a Varvitsiotis y casi rogando tira:

—¿Where can I shorten this one minute?

Ya con la cámara apagada pero los micrófonos encendidos, el ministro lanza:

—Me quiero ir, sí, me quiero ir. People, do you know about statistics in Argentina, okay? Prefer quedarme con la ttima respuesta y no ahondar m ens en el tema ”.

Al rato vuelve a encenderse la cámara. Now a train is running, and an assistant is running.

—Photos of inflation when we do not get bored with the Argentine media on the topic …

Yellen habla de inflation. And admit your error in the pronoun. Lorenzino directly says “me quiero ir” when he asks. Y cumplió. The ex-minister live in Puerto Madryn, where a well has been emptied. “It simply came to our notice then. Leo el diario todos los días pero me dedico a otra cosa ”respondió a Clarín for this note.


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